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Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 118ml

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Apr 5, 2020

Miracle For Oily Skin Girls!!

I have very oily skin, it’s really hard for make up to stay on without it gliding everywhere. I’ve used so many setting sprays, matte ones, oil free ones etc. This was one setting spray I heard about everywhere but never tried, so I got a travel size one and it was the best thing I’ve bought!!! I now have the full size one & it’s the only setting spray that keeps my make up in taste. I also recommend spraying some on your face before you start your makeup & pressing in with a beauty blender! Amazing stuff !


1 review

Apr 5, 2020

The Best Product To Buy

Best setting spray I’ve used! Although it is really expensive for a spray, it is great for keeping make up in place all the time. especially if you use setting spray it works fab. Love this purchase it is definitely worth getting. Only downside I can think of for it is that it isn’t scented, would be amazing if it had a nicer smell to it. I have this size bottle and the smaller one which I just refill from the big bottle and keep in my make up bag, it’s the best thing I’ve done to make sure I have it wberywher


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Mar 30, 2020

Makeup does not budge

Absolutely worth the hype! I had never tried a high end setting spray before - only drug store and I used to think that setting spray was a fairy tale! Not this stuff! I got a free sample with my first Urban Decay website order. First time I wore it, it was a hot day in July, I was ill so I had a fever, I sweated, cried, laughed, blew my nose (foundation doesn’t even transfer when you blow your nose!) and napped and my makeup did not budge. I’m also in an amateur theatre group and it keeps my makeup locked in under the heat of the stage lights, keeps it from creasing from all the facial expressions My grandma bought me a full size at the end of July, and when I had earned enough LoveToSlay points, even though I already had a bottle, I used my points to get another one because I knew I would need it! It lasts a long time too. I wear makeup almost every day, and it is now March and I’ve only just finished the bottle I got in July! The VERY minor drawbacks are; the smell isn’t the best, (but it’s not horrible either and it does not linger), the mist isn’t as fine as some other setting sprays I’ve tried, and it’s ever so slightly drying, but it’s an incredible product! It can be used to enhance shimmer and metallic shades (spray on the brush) and can be used to make any eyeshadow into eyeliner. Also if you apply your highlighter straight after you’ve sprayed All Nighter (before it dries!) it will be more blinding. Oily skinned folk love to use it before their makeup as well for oil control. Love it! Just make sure your mascara is dry before you spray !


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Mar 22, 2020

Amazed at quality and difference I have noticed in this product

I have been using this setting spray for a few weeks and can honestly say that my makeup has been lasting so much longer and even after being on 8+ hours there is minimal difference & still looks fresh and newly applied. As someone who has dry skin makeup can grip to those areas and this setting spray leaves my skin looking glowy & makeup no longer grips to dry areas. Instructions are easy to follow and the design of the bottle looks very sleek and stylish. I will definitely continue to use this & highly recommend to anyone.


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Mar 21, 2020


This is a miracle in a bottle. It is my favorite go to for any day and any occasion It literally does what it says, it honestly makes your makeup stay on all day! This is the best setting spray I have ever purchased and will continue to re purchase. Not only does it set makeup but also can be used to hydrate, refresh and gives a dewy finish. Skin is NOT left sticky or tight, in fact it's a micro-fine mist that goes on so light, you’ll hardly feel it. My makeup does not melt or fade even after 12 hours. I literally cannot leave with makeup on my face unless I use this product.


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Mar 8, 2020

Locks Makeup in Place All Day

This is the best setting spray I've used by far, it does what it says it keeps my makeup on all day, even if I go to the gym and still have makeup it has stopped it budging even with a heavy workout sweating! And my skin doesnt look as cakey when I spray this on after baking my face and refreshes the layer of skin almost like it doesnt have a layer of powder on top. Without this in my makeup routine my makeup never lasts as long. The product also has a nice even spray almost like a mist


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Mar 8, 2020

The best setting spray ever

The All nighter setting spray 118ml is the best setting spray i have ever used!!!! I love it and i would reccomend it to anyone that is looking for a setting spray. Once sprayed it on your face it stays on for 24 hours!! Crazy isn't it?? No other serting spray stays on for this long, i wish i found this earlier instead of finding it soo late. I can't believe how i was loving without it. Now whenever i go out it is a must keeping it in my purse so if any emergency occurs i just spray it on my face and i look flawless


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Mar 7, 2020

love it!

I use it quite long now and I love it. My make up stays on until get home and wash it off and it is one of the best Stetting Sprays I ever bought and it is good for dry skin. The bottle is so big I think it will last quite long. If your searching for a Setting Spray and you have dry skin try it ! I did not regret buying this Spray it changed my whole routine because the setting sprays I used before went into my skin and you could saw my make up crease:/ But I love this one!!!


5 reviews

Feb 19, 2020

Amazing setting spray , must have

The all nighter setting spray is one of the best setting sprays I’ve used. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling tacky or sticky and drys really quick. I have really oily skin and find my makeup just rubs off after a few hours but when I use this It keeps my makeup on all day and controls my oily skin which is amazing ! The only thing I don’t like about this spray is the smell , it has a really strong fragrance and just doesn’t smell very nice. Apart from that this is amazing setting spray and I wouldn’t highly recommend it.


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Feb 17, 2020

Best product for setting spray

My favourite setting spray ever I’ve used so many duplicate products/ copycat brands for a while and thought they were alright but THIS is amazing it holds on your makeup a treat and before the shoes of setting sprays I used to use hairspray which was hardly healthy for my face and my skin and I would break out but I had nothing else then on my last birthday my family decided to treat me to a brand new full sized one because I had been talking about it for so long and finally I had gotten it best product


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Feb 13, 2020

A good, Substantial Setting Spray

This is a great, everyday setting spray - it sticks and does the job . I used to use this everyday and it was my go to . However , being a dancer in full-time training , the product never kept my makeup on if I got a bit sweaty after a dance class. But if you’re not going to get hot or sweaty then this setting spray is great . It’s not too pricey compared to other brands. The product roughly lasts 3 months so that works out £7 a month . Overall , It’s a great product .


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Feb 8, 2020

Long-lasting, amazing!

This Urban decay all nighter setting spray is the best I have ever used. It keeps make-up on perfectly all day and does not dry my skin out like other setting sprays have in the past. I find that it does not leave a tacky feel on the face. I would not use anything else and will be wearing this setting spray on my wedding day. Without using the urban decay all nighter setting spray, my concealer and foundation seem to slip off of my face and my bronzer and highlighter seem to fade after a few hours after applying make-up


330 reviews

Jan 27, 2020

Flawless face all day long

My skin it is quite flawles.. But i like to wear some conturing and highlight but usualy it didn't stay on my skin for a log time... But since I am usuing All Nighter it last all day.. I even went on party and i did sweet a lot but when saw myself in mirror everything was perfect even without primer... you need to try it I can honestly say I do not regret buying it! And it sets the makeup so well! I hardly have to re touch it if not at all! It’s also great to use as a primer too! Fully recommend!


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Jan 25, 2020

All nighter is the best setting spray

All-nighter is the best setting spray I have ever come across. A little goes a long way, a few little sprits and you’re good to go for the entire day! Your make up is fixed in position for the entire day, no need to worry about touch-ups at all. The product is lightweight so doesn’t make your make up feel heavy at all, the setting spray dries almost instantly upon hitting the skin, so no tacky, sticky feeling. Undoubtedly the best setting sprays on the market and at a really reasonable price. Definitely a makeup bag must-have!


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Jan 24, 2020


I LOVE THIS SETTING SPRAY!!!! Will not use any other spray and will keep my makeup on for hours on end even after busy nights of dancing. It leaves my makeup feeling light and airy instead of tight like other brands. Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. I have extremely sensitive skin and would 200% recommend this setting spray. When going out with friends, the girls will often actually will ALWAYS steal my setting spray to use instead of their own. This setting spray is defo loved by all and a product for everyone to use regardless of skin types.


330 reviews

Jan 23, 2020

Perfect make up all day

My skin it is quite flawless.. but i like to wear some contouring and highlight but usually it doesn't stay on my skin for a very long time... But since I am using this Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, it last all day. Easy to use spray that doesn't really smell of anything. A quick spray sets make up for the day or night without the drying or chalkiness of powder. It even kept my make up looking good in the recent hot weather where I was sweating, so shows how good quality and durable it is! Definitely recommend, especially to make u lovers!


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Jan 21, 2020

Keeps makeup on all day!

Been using this setting spray for 3 years now and it’s the only setting spray that can really keep my makeup on for a long period of time it’s been tested during all sorts of weather it lasts even when it’s raining, lasts during humid weather and throughout my working day when my makeup would have usually come off, takes away the cakey look after applying powder but sets down really nicely without leaving a shine or shimmer like some other setting sprays doI also use this on my sponge to apply my concealer and my concealer doesn’t crease the only downside is the smell


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Jan 18, 2020

Light, easy, no residue, glowing, great

This setting spray is a dream! I’ve tried a few different brands but only really like this one. It’s great to use before a night out and keeps makeup in place all night! It’s also great to pop in your bag if you’re out and easy to use! I like this setting spray more than some others because it’s not as wet and feels lighter on the skin, leaves no residue like some and give you the security you want to keep your makeup in place rather than sweating it off. Definitely recommend this product to all! So easy to use.


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Jan 17, 2020

Doesn’t feel sticky unlike some

This is a great product! I work all day, teaching 16-19 year old students and have to make sure I look fresh as a daisy, all day. My daughter is a makeup fiend and had this on her dressing table and I stole some. Since then I have eve bought some for myself. Unlike some fixing products, this doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky or too dry. I wear a motorbike helmet and my makeup used to rub on the padding on the inside but now I can put my helmet on without worrying about my makeup smearing all over the place! Brilliant.


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Jan 17, 2020

Darwin girls go to product

Amazing setting spray!!! I live in Darwin which if you don’t know is pretty darn hot and this time of year the humidity is 100% we like to call it troppo season! Sweat factor is real up here, but this little piece of magic works wonders for me, locks everything in place like it should be wether that’s heading to work for the day or heading for a night out! My go to wet season product without a doubt, doesn’t make my face look dewy or smudge when applied, sets almost instantly and works wonders in the Darwin heat especially this time of year!


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Jan 16, 2020

Stays in place all day

This product does exactly what it says on the bottle. It ensures that your makeup stays on all day and night. A few sprays and you're good to go all night without any touch ups or smudges. I couldn't believe how well it worked. Definitely my favourite setting spray of all time. It has a nice smell without being too fragranced and aswell it isn't too wet on your face, it drys fast and leaves a nice smooth matte finish. The price is a bit high for a setting spray but for how good it is, I don't blame them for the retail price. Especially good for makeup artists to use on clients to ensure their makeup stays in place or even on themselves for a long day of glambing up


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Jan 15, 2020

One of the best products I’ve used

Honestly the best setting spray I’ve ever used. I tend to use it after foundation and then at the end of my look and spray it on my brushes before I go in with my eyeshadow! Works wonders. Not only this but it actually stays on allll night long as well, every time I go out wearing this product as soon as I get home to check whether my makeup is still in tact it always is! Almost like I’d never even been out in the first place! Genuinely cannot recommend those enough, one of the best products I’ve ever used


2 reviews

Jan 13, 2020

Best setting spray to us

I used the de slick version which is the same except for it helps with oily skin. I was apprehensive purchasing it at first as it cost £24 but I had read numerous reviews praising it and watching lots of influencers using it too. I can honestly say I do not regret buying it! It helps with my oily skin so much! Especially since I have to wear glasses too! And it sets the makeup so well! I hardly have to re touch it if not at all! It’s also great to use as a primer too! Fully recommend!


6 reviews

Jan 12, 2020

I love this brand

I love this brand and it has never disappointed me. All of their products are good and worth the price. The setting spray it really lasts all night, would recommend using it for special events such as wedding or prom. It last a long time and you dont need to wash ur face with it, literally just one time spraying will do the job for you. It has a finishing matte effect and your make up will stay flawless all day and night long. I used to have a lot of creasing in the summer time, but after discovering this I am now saved


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Jan 9, 2020

Excellent Setting Spray Would Recommend

Would definitely recommend the product! when I use it I see a huge difference in how long my make up stays fresh. especially my foundation, it lasted me along. time and 4 sprays in their recommended pattern covers my entire face nicely. Only downside is although it is definitely better than drugstore alternatives, it is also more expensive. However, I believe the price difference is worth it. I also find the 30ml size perfect for my conclusion, this setting spray does its job quickly and effectively with no hassle and holds your makeup in place throughout the day.


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Jan 6, 2020

Lives up to the name

This is the only setting spray I've ever used that I can actually tell makes my makeup last longer. You never usually know if setting spray does anything extra to make it last, but let me tell you - I put makeup on at around 2 pm, went to afternoon tea (fancy, I know), went shopping, had dinner out, then ended up going for drinks, which turned into a pub crawl and a night 'out out' at 2 different clubs. I came home (via the chippy, ofc) at 4 am and my makeup... INTACT. It really is an all-nighter setting spray. God bless Urban Decay


4 reviews

Jan 6, 2020

Stays in place, long lasting.

I love this spray when I have a full face on or need to keep my make up in place. I'm very oily in my t zone so makeup tends to not last but this really helps. I've given four stars as it does leave you shiny after it's dried even if you've used powder so I usually have to give myself another quick dusting. Also, you can't touch up over the top of it otherwise it all comes off. But it's the best setting spray I've tried and would definitely buy it again once it runs out, as it lasts for ages!


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Dec 26, 2019

Brilliant, really does work well

100% would recommend to anyone. Keeps makeup fresh and bright for a whole night or day out. Works in tough weathers and hot environments. Lasts a long time as you don’t need that much to cover your whole face. The only thing that I don’t like is that if you apply after mascara it makes your lashes flatten and not look as full, so I just apply the mascara after using the spray. Sometimes I also go over the spray with pressed powder if I want a more matte look. Best setting spray I’ve used, and reasonable price for such a good product.


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Dec 15, 2019

Not bad at all! Get yours now!

I've been using cheap setting sprays so I don't even know what they are supposed to be anymore. I got this UD all night spray as a gift from a sweet friend. And boy, it changed my makeup game. Foundation usually don't last long on my skin but now it's on a lock down. My makeup stays on the whole day. The smell though... A lot of anti-aging, priming creams have the similar funky smell. Luckily, the smell only lasts a few mins upon spraying. That's the only downside. My nose still gets shiny after a few hrs but I'm happy with the overall result. I hope this helps!


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Dec 14, 2019

You should definitely buy this

I could not live without this product. Since finding it I have used it every single day for the past two years and I am still unable to find something that is just as good. Keeps my make up looking as good as new even after a busy twelve-hour shift. Although it can be a little on the pricey side I would defiantly recommend because it’s definitely worth the money. A little goes a long way with a bottle lasting a couple of months. I believe that everyone should try this product and as soon as they do, they’ll fall in love with it just as much as me


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Nov 26, 2019

My go to setting spray!

My go to setting spray! first of all this product has lasted me a good long time, it smells nice and will literally keep your face where it's meant to be for hours. I would 100% recommend and will be buying again - very trust worthy brand - lovely sturdy packaging and you really do get what you pay for, that being said it is on the more pricey side but a majority of the time you can find discount codes and or offers etc to help with that. I also love that there is a smaller travel sized version of the product too


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Nov 19, 2019

Setting spray with staying power

I love this product! I’ve never used a setting spray before so I was quite dubious. I used this product on holiday at night and in very hot weather and it did make my make up stay on all night, especially the foundation. It felt a bit wet when I first put it on, I was scared it would wet the make up, but it dried quickly and it smelled lovely. Also I used it at a all day wedding and my make was still on in the morning! I couldn’t believe it. I Would highly recommend this product! Bril


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Nov 18, 2019

Absolutely amazing for oily skin

This setting spray is absolutely amazing. I have struggle with extremely oily skin all my life and have been on a constant hunt for anything that will keep m face from going shiny and make my makeup last longer. I was recommended this product by a makeup artist whilst getting my makeup done once and after reading some reviews and watching some videos online I decided it was time to test it. By far the best decision I have ever made, this setting spray made my makeup look flawless for so much longer than any other setting spray I have used. It kept the majority of my oils at bay and each time I use this my makeup doesn't crease as much as it normally would. One of the best setting spray I have used, definitely worth the money


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Nov 12, 2019

A must have make-up item

I had not used a setting spray before and wasn’t sure if I really wanted or needed to. I was lucky enough to be given a free sample of the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. I have to admit To my surprise it is absolutely fabulous. I used it when I had an Meet up with friends for afternoon drink then a bit of retail therapy. I couldn’t believe It kept my make up looking and feeling fresh all afternoon and evening it really does make a difference. I will definitely be buying this product or put it on my Xmas wish list


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Nov 7, 2019

Best setting spray out there!

I love this setting spray, it’s fabulous! I use it when going on nights out, or when my makeup needs to last all night and it does wonders. At first I was hesitant to the idea of a setting spray truly making a difference to how long your makeup lasts, but after testing it against other setting sprays in my collection (that admittedly do nothing) I have been pleasantly surprised in the difference of how long my makeup lasts. This is definitely the best setting spray I’ve used and I’ll continue to repurchase until I manage to find a better one


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Nov 5, 2019

Amazing long lasting setting spray

This is my all time favourite setting spray ever!! I have combination skin and it’s amazing at ensuring my makeup doesn’t budge all time. It’s also really good at keeping the oils at bay in my t-zone. Although it has a slight scent to it when applied it leaves my makeup looking so fresh all day. Normally my makeup tends to separate around my nose but when using this spray it lasts all day and keeps the oils at bay. Amazing setting spray and does what you would expect for a high end setting spray. Absolutely recommend this setting spray


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Oct 29, 2019

My favourite setting spray

I absolutely love this setting spray. As someone who has very oily skin as well as some dry patches, it’s important for me to use powder to set my makeup to keep it in place, and then finish with a spray to ensure I don’t look too powdery. Often I find setting sprays take away the powdery look but doesn’t make my make up stay on any longer. But this does exactly that. It makes my makeup look like my natural skin and also locks it in all day and really helps with controlling the oiliness that comes out during the day. Highly recommend


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Oct 27, 2019

Your skin looks flawless

The Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray is definitely one of the best setting sprays I have found. Your makeup is guaranteed to stay on with this product. It leaves your skin looking flawless. The main reason I love this product is that it doesn’t leave my skin blotchy where I have sprayed it on my face, this is a very big problem for me when trying several setting sprays’s but yet the urban decks setting spray does not do this. I have really found this setting spray the best at the moment and has reached my makeup bag. The setting spray sits weightlessly onto your skin for up to 16 hours. Another benefit to this product that many of you might love is that this product is oil and parable free. I really hope this review has helped you.


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Oct 22, 2019

Stay in place all night

Amazing setting spray, i am amazed and very happy that i found this product, i have been using Mac prep and prime as a setting spray after purchasing this and used it and my makeup did stay all day and night amazing product for me and my clients, i used this in the middle of makeup application after i properly blend my foundation and then once i completes the makeup, very very happy its is must in my makeup bag, can’t imagine switching from this product, best finishing makeup spray on the market. i love love love it


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Oct 22, 2019


LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Very smooth and sleek finish, not heavy on the face...does leave your make up looking cakey or bitty! Will hold all day whilst running round like a headless chicken on a nursing shift. Compact version easy to take out with you if needed. No horrible smell or tacky/sticky feeling. Very well made and definitely worth the reasonably priced and saves a fortune on make up preventing re-application as it holds just perfectly! A MUST have for your make up bag girls without a doubt! I think it is Absolutely fabulous and would definitely recommend this profuc 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


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Oct 22, 2019

Great product

One of the better setting sprays keeps my make up set pretty much all day which is great when you have a busy work day and not a lot of time to re apply through out the day. I’ve tried many different setting sprays which don’t usually hold well but this is great. Urban decay is a brand I haven’t really tried before so it is definitely a brand I will be looking to branch out in the future. I hope that all their products are as good as this spray. If so they’ve got a loyal customer in me


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Oct 21, 2019

Firmly holds your face

Have this in a mini and it is truly amazing as it has held my makeup firmly in place whilst i have performed musical theatre numbers with a lot of dancing. I was very happy with it as there is no strange smell like some others have and it sits lightly on your face and sets very quickly to give that lovely finish. I highly recommend this to anyone as it is clear why this is one of the most used and highly rated products available to purchase in regards to makeup. 10 / 10 will d efinitely will purchase this again.


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Oct 20, 2019

Can Hold Your Makeup All Day

This is an amazing setting spray it hold your makeup for all day and night hence the name I would really recommend it. It really makes your skin flawless and smooth and give your makeup and natural hint, doesn’t cake your face and in my opinion it’s really affordable. The reason it’s one of my best products Is because It come in different sizes I have a travel size and a full size bottle and use it every once in awhile to set my makeup and make it last long. It is also long lasting you will never get tired of using this product


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Oct 19, 2019

Amazingly, wonderful, fabulous, great,good

Oh my god this product is absolutely amazing it is perfect for night out wen u whant Ur make up to stay on ur Face my family members and my friend have said they are going to try it out as it has got good reviews and it is not so expensive I have also told them to go and check this app out and they said they did this setting spray is good for giving people them as present I hope my cousin likes it wen she gets it I just what to say it's lovely it's so perfecct


5 reviews

Oct 18, 2019

Best Way To Set Your Face

This is the best thing I have ever purchased. it made my makeup last all day and night, while usually my foundation breaks up on my t-zone, but with this it doesn't. I noticed a difference straight away; my face didn’t look powdery and gave me an amazing finish. It leaves the makeup as though I put it on an hour ago. When I finally ran out, I realized how much I actually DEPENDED on it. I would 100% recommend this and no other setting spray, I have tried many, but this one is the best and my all-time favourite. It is a must have in my makeup bag


10 reviews

Sep 17, 2019

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 30ML - Best Setting Spray

The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is hands down the best I’ve ever used. As a long haul air hostess, my make-up really needs lasting power. I’ve used this on a few flights now, the longest duty being twelve hours to Hong Kong and my make-up hasn’t budged! (Including the couple of hours either side of flight travelling to and from the airport). I have combination skin and would usually need to top up my powder after a few hours, but with the setting spray this wasn’t necessary. I was worried it may dry my skin but this wasn’t an issue. Whether on a night out or a working day, this setting spray is definitely a must for me now!


3 reviews

Sep 15, 2019

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 30ML - The Only Setting Spray You'll Ever Need

This is a MUST have in my makeup bag..and it should be a must have in yours! This spray is definitely sweat proof, I used t when I got married in Cyprus and my makeup stayed on all day; my makeup stayed flawless! I now use it on a daily basis to ensure my makeup stays put all day long. I have used cheaper brands before and they don’t work. Although this is more expensive it’s 100% worth it. I usually just use around 10 pumps for my face, and if it’s for a night out I will do more than one layer of spray. It appears wet when first sprayed and then dries super quick, setting your makeup.


1 review

Sep 2, 2019

The best setting spray!!

I absolutely love the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, it is a staple of my makeup collection and has been for as long as I can remember. As someone with combination skin, I can recommend it suitable for all skin types as it works on both dry and oily skin. I use it everyday, whether I’m at work or going out, and it really does work wonders for ensuring your makeup stays perfect! This product lasts ages and only a few sprays are needed at the end of your makeup routine to ensure perfect makeup that stays all day.


2 reviews

Sep 2, 2019

good lasting hold of makeup overnight

this product was amazing . i had a wedding party to go to overnight the other day and i did a full face and huge eyelashes and then set with this setting spray and i was so impressed as i was sweating a bit . make up stayed good as new and no sweat marks or any come off. it was amazing . i didnt need to worry about my face all night as i knew it was secure and it didnt feel heavy and wet like most setting sprays . lighr and convenient and really easy to carry around if another spray needed even though it last all night . i recommend this product as it was simple and easy to use and didnt irritate my sensitive skin. so i recommend to people with sensitice skin as well . very good and made my full face look overall better so happy with this product and i would be willing to buy it out my wages


15 reviews

Aug 25, 2019

The best setting spray.

Treated myself to this after buying a few drugstore setting sprays which weren’t all that. This is the best thing ever, make up doesn’t move all day. I tend to spray when I’ve done my base, then again after eye make up, and finally after applying a lip. I’ve used it in warm weather on holiday, and on nights out (where it can get a little sweaty in bars and clubs) and it really does do what it says. Also it doesn’t smell bad at all, some sprays seem to have a chemical scent to them. I particularly like to spray this on a brush after I’ve loaded highlighter onto it to increase the intensity, I’ve done the same with shimmery shades in my Naked 3 palette to give a more vivid effect. Love Urban Decay in general and this is one of my holy grails and something I’ll continue to purchase.

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