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Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 118ml

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8 reviews

Jul 7, 2020

Best product on the market

This is definitely the best setting spray I've used. It undoubtedly helps keep your makeup in place for quite a long time, and many of my friends have commented on this - particularly your eye shadow. However, I don't think it stays for as long as '16 hours' like the description says. From my personal experience, after about 5/6 hours, I could see a bit of my acne peeking through and eyeliner had smudged a bit. I do think this is to be expected though and overall this is the best product for keeping a general matte look without too much transfer.


3 reviews

Jul 4, 2020


AN AMAZING SPRAY THAT ALLOWS FOR MAKEUP TO SIT ON YOUR FACE naturally .HIGHLY RECOMMEND AS THE FINISHING TOUCH OF YOUR MAKEUP THE INGREDIENTS Are the best thing is it does not clog pores it is light and airy and makes for a good overall setting spray !!!! Using before highlight allows for a glow on the skin when applying highlights it is worth the price and creates a flawless finish for the skin the scent is also not bad to smell which makes this spray a good makeup most that lets makeup stay on your face for a long time


5 reviews

Jul 1, 2020

Makes your makeup last longer

Maybe I’m not using this right but I just don’t love this product. Every review I’ve seen recommends it and I know so many people who swear by it but I just do not find it works amazingly for me. I have quite dry skin so I was hoping this would bring some dew back to my face after putting my foundation on but I find the most is not fine enough and I just end up with wet drops that I have to tap into my face. I think that it does make your make up last longer though.


30 reviews

Jun 18, 2020

Perfect finish

The urban decay all nighter is the best setting spray I have used so far and is always my go to after applying my make up. It spray the perfect amount onto my face and sprays so evenly which means all the areas are covered. It makes my make up last all day and leaves my skin looking lovely and dewy. This size of this product does mean it is difficult when travelling, however it does last a very long time. I’ve been using this setting spray now for about two years and would 100% recommend this product to everyone.


3 reviews

Jun 1, 2020

My go to setting spray!

I absolutely love this Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray! I have oily skin so whenever i wear make up i tend to go oily really quickly. This is my go to setting spray as it keeps my make up in place all day and night I wouldn't use any other spray as this one works absolute wonders. I spray my face after primer before i start make up then i use it once i have finished too. I got this as a birthday present and i will be buying another one when this is done, I definitely recommend it! My make up is always staying on point after i use it.Miracle worker hands down!


46 reviews

May 29, 2020

Love love love this setting spray

Best setting spray ever! This was by far the best setting spray Ive ever used. Id say the finish is good for both matte looks and dewier looks because its sort of a natural in-between. It did a much better job of keeping my makeup in place than less expensive setting sprays that Ive used and I didnt have any issues with creasing, even after a long day of wear. Another thing I really liked about this setting spray was the spray bottle. Ive often had issues with setting sprays leaving big visible droplets on my face, but the spray from this was much finer and I didnt have that problem. I will definitely repurchase this when I run out!N


17 reviews

May 22, 2020

don't believe the hype

Okay, have I reviewed the same product as everyone else? Have I got a dud? Cause honestly this product is beyond, BEYOND disappointing. So, I’ve tested these two different ways, time tested on face wear and budge test on swatches. So, as you can see in the picture, I’ve put some swatches on my hand – put the bottle at the recommended 8” to 10” away and sprayed. I’ve left to dry for half an hour, (not intentionally, I just got distracted) so the product had ample time to ‘set’. I ran my fingers through the swatches, and they smudged! I really had high expectations for the products and ultimately, I’m disappointed on what I paid firstly and then quality next. Oh and I bought this direct from UD – so no fake product here! I think I will be looking at ABH, Huda or Fenty next for a setting spray…


230 reviews

May 22, 2020


All Nighter Ultra Matte Setting Spray is great for use with liquid make up. I have oily skin even after doing my face washing routine in the morning. When I apply my make up I usually have a issue with oiliness and melting off as the day goes on . This product is great for that . Liquid foundation is my go to type of foundation for me and I have often struggled with keeping my look together during the day. I sometimes have to blot at my face to try and reset everything .UrbanDecay - All Nighter Ultra Matte Setting Spray has truly changed the game for me. It takes my well put together look to the next level and has my make up lasting through out the day. All you have to do is apply your products to your face as usual and then spray


20 reviews

May 21, 2020

Great product it’s just ex

Amazing product for setting makeup and rehydrating the skin . The only reason I did not give 5 stars is solely because of the high price point . Considering it’s water based it’s hard to justify spending nearly £30 ( I believe ) in a spray bottle of water . In this case you are just paying for the ingredients which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I just think as a brand urban decay could run offers so more people could purchase their products for a cheaper amount. alternatives to This spray are ones from revolution , Mac or nyx


8 reviews

May 21, 2020

great product, will purchase again!

this is a great product and would recommend this to anyone who has oily skin as this will leave your skin looking fresh even after a 8-9 hour working day. i have never really used setting sprays but after purchasing this i now use it everyday and it will last you ages i have had mine for around 5 months and it is still half full! this is a great product and i think people should just save their coin and purchase this rather than a load of rubbish ones. i think everyone should have this as it is a staple.


15 reviews

May 19, 2020

Does what it says - sets

A must have in every one's makeup kit. I had never been too into setting sprays, I didn't see how they would help to be honest! But I've changed my mind since using this spray. I have been on nights out when I've, (stupidly) forgotten to take my makeup off, and woken up with it still perfectly in place! The spray doesn't leave any residue or marks on the face and doesn't feel uncomfortable. It absorbs quickly and easily. It has a pleasant smell (of not very much) which is good as sometimes they can get up your nose. The only drawback is it is a pricey spray.


260 reviews

May 18, 2020

great spra

I had full face makeup on, skincare foundation, eyeshadow, mascara lip liner and gloss. Setting powder the works! I then spray Urban Decay Setting spray for the finishing touch. Went to super market, fast food drive through and back home to finish laundry and dinner. It was a full day and wow my makeup looks incredibly good. Blush still in place. Eyeshadow has a beautiful shine and no crease. The spray made it all stay in place with a nice protecting veil of a sort. I love it! I received this for free from Influenster and I will definitely purchase when I’m low.


63 reviews

May 14, 2020

Best settng spray I’ve used

This is the best setting spray I've used! It locks in makeup so well, I really adore it. I have had some issues with the spray clogging up from time to time, but nothing excessive. When I know I am going to be needing my makeup to really stay put for a long period of time, this is my go-to. I don't generally use it for every day makeup, just for special event makeup that is heavier than I would normally wear during the work week. I will definitely continue to buy this product because it has really worked and done all that it claims to do


5 reviews

May 12, 2020

Really good 10/10 recommend it for anyone

When I first heard of this I thought why not try it because a lot of people recommended it to me and they were all true I have loved it ever since and it doesn’t have a bad smell either. I would recommend this product amazing and also not too pricey and keeps your makeup in place. It is a 10/10 for me and it’s also great because it helps with temperature control and also has an oil free and paraben free formula which is just perfect for me and my skin this product is by far the best setting spray I have had before


1 review

May 11, 2020

Highly Recommend This Setting Spray!

I love this setting spray! It’s something that i’ve used for years and it will always be my go-to. I love how it keeps my makeup in tact all day and evening. Especially as someone who has oily skin, this setting spray makes sure my makeup doesn’t budge or sweat off. One bottle also lasts a good few months, so it’s definitely worth the purchase. It doesn’t leave any strange smells & also doesn’t leave shimmer on the face unlike other setting sprays. My family & friends also swear by this setting spray an I would definitely recommend this spray to everyone, especially to people who might have oily skin!


220 reviews

May 10, 2020

A Very Good Setting Spray...

A very good setting pray allowing my makeup to last longer and no need for any touch ups. The quantity you get is a huge amount so will last a long time and the smell is really nice. I give it a good shake before applying to my makeup and let it settle down for a few seconds. It provides that dewy look without it looking sweaty. My face looks really smooth and flawless after applying this. It is definitely worth the price. You can also apply before makeup as a primer or a base. It makes my skin look oil free and matte.


16 reviews

May 9, 2020


This is the best setting spray ever!!!!!! It is long lasting and really does not allow your makeup to budge what so ever. The smell is not over powering and the mist is fine and disperses the product over your face in an even way. This product has allowed my foundation and all my makeup to last and stay on in even 40 degree C heat. So now o don’t use anything other that this urban decay spray. I go though so many of these and use it daily because it is just the perfect sealant and it’s so long wearing


1 review

May 8, 2020


t has a long cylindrical plastic container purple very gothy chic design with a frosty cap And a lavender shaded spray nozzle The version I have is full sized and wouldn't work as well for traveling but they do have a mini version that is absolutely perfect for traveling. I spray each section of my face once with this its very lightweight and very very easy to apply and dried quickly so I can go in between layers of my makeup routine without spending a lot of time just waiting for it to dry so I can move on. I found that this wasnt drying on my skin nor did it make it oily which honestly was really surprising considering I have combination skin and I honestly was expecting it to go one way or the other. Now my current favorite thing about this was that when I sprayed it on my face after I applied foundation, concealer and a little bit of contour products I found that it wasn't sticky nor tacky and my makeup stayed just as perfect as when I initially applied it. Which by the way is perfect especially if I want to cosplay because I need my makeup to stay fresh all day. Gotta say this has my full adoration as well as approval! It helps your makeup look on point for up to 12 hours (15+ if you bake with setting powder) "I received these product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes." But honestly I definitely think I would buy this at full price!


3 reviews

May 8, 2020

Amazing, gentle and long wearing,

Absolutely love this setting spray! I have combination oily skin, leaning more towards the oily side- with my t-zone getting extremely shiny after a couple of hours but this spray keeps my oils at bay. Unlike some other settings spray I have tried, this is extremely gentle and does not irritate my skin. I love the spray nozzle on this as it sprays a fine mist equally rather than having some parts wet and others with no product on. In regards to how it makes your makeup look- it does a great job of melting your makeup into the skin- especially if like myself you use a lot of powder


157 reviews

May 5, 2020

All nighter

I first came across this setting spray a few years ago when it was being raved about by all the beauty gurus. I decided to try it for myself and have been hooked ever since. I will say though, the only con I find about this product is it’s smell; I find it has an odd smell compared to the MAC fix plus setting spray, but that could just be me. This truly melts your makeup into your skin and makes your foundation look like SKIN. I believe it does affect the longevity of my makeup as I notice a difference when I don’t set my makeup in place with this. It allows for a full face to last all day; and I truly notice a difference with the overall finish of my makeup if I don’t use this. I tend to switch between both MACs fix plus and this as these two sprays are the best that I have ever tried. Also go for the full sized version as it’s better value for money and will last you forever.


241 reviews

May 4, 2020

A smooth radiant oil free complexion

A very good setting pray allowing my makeup to last longer and no need for any touch ups. The quantity you get is a huge amount so will last a long time and the smell is really nice. I give it a good shake before applying to my makeup and let it settle down for a few seconds. It provides that dewy look without it looking sweaty. My face looks really smooth and flawless after applying this. It is definitely worth the price. You can also apply before makeup as a primer or a base. It makes my skin look oil free and matte.


98 reviews

May 4, 2020

Really lasts all night

This is the only matte setting spray that I like to use because it really does last all day and night. It lasts me a long time and leaves your makeup looking perfect for the longest time. It doesn’t run or leave any marks like I’ve experienced with other setting sprays. The smell isn’t bad but sometimes it does feel uncomfortable breathing so much liquid in. The packaging is well designed I’ve never had a problem with the functionality it always works well. These are the only setting spray I would recommend even if they are expensive that’s because they wor


6 reviews

May 3, 2020

Good Setting Spray but Weird Smell

I use this Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray after I do my make up every time. it locks my make up in place all day and does not irritate my skin. the only thing I do not like about the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is the odd smell of it. it has a bit of an odd smell but it is not too bad and you can easily get used to it. the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is a good setting spray however it slightly on the more expensive side so keep that in mind.


17 reviews

May 1, 2020

Good amazing outstanding pricey

It is amazing for oily skin, it definitely leaves the skin feeling flawless and it keeps the oil and makeup in place. Holding the natural oils together and it being a very good spray I would definitely recommend it to everyone! I am in love with the quality and how it applies. For dry skin it also gives more moisture so it would be good for any skin type to be honest. However I would say it is quite pricey for a spray so maybe use it wisely and accordingly. Overall it is amazing and can be used for everypne


20 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Love this so much!! Worth the buy!

This is an absolutely amazing setting spray I love it!! It is super easy to use and gives you the most amazing finish to your makeup, urban decay makeup are an amazing brand and this is definitely a cult makeup product used by both make-up enthusiasts and by makeup artists! Get your hands on this if your looking for that beautiful foundation finishto make your complexion radiate! And trust me even though the price point may seem a little high this product will last you forever trust me I’ve had mine for a year long now! So don’t be afraid to spend it’s worth it


25 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Super hydrating when on your face!

It’s does it’s job of making sure your make up stays locked in all day which is really great since you don’t have to reapply bits such as co Concealer or blush.however if you have super sensitive skin it’s not the best because I tend to break out more when I used this so I only use it on special occasions or on nights out.its going to work well however fro people with dry skin since it is also hydrating when you spray it on your face.i also find that it sets my make up more into my skin so it doesn’t seem cakey


24 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Not so good for oily sensitive skin!

Not so good for oily skin as it just doesn’t mix well. I have really sensitive acne prone skin and I haven’t noticed a difference at all in makeup lasting longer. In fact, the face feels wet and I feel like the oil on my face and the watery product do not react well together. I have not been using this product for long, but I have gathered this opinion after about 5 uses and decided it isn’t for me. Perhaps it is different with other skin types, I’m not sure. Perhaps there’s should be a different setting spray for different skin types?


10 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Makeup stays all day and night.

This is the only matte setting spray that I like to use because it really does last all day and night. It lasts me a long time and leaves your makeup looking perfect for the longest time. It doesn’t run or leave any marks like I’ve experienced with other setting sprays. The smell isn’t bad but sometimes it does feel uncomfortable breathing so much liquid in. The packaging is well designed I’ve never had a problem with the functionality it always works well. These are the only setting spray I would recommend even if they are expensive that’s because they work


42 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Best setting spray ever!

I initially bought the travel size bottle as I wanted to try it out before spending all that money to get the bigger bottle. But I ended up buying the bigger bottle because it is just that good. It only takes a few sprays after applying your make up and makes your make up last all day. I know some people use it as a primer but I haven’t tried that yet. It leaves a really nice dewy finish to your skin and not oily. I’ll definitely be buying another bottle when this one runs out. This is a really great product.


203 reviews

Apr 29, 2020

Let me start with yes, yes and... you guessed it... yes.

Let me start with yes, yes and... you guessed it... yes. This product is the one. It’s really out here doing the most... let me tell you... it has lasted me through rain and shine (which any fellow brit will know, of the former there is much). It has lasted through the daily grind, the gym (yeah I’m one of those people), sweaty nights out, you name it, I’ve done it with my face still intact. I’ve even woken up after a night out having not taken my make up off (forgive me father, for I have sinned) and still looked practically flawless.


283 reviews

Apr 28, 2020

Reliable heavy duty long lasting mist!

Chilling cool refreshing lightweight mist perfect for spring and summer time. It does exactly what it says on the packs. This spray mist will prepare and set the makeup for a seamless finish throughout the whole day no matter how humid or hot it is outside, you can literally walk into a sauna and this makeup will not separate, crack or even melt off your face. I like to use this product during those really heavy duty busy schedule days like a whole day of work followed by a party at night as I know this will be reliable and I won't need to reapply makeup.


81 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

Best setting spray EVER

Just wow! This is what... My 3rd bottle. This is my number one favourite setting spray. It does not budge your makeup by a millimetre and I literally mean when I say your make-up stays for more than a day... It does!! A few sprays around your face and boom.. Youll be walking like a queen day! You don't need to worry about shine or to pat powder here and there. This spray does everything for you. Love it!! I will be purchasing this again 100% I’ve even told all of my friends how amazing this is. They also do this is more than one size which is fab


53 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

The better size of this product.

The urban decay all nighters setting spray in 118ml is the perfect size to keep in your day to day make up kit as it’s a lot bigger than the travel sized with you for day to day use; this is the size of the product that I actually have and I feel like it can last 3 months if used dqily it’s a really good setting spray and it does help with keeping your making up and stops you becoming shiner though out the night I would say that it’s one of my top choices of setting sprays. It is fine, light weight and doesn’t leave water deposits on your face.


7 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

Go to setting spray!

This is a star product. The best setting spray I have ever used. You only need a few spritz on your face and these few spritz leave your face looking and feeling refreshed and dewy all day or night - it holds in place all the sparkle and shimmer which is part of your make u. This product is not sticky, it does not leave a strong smell behind and nor does it dry up and cake up your make up. The spray is easy to sue and lasts ages! If you want to invest in a setting spray, the urban decay all nighter setting spray is the best one yet!


73 reviews

Apr 23, 2020


my favourite setting spray ever! It absorbs over the face as soon as you spray it on and it doesn’t make ur face feeling wet and making ur makeup feel like it’s running. 1-3 sprays will be enough to cover ur face and keep ur makeup on for at least 16 hours which is more then usual! The smell is really nice and unique and the bottle design is different to others. This is the first setting spray I’ve tried and after using it there is no other setting spray I’ll use other then this one it’s amazing and does the job!


2 reviews

Apr 23, 2020

You MUST have this product

Well, as you can see from the photo, my Urban DecayAll Nighter setting spray is very well loved...! Have to say that this product is definitely an essential in anyone’s make up bag. This product ensures that all of your hard work beating your face for the party of the year does not go to waste as soon as Single Ladies comes on. You can sweat your little booty off on that dance floor but if your wearing this baby then your makeup isn’t budging. Trust me girl! This is not a want, it is a NEED! Thank me later.


10 reviews

Apr 22, 2020

Best setting spray ever

Hands down the best setting spray I have ever used! Worth every penny as it is incredible and lasts such a long time! One bottle lasts around a year depending on use. I apply this after I have completed my makeup everyday and often use it during the day to fix me up if my makeup is on for a long time. It is definitely a staple makeup item that I could not live without! You need this in your life! My makeup does not budge when I have this one! Feels so light when you spray it on and dries quickly


1 review

Apr 21, 2020

Lovely spray and smells nice

Keeps makeup on all day without any creasing or fading, comfortable and doesn’t dry out skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and shiny and doesn’t irritate skin or leave any dryness or flaking it stays moisturised whilst you have your makeup on. Very popular with beauty gurus on YouTube which was why I decided to try this and do not regret it after purchasing and using every day to keep my makeup on throughout the day. Highlighter did not fade during the days I love this product and would recommend to friends and would also repurchase myself when my bottle runs out!


16 reviews

Apr 20, 2020


I loveee this setting spray so much. It is amazing for nights out and makes your makeup last absolutely ages. you can use it as a primer as it is a bit sticky. i have recommended this spray to so many of my favourite girlies and they have said they love it too. I would recommend spraying it a bit further away from your face as it may leave some drops ruining your makeup. we dont want that do we? So yeah if you are having any doubts definitely get this amazing setting spray. you wont regret it. This is my second bottle.


12 reviews

Apr 18, 2020

Lovely light and a good coverage!

I’ve never really seen the benefit of setting sprays, until I tried the urban decay all nighter setting spray. I suffer with combination, oily and dry, skin so my foundation often comes off but also clings to certain areas of my skin. When I use a primer and a setting spray, my make up now stays in placeall day when I’m at work or out and about, and makes me feel a lot more confident with my make up and how it looks through out the day and evening. It’s got a light scent and is refreshing and quick to use.


51 reviews

Apr 17, 2020

In love with this product!

Wow wow wow I love this setting spray. The biggest problem I have with makeup is that it just doesn't seem to last on my oily skin, so coming across this product and getting to try it for free from love to slay was a dream come true. It made my makeup last all day and night with barely any fading and didn't feel to heavy or wet. All of the five star reviews it has don't lie, it really is now one of the most essential parts of my makeup collection and I can't imagine buying any other setting spray now!


14 reviews

Apr 16, 2020

Urban Decay I love You!

The best setting spray I have ever used, 100% worth your money because it’s the only setting spray worth using! I prefer this to the smaller one because you get better value for money with this product and overall more of the product so it lasts longer. A very fresh and cool feel to the spray and it holds your makeup in place for ages, whether it’s just your daily makeup or on a night out. Even though it is very good at its purpose of locking your makeup in place, it does not give it a shiny, fake or caked look at all


6 reviews

Apr 14, 2020

Great Setting Spray

I have not tried many setting sprays and am still figuring out what makeup works for me and I have found that this is a great setting spray that keeps your makeup on all day and makes my face feel really hydrated. I have dry skin and it works well for me. I have also seen many reviews with people who have oily skin and they seem to love it too. Additionally, I love the smell. The only negative is how much it is but I tend to purchase it when it is on offer so it isworth it xx


2 reviews

Apr 14, 2020

Superb Product!

I really thought this was a gimmicky kind of product but how wrong was I! It's absolutely superb, I love it so much that I have the smaller and the larger bottles. On a recent holiday to Malaysia where the heat and humidity were extremely high, it worked like a treat. All my makeup was completely intact which was truly amazing considering the blazing sun I was exposed to. The setting spray did what it said, totally set my makeup without the need to retouch. It is something that I would repurchase again and again without hesitation and would definitely recommend anybody who was a skeptic like me to give this a try, it will win you over.


91 reviews

Apr 12, 2020

Great product!

This spray is the holy grail of sprays. I have never put my hands on a spray that can do that many functions as this spray right here. It smells great it doesn’t budge my makeup at all when I’m dancing all night and sweating away it keeps my face intact. Anyone who is a makeupholic or starting to get into makeup I would definitely recommend this product. Not only that but when my boyfriend of 10 years broke up with me I was crying and crying all day long but my makeup remained the same even though my heart was shattered into a thousand and more pieces.


11 reviews

Apr 11, 2020

MUST HAVE for any makeup junkie!

This has truly revolutionised my make-up routine! I was never a fan of sprays (seemed like another extra layer to add to already heavily-covered face and I thought it's such a marketing gimmick to just make us spend unnecessarily more) but BOY was I wrong! The spray is very light, it doesn't adds any more makeup "weight" and is incredibly effective at keeping your makeup in place no matter how many layers you put on. It's very helpful when you go out for hot nights or location where you go put on a warm atmosphere. I hate when I feel my makeup melting on my face and become very self-conscious of that. Well, fear no more because with UD All nighter Setting Spray there is no worry this will happen, you can enjoy the nights while looking glamoroustill the morning!


2 reviews

Apr 10, 2020

It Is Such A Great Product

I absolutely love this setting spray! The urban decay all nighters setting spray is perfect for me! I use it all the time due to me having dry skin I prefer to not use powder as it makes my skin look flakey, I instead use this ones I have done all my makeup to set it in place, doing this makes sure my makeup does not move no matter what I am doing, which is perfect if you're planning on going on to a night out using this as you're makeup won't move at all which is great! I love it!


1 review

Apr 5, 2020

Miracle For Oily Skin Girls!!

I have very oily skin, it’s really hard for make up to stay on without it gliding everywhere. I’ve used so many setting sprays, matte ones, oil free ones etc. This was one setting spray I heard about everywhere but never tried, so I got a travel size one and it was the best thing I’ve bought!!! I now have the full size one & it’s the only setting spray that keeps my make up in taste. I also recommend spraying some on your face before you start your makeup & pressing in with a beauty blender! Amazing stuff !


1 review

Apr 5, 2020

The Best Product To Buy

Best setting spray I’ve used! Although it is really expensive for a spray, it is great for keeping make up in place all the time. especially if you use setting spray it works fab. Love this purchase it is definitely worth getting. Only downside I can think of for it is that it isn’t scented, would be amazing if it had a nicer smell to it. I have this size bottle and the smaller one which I just refill from the big bottle and keep in my make up bag, it’s the best thing I’ve done to make sure I have it wberywher


2 reviews

Mar 30, 2020

Makeup does not budge

Absolutely worth the hype! I had never tried a high end setting spray before - only drug store and I used to think that setting spray was a fairy tale! Not this stuff! I got a free sample with my first Urban Decay website order. First time I wore it, it was a hot day in July, I was ill so I had a fever, I sweated, cried, laughed, blew my nose (foundation doesn’t even transfer when you blow your nose!) and napped and my makeup did not budge. I’m also in an amateur theatre group and it keeps my makeup locked in under the heat of the stage lights, keeps it from creasing from all the facial expressions My grandma bought me a full size at the end of July, and when I had earned enough LoveToSlay points, even though I already had a bottle, I used my points to get another one because I knew I would need it! It lasts a long time too. I wear makeup almost every day, and it is now March and I’ve only just finished the bottle I got in July! The VERY minor drawbacks are; the smell isn’t the best, (but it’s not horrible either and it does not linger), the mist isn’t as fine as some other setting sprays I’ve tried, and it’s ever so slightly drying, but it’s an incredible product! It can be used to enhance shimmer and metallic shades (spray on the brush) and can be used to make any eyeshadow into eyeliner. Also if you apply your highlighter straight after you’ve sprayed All Nighter (before it dries!) it will be more blinding. Oily skinned folk love to use it before their makeup as well for oil control. Love it! Just make sure your mascara is dry before you spray !

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