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Urban Decay
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 30ml

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6 reviews

Jul 24, 2020

So Worth The Money 100%

I wore this over my makeup on a night out with my friends - did NOT disappoint!! It kept my makeup on all night even through the rain and sweat. I will definitely buy this setting spray again as it really lives up to its name- it stayed on ALL night with out a doubt! I will wear this setting spray more often, i don’t care about wasting it anymore as it is SO SO worth the money in my opinion and my friends’ opinions. This is the first product i have bought from Urban Decay, and won’t be the last


38 reviews

Jul 23, 2020

The Best Setting Spray, Ever!

This urban decay all nighter setting spray is the best setting spray I’ve used till this day and I feel nothing can beat this product. This setting spray is perfect for oily skin especially but is suitable for all skin types. When wearing this setting spray my makeup stays in place for the longest time possible. This can be sued before and after makeup and works amazing and great both ways. Would deffo recommend this setting spray to all my family and friends as I have our aches this products several times and is deffo worth every penny.


1 review

Jul 23, 2020

The Best Setting Spray, Ever!

This is my holy grail setting spray and is always kept in my makeup bag! I have combination skin therefore I use plenty of powders on my face and this makes my skin look fresh and flawless all day long! I find my makeup separates on my T zone when I don’t use this product. The bottle is also high quality and the mist is lovely, never sprays to heavily on the skin which often sprays do. I have the 30ml bottle and it’s lasting me a long time which is amazing for a ‘travel sized’ product I love it!


61 reviews

Jul 23, 2020

Holy Grail Setting Spray!

The Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray is the best setting spray I’ve tried. The 30ml is small, I think it’s the travel size and I first bought it when I was going on holiday to a tropical country. I knew the humidity and heat would ruin my makeup so I decided to splurge a little (UD is a little more expensive than drugstore sprays of course) and buy the UD and when I saw my makeup didn’t budge at all even though I was actually sweating from my face! Ever since then I always purchase and stock up on the big bottle!


18 reviews

Jul 22, 2020

Love This Setting Spray!

This is is my absolute favourite setting spray of all time. I have repurchased this over and over again and I can’t recommend it enough. This literally makes your makeup last for ages. This setting spray is very refreshing as well it it contains something like a powder which holds on your makeup for the whole entire day. This setting spray is also perfect for when you are wearing powder and your makeup loves too much and cakey this setting spray will ensure that your makeup looks smooth and blended together. I would highly recommend this spray for anyone any skin type


23 reviews

Jul 22, 2020

Amazing! Long Lasting!

This is the best setting spray I've used! It locks in makeup so well, I really adore it. I have had some issues with the spray clogging up from time to time, but nothing excessive. When I know I am going to be needing my makeup to really stay put for a long period of time, this is my go-to. I don't generally use it for every day makeup, just for special event makeup that is heavier than I would normally wear during the work week. I will definitely continue to buy this product because it has really worked and done all that it claims to do


3 reviews

Jul 20, 2020

Amazing, Best Setting Spray, Ever!

The best makeup setting spray, perfect for oily skin, or if you’re wanting your makeup to last the whole night! Works better than any primer, shine free, no residue! Lasts so long, I’ve had mine for almost a year, I go through so many primers so it saves me money and it is such a good value for money, being inexpensive. Can be used under or over makeup, works just as well both ways, I’ve used many setting sprays in the past NYX, MAC fix plus, it really can’t compare! I always go back to this one, used for many years!


105 reviews

Jul 20, 2020

Cool And On Budget!

Last night I was at a heavy metal concert for an extremely popular band. After four hours of being pulled and pushed around by sweaty boys, getting kicked in the face multiple times, being dragged into ruthless mosh pits and so on, after the gig I go to the bathroom.. All of my eye makeup, foundation, contouring, lipstick, brows etc looked EXACTLY THE SAME as when I left my house. BUY BUY BUY LADIES, FESTIVAL SEASON IS COMING, deffo recommend as it is on budget as well as amazing quality anyways hope you enjoy the overall product (it did break me out once but thats it swear never after that)


8 reviews

Jul 19, 2020

Excellent, Really Recommend This To Everyone!

best setting spray ever leaves your makeup soft and smooth leaves the moisture lock leaving a beautiful finsh Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Setting Spray. This staple is a universal favorite, beloved by many a beauty editor. The oil-free formula works great on all skin types, though it does have a mattifying and anti-shine effect that those with oily complexions will definitely appreciate. this is really recommended for those who want that beautiful glowy look on their face also there is nothing that is worth this price and works that good even though some people wont like it but it helps skin stay fresh.


1 review

Jul 18, 2020

I Would Purchase Again Anytime!

very good product and my makeup lasts all day. i would recommend this to any of my friends and family and purchase this item again. It doesn’t hurt or irritate or damage my skin (as i have experienced this with other products) and that is the number 1 reason to buy. it leaves my makeup looking flawless and lasting all day. Doesn’t smudge makeup and is a decent price for anyway who doesn’t want to spend that much money on makeup. Only thing is that i have to wait for it to dry before i can do what i want next.


2 reviews

Jul 17, 2020

I Liked This Product Lots!

I really liked this product , after i finished my makeup look i was very shiny but after i sprayed the urban decay all nighter setting spray onto my finished makeup look it took the shinyness out and made my makeup have a matt look when i was done , the only thing wrong woth this product is that the bottle is bigger than the actuall amount of product inside but overall i would give thsi product a ten out of ten and i will definetly use again in the future and i will recomenf it to my friends !


15 reviews

Jul 16, 2020

Makeup Will Not Budge!

So here we have the honey edition of the all nighters spray. I use this spray before applying my makeup to give me dewy look, after I have finished my makeup, I spray this as the last step and my makeup does not budge at all. I have worn it to weddings and events that are long hours and my makeup has stayed in tact . I would highly recommend if you are in the hunt for a setting spray. I prefer this one over the max studio fix one in terms of setting the makeup. It also has a nice smell to it nothing too strong.


14 reviews

Jul 16, 2020


this setting spray is am-az-ing. honestly one of the best I’ve ever used, and I have tried a lot. I used it on a hot day , expecting my makeup to be off by the end of the day but it stayed intact all day! it was flawless and I cannot thank urban decay enough!! it smells fresh and really give you that extra glow. I can say without a doubt that it is one of the best products I have ever ever used and I will definitely be purchasing again. It has changed my life and I cannot day one bad thing about it.


8 reviews

Jul 16, 2020

Very Good Mist And Spray!

This breakthrough formula comes in a black soft-touch bottle with a purple sprayer and a frosted white cap. Unlike similar products on the market, the sprayer delivers a calibrated, microfine mist that goes on so lightly, you’ll hardly feel it. If you've tried another makeup fixing spray that feels sticky or tight on your skin, you'll be amazed by how different this is. Beware of imitations! Each one of these weightless formulas is free of oil and parabens. 118 ml / 4.0 fl oz I would definite recommend ising this urban decay all nighter as I have reviewed it is.


1 review

Jul 15, 2020

Sweat free lasting all night

Great for a night out and for everyday makeup as well. Really hold everything in place. Helps make-up last all night and especially in humid conditions like a club where you’re dancing. It helps the makeup sink in and makes a very nice overall appearance at the end of the makeup. I’ll highly recommend for someone who spends an entire day in makeup and need it to last in tip top condition the entire day. This is is the spray for you. It worked wonder for me and i absolutely loved it so I’ll definitely be buying this again. Love ut


1 review

Jul 14, 2020

Works a treat, would recommend.

This is a cult fav and it’s very good I must say and I would happily buy again as it does really lock my make up in place, including eyeliner which for me has always been a bit of a problem. The only thing that I do not enjoy about this product in particular is that instead of spraying a fine mist like setting spray it is rather a denser spray and can tend to leave drops or splashes on the face which then need to be dabbed into the skin. It works a great but just something to point out.


6 reviews

Jul 14, 2020

I love this product

I’m hoping to receive this been waiting a long time and earning slaybucks it’s an awesome spray I have had it before it also smells really nice and I love this product so much. It’s really gentle on my skin and really sets my makeup leaving it on all night especially when I go out with my friends. I honestly would definitely recommend this product to anyone who goes to the club out with freinds and family nd don’t want their makeup to ruin use this it’s great I love it and honestly I was so shocked at the results


2 reviews

Jul 13, 2020

The best setting spray ever!

My makeup did not budge! My makeup didn’t feel heavy or cakey on my face as this spray was so refreshing. Smells amazing as well! A must have in any make up artist’s kit. Lasts through nights out etc. I haven’t found a setting spray that works quite like this one. When I use it I know my makeup will last making me feel much more confident. I’ve used this spray for weddings, parties, work and it’s durable in any setting no matter how much makeup you’re wearing! The price is an investment as if is so good! Love it.


1 review

Jul 12, 2020

it worked really well for me

wish it would last longer but it worked really well and my makeup stayed on all night while at a party and i’ve used a lot of setting and fixing sprays and this was one of the best really happy that one of my friends recommended this to me and usually when i spray my mascara runs and ruins my makeup bit this didn’t do that i would recommend this to anyone who sweats a lot or is looking for something that will fix and hold your makeup for a long time my makeup will still on after 12 hours, thank you


7 reviews

Jul 8, 2020

Works great I love it

I love the original Urban Decay all nighter, in fact it was the setting spray that made me believe setting sprays actually work. I had only ever used very cheap setting sprays that ruined my makeup more than the thing I like about this is most of my favorite sprays are going the "dewy" route. I have combo skin & it doesn't take much for me to be over dry or overly oily, I also just plain don't want my entire face lit up like the 4th of july, I prefer the subtle hints of glimmer on my Face


1 review

Jul 8, 2020

Amazing, high quality, nice, refreshing, long lasting

This make up setting spray is amazing. It smells so nice and doesn’t have loads of harsh chemicals and doesn’t leave your skin sticky like other make up setting sprays. It helps to keep makeup in place all day long even with oily skin it’s incredible And you only need a few sprays as it sprays evenly across your face. The packaging is also so high quality and last for so long as it has lots of product. Definitely would recommend buying to anyone looking for a good makeup setting spray, however is normally quite pricey but 100 percent worth it.


2 reviews

Jul 7, 2020

Very positive, absolutely amazing product

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this setting spray! Leaves my face feeling absolutely hydrated all day and keeps my makeup on all day! Urban Devay is a great brand one of my favourites, I buy all the time, could not recommend more. Urban decay is a cruelty fre e brand that I one hundred percent stand by! I have their original eyeshadow pallete that was super pigmented a d lasted all day and all night with the setting spray! All my friends were wondering how my makeup was staying on for so long it's crazy! Totally worth the money I paid for


3 reviews

Jul 7, 2020

Definitely be buying again!

I love this setting spray so much as it allows my make up to stay on all day when it usually wouldn’t last. Also, it is really quick drying and doesn’t feel wet on my face when I apply it. It doesn’t make my make up run which is even better! On the whole, I think that this setting spray is worth the hype and works really really well for me and my make up. The only problem is that the bottle is quite small bit I think that it comes in a bigger size. I will definitely be buying this product again!


1 review

Jul 6, 2020

This product is very good.

The setting spray lasted for at least 17 hours before any sign of show appeared. I think that the product is the best setting spray you can buy and I would buy again. It doesn’t make your face feel heavy, it feels really light and make your makeup look flawless. It gives your makeup a dewy finish but not to dewy or dry, it has a natural finish. It stopped my makeup from going patchy. I would recommend this to everyone as it really is the best in my opinion. I would buy it again over all the other products I have used.


5 reviews

Jul 6, 2020

100% Recommend

Honestly, I am in love with Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray! No matter if I use it for myself or for my clients, this setting spray never let me down. It sets perfectly, no matter the skin type, the makeup stays on for hours, no matter the weather conditions. Plus, I am using it also to enhance eyeshadow properties: I wet a little bit a small flat brush with this setting spray, then firmly take some sparkling/ pearlescent eyeshadows from any palette (my favorite is Urban Decay Born to Run palette) then, gently press it onto eyelids with dabbing motions.


1 review

Jul 5, 2020


This item was amazing , fanstanstic and truly a miricle I would recommend this to anyone and everyone that needs a setting spray , it’s is very long lasting , very full coverage and doesn’t leave any patchy staines marks or anything , it dries super fast and is so quick and easy too use for example before going out a few sprays wait a minuate and done your makeup will stay flawless all day , making sure no smidges or anything are on your face leaving it gleaming beeming and glowing all day you can’t go wrong will definitely buy again


19 reviews

Jul 4, 2020

Holds make up in place

Incredible! Leaves your makeup exactly how you applied it even after hours of partying and drinking! Would recommend for party goers or long days! Stays on in hot weather as well - picture was taken on holiday in summer after eating a meal and drinking cocktails. Doesn’t have a bad smell to the spray either. Doesn’t leave a lasting sticky feel like some other setting sprays do. I apply in a T-shape pattern and it holds makeup well everywhere. Would recommend pairing with a good primer for extra long lasting. Excellent value for money! Would recommend to everyone I know - never apply makeup without using it now.


2 reviews

Jul 3, 2020


This product is truly one Of the best setting sprays i have ever tried in my life it was defo worth 1500 slaybucks usually when I do my makeup it gets very patchy through out the day but the claims of this product are legitimate it’s makes my makeup last for such a long period of time I love it and I will definitely recommend it to anyone that is in need of a bomb setting spray I am obsessed with it and so happy that I have it as part of my makeup collection and I will 100% purchase the full version in the future on lovetoslay xxxx


2 reviews

Jul 3, 2020

nothing but positive yes yes yes

absolutely love cant wait to get a new one its incredibly hydrating and perfect for keeping your make up in place all day it smells amazing and i would love to have the sent as a perfume the spray is really easy to use and it would be great for it to be in a bigger size but apart from that i only have good things to say i really love the packaging it looks amazing next to all of your other makeup products and especially with it so easily availabele in lots of different places makes it even better


1 review

Jul 3, 2020

the best setting spray recommend !!

my favourite setting spray !! it works really well and i definitely recommend it especially if ur going on a night out it kept all my makeup in place. it lasts all day and night. the only thing is that the smell is a bit over whelming some may like the smell others might not but i think it didn’t me that much so it’s fine !! i am really looking forward to using it again and it’s definitely my favourite setting spray. 1000 % recommend everybody gets it since it’s definitely the best setting spray i’ve got !


9 reviews

Jul 2, 2020

100% WORTH IT!

Bought this a few years back on the recommendation of a friend, and honestly cannot recommend it enough! The only thing I would say is that it does take a couple of coats to completely set your makeup in place, however, once it's on your makeup will not move an inch. As its a spray bottle rather than an aerosol (like most other setting sprays I've used) it also lasts a really long time. I've been using mine religiously for the last year or so (hence the battered bottle) and I still have around about a third of the product left.


5 reviews

Jul 2, 2020

Very impressed with this product!

I love this setting spray! It does pretty much exactly what it says it does on the box (keeps your makeup on/fresh for a long time). I wouldn't usually buy a random setting spray as I usually stick to my favourites but this is now on my new favourite list! I one hundred percent recommend you get this product. Urban decay are a really good company and I have recently got into their products thanks to using this setting spray. If I’m wearing makeup one day I will just take this setting spray with me just incase I touch up my makeup and need something to set it all.


74 reviews

Jul 1, 2020

Leaves makeup looking flawless all day long.

This brand is definitely known for a reason! Their setting spray which I recently purchased is absolutely amazing, it had left me speechless since I have used it. Usually when I have a full face of makeup on, it fades, goes patchy etc throughout the day. However with this product and a few sprays after I’ve done my makeup, it seems to last all day/night long without budging one bit, I have even had compliments of my friends and they’ve asked me how my makeup looks so flawless. This product is a definite must. It also lasts so long which is an advantage.


9 reviews

Jul 1, 2020

So worth it I recommend

My friend recommended this product to me and said it had been amazing for her makeup , however my other friend had said it kept giving her breakouts , so I decided to give it a go and it was so worth it , especially if you do have dry skin it also gives you moisture in your skin . I would totally recommend this product it sets in your makeup amazingly , I wouldn’t change for another setting sorry.However I do wish that the setting spray was a bit bigger ,so you don’t have to keep buying it .But I totally recommend !!


13 reviews

Jun 29, 2020

so worth it

I really recommend this spray, I love it! I have been using this for so long and it hasn't even ran out yet so you are getting your moneys worth. this brand is really hyped and I see why, they have such high quality products including this one. this spray really sets everything in place and makes It last longer. I love spraying it on a brush to use a shimmery shade or highlight to make it pop. this gives a very face tunes effect to the face and makes it look so smooth and airbrushed. overall I really recommend.


8 reviews

Jun 29, 2020


Love this setting spray!!! It helps make my make up last all day!! Amazing for summer days I use it everyday, smells great non sticky formula, mist is fine doesn’t leave face feeling wet or sticky. My make up is intact the whole day! I spray before make up application and after make up application! I tend to spray this after every make up step, for example before I apply primer after primer, before foundation after foundation, before and after concealer and after powdering and after applying highlighter which helps it pop out of the cheekbones!! I set it all in place to lock it all into my skin after I’ve finished my entire make up application!


48 reviews

Jun 27, 2020

amazing product

i really love this setting spray, my face feels super fresh afterwards and i use about 2-4 sprays! it’s perfect for keeping your face glowing and fresh! it’s very kind to my skin and keeps it nice and healthy. it holds everything in place for so long and perfect for a long day out! i have flawless skin now thanks to this. it feels very light on my skin and does the job perfectly! my makeup stays flawlessly! works so well. the size is very convenient too and great for travel. it’s probably the best fixing spay i’ve used. works in hot/sweating and rainy days!


10 reviews

Jun 26, 2020

Go-to spray

This is the best setting spray I've used! It locks in makeup so well, I really adore it. I have had some issues with the spray clogging up from time to time, but nothing excessive. When I know I am going to be needing my makeup to really stay put for a long period of time, this is my go-to. I don't generally use it for every day makeup, just for special event makeup that is heavier than I would normally wear during the work week. I will definitely continue to buy this product because it has really worked and done all that it claims to do.


17 reviews

Jun 26, 2020

So worth the price for its quality

This product is something that I will not be able live without. My skin type is normally mixed skin where if I put makeup on it goes really cakey on some bits then oily on others after doing makeup and putting this on over top, it solves it and hydrates and kind of makes it matte at the same time which is amazing and makes your face look airbrushed and face tuned that this keeps my makeup on for a longer time. i recommend it and believe it is really worth it as the quality is high and you get many uses out of it


116 reviews

Jun 22, 2020


This product is something that I can't live without. I normally get quite dry skin where if I put makeup on it goes really cakey, after doing makeup and putting this on over top, it solves it and hydrates my sin to look airbrushed and facet tuned. It is so worth the price as you get many uses out of it and the quality is high. My skin is also quite sensitive and this has not irritated it. i have noticed that this keeps my makeup on for a longer time. i highly recommend it and believe it is really worth it.


7 reviews

Jun 21, 2020

definitely repurchase this amazing product.

I love this setting spray. I love how it feels on my skin. I use it everyday even on the days that i am not wearing makeup. It leaves my face feeling very refreshed and glowing. It is definitely worth the slaybucks. It is not too sticky and doesn't not make your face feel like it is greasy. It keeps my foundation looking amazing the whole entire day and does not start to slide. I must say that is one of the best setting sprays that i have ever used. The packaging is so nice. definitely repurchase this product. Amazing


1 review

Jun 21, 2020

Good and tells you the reasons of why I rate this.

I love this setting spray. It keeps my face hydrated and moisturised. I've been wearing it for a few months and have seen it does not have any bad impact on my skin. It makes my skin smooth and soft which is why I love it a lot. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because it finishes quickly but other than that I definitely recommend it. The spray keeps your face fresh and light till morning. I have tried others however this is probably the one I've liked the most. If you have dry skin, this is definitely a must.


24 reviews

Jun 19, 2020

Flawless makeup every time

This all nighter setting spray is a must to add to your makeup collection leaving your makeup looking flawless . It comes in a 4 fl oz bottle and I love the size . You can carry it with you in your purse or handbag if your going out and want to top up on spray . It’s perfect for every skin type both oily and dry skin . I first heard about thus product recommended from a friend and she told me it was her go to all nighter spray so I had to get my hands on one


82 reviews

Jun 18, 2020

Love this it’s really good

I love this setting spray. I love how it feels on the skin. I use this everyday even on days I’m not wearing makeup. It leaves my skin feeling glowing and looks great. I use this to keep my skin hydrated also. The setting spray is definitely worth the money. It is not too sticky and doesn’t make your skin like greasy. It is one of the best setting sprays I have used and it’s something i will continue to use. It does exactly what it says . Keeps makeup in place and it makes makeup last on the skiB


25 reviews

Jun 17, 2020


I had heard good things about matte but had never tried it before. I love urban decay so when I had the opportunity to try out there All Nighter Ultra Matte Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray I was excited to give it a try. It came in a 4 fl oz spray bottle and was pretty straight forward when coming to how to use it. It lasts up to 16 hours and is extremely lightweight. It also has a nice temperature control technology which makes those long nights out dancing and whatnot flawless when it comes to your makeup smearing or sweating off. You just put your makeup on as usual then top it with this spray and it leaves you feeling fresh and ready for those all nighters! It controls shine and creates the perfect matte finish to finish your look!


7 reviews

Jun 16, 2020

Love this

I love this setting spray. I love how it feels on the skin. I use this everyday even on days I’m not wearing makeup. It leaves my skin feeling glowing and looks great. I use this to keep my skin hydrated also. The setting spray is definitely worth the money. It is not too sticky and doesn’t make your skin like greasy. It is one of the best setting sprays I have used and it’s something i will continue to use. It does exactly what it says . Keeps makeup in place and it makes makeup last on the skin


3 reviews

Jun 16, 2020


It’s perfect! it keeps your makeup on all night and it makes your makeup look dewy. Would recommend! The smell is also ok but I think it could be better that’s the only thing but It’s the perfect size ( I have the travel size one and it’s lasted a long time) and it doesn’t ruin your makeup. It’s also vegan which is a bonus. You don’t need to use much as a little goes a long way which is good so it lasts longer. It’s very lightweight. It also works in the day too so it works for both day and night.


1 review

Jun 14, 2020

No need to touch up

by far one of the best setting sprays I have ever used doesnt. make make up run when put on. leaves your make up on all day without having to touch it up. By the end of the day your face looks fresh and as if its just been applied. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a spray to keep make up on all day/night long. Its great value for money ive had the same bottle for months and I use around 6 days a week. For the quality of the spray and the amount you get for your money its worth every penny.highly recommend.


16 reviews

Jun 14, 2020

Best setting spray I’ve used!!!

OK I AM SHOOK! I’m so obsessed with the All Nighter Setting Spray! This setting spray is extremely long lasting and will keep your make up locked in & looking fresh all night long. This is my HOLY GRAIL setting spray & I would highly recommend it to others. Hands down the best setting spray I have used. Keeps my makeup on for hours, looking fresh. This is a summer MUST HAVE! its a setting spray that will make sure your make up looks and stays just as good as when you put it on. But one of the best things, at least in my opinion is the fact that it gives you a matte finish. I dont know about you ladies but I’m a grease ball lol and in the summer Im a whole butter ball dancing the night away. If you know my struggle then lets leave that struggle behind and enjoy those hot summer night out with friends, during those yummy BBQ nights and lets enjoy everything around us without worrying about the make up. trust me you wont regret this product


1 review

Jun 10, 2020

Amazing and I love it a lot

I absolutely love this spray it’s so amazing !! I apply it after my make up to set it in place and it just refreshes my face after I apply my make up and makes sure everything is set and nothing is too cakey which I love ! Also since I have started using this product I have noticed my make up has started lasting a lot longer and not moving throughout the day which makes it a must have in my make up bag. This is by far the best setting spray I have ever bought and will use it forever

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