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NARS Cosmetics Sheer Glow Foundation

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6 reviews

May 5, 2020

A More Natural Everyday Foundation

This is the most recent foundation I have bought and had heard great reviews about so I decided to try it. Overall I’m fairly pleased with the foundation, I find it’s quite a medium to light coverage for myself, I would like to try it combined with the nars longer lasting foundation as I found it was not that long wearing! I like the natural finish that it gives me so I will continue to use as an every day foundation for a more natural look and not as a night out full coverage, I like the look of the bottle


203 reviews

May 5, 2020

Gives A Slightly Dewy Finish

One of my favorite foundations right about now. I can opt for light or medium coverage from this - depending upon how I apply it. For a light coverage, usually when at home and not needing as much on, I dot a small amount of Sheer Glow around my face & neck, and use a slightly damp beauty blender to blend in. This gives a slightly dewy finish too. When I need more coverage and a more matte finish I apply with fingertips only. In either case this does slightly oxidize within the first hour or so, so if it doesn't look spot-on at first, give it a bit of time before reaching any conclusions.


98 reviews

May 5, 2020

very dewy and natural foundation

The foundation is very luxurious and is very good coverage it matches me perfectly however when you build on it it will give better coverage so it depends on your preference and it can mean that you won't get your final look at first you may need to alter it.this gives a natural glow and gives a dewy makeup look and this only achieved with only one product so I would definitely recommend as it's price worthy and i really reccomend for dryer skin types becase it is a dewy foundation but it still deserves a five becase i love it for the summe


241 reviews

May 5, 2020

Luminous radiant glow to the face

I have the nars sheer glow foundation in the shade Syracuse which is the perfect shade for my skin tone. The colour matches exactly to my skin and I do not need to mix or anything. The finish is dewy and not matte which I do prefer in winter but not summer. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and luminous. It is a medium coverage foundation and you can build it up but I prefer to just use one layer so it looks more natural. It is very easy to blend with the a brush or sponge. The packaging is also very classy and stylish.


106 reviews

May 4, 2020

such a good product and has great coverage

honestly one of the best products ever leaves such a natural look and i love it so so much would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for an affordable product and i don’t regret wasting my slaybucks on them because it was worth it please please consider buying it if you are looking for something affordable and long lasting didn’t think i’d like it a lot but once i tried it i loved it so much and now all i can do is recommend it to others thank you and i hope you have a great day :) thank


2 reviews

May 3, 2020

Perfect summer glow

I love my nars sheer glow foundation! It has perfect coverage. It is my go to foundation to wear during the winter months as my skin becomes really dull and grey over the winter months with lack of sun and I find it gives my face that summer glow! I have sometimes struggled to find the perfect skin tone match but I’ve bought some different shades and I mix them together and I find that works out quite well! One thing I have also found is a little goes a long way which is perfect at the price that it is


2 reviews

May 1, 2020

Lightweight and buildable

I bought sheer glow after I had seen it being raved about in various YouTube videos. I wear the shade Mont Blanc which is the second lightest. This foundation is lightweight with a medium coverage and is definitely buildable! The only thing is, the foundation did oxidise on my face slightly. However, this didnt take away from how amazing it made my skin look. It does have a glowy skin like finishwhich is beautiful for everyday wear. This foundation doesn't come with a pump, but you can buy one if you would prefer to have one! I would reccomend this to someone who is looking for a everyday foundation which makes their skin look beautiful and glowing!


20 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Such a lovely sheer foundation!

This is an absolutely amazing foundation I love it!! It is super pigmented and gives you the most amazing glow, Nars makeup are an amazing brand and this is definitely a cult makeup product used by both make-up enthusiasts and by makeup artists! Get your hands on this if your looking for that beautiful sun kissed glow to make your complexion radiate! And trust me even though the price point may seem a little high this product will last you forever trust me I’ve had mine for a year long now! So don’t be afraid to spend it’s worth it !


203 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Amazing Coverage!

I'm the shade Tahoe. It disappears right on my skin so its a perfect shade match. It merely my skin but better. I set it with setting powder, also from NARS in the shade Sunstone. No oxidizing. No turning ashy on me. The duo makes me glow and photographs beautifully....even with flash. Doesnt feel heavy on my skin. The one thing I do not like is that it does not come with a pump. That you actually have to purchase separately which is very annoying. Pros -Amazing shade range/ diversity in undertones -Buildable coverage: Medium- Medium full -Beautiful texture/ velour -Breakdown after 30-45mins into a beautiful natural ‘sheer glow’ or with a few applications of fix plus -No breakouts on my sensitive acne/-prone skin


2 reviews

Apr 29, 2020

Lightweight, full coverage, long lasting, freshness, excellent!

Finding the right shade of foundation has always been tricky for me having Asian skin. After trying so many different brands, this is my absolute favorite foundation. It’s not too heavy, provides amazing coverage and blends in perfectly with my skin. Only a little amount is needed so the bottle lasts quite a long time. Just be aware that it doesn’t come with a pump and you’ll need to purchase this for an additional £3 if you would like to do so. I find the pump easy to use and has a lock system for when you’re on the go so it doesn’t spill.


52 reviews

Apr 28, 2020

amazing glowing look!

I rate this foundation very highly and I would recommend that everyone goes and buys it. Although it is expensive I can say that it is definitely worth the money as it applies to the skin perfectly and the shades are not too orange they just blend in to the skin perfectly. As soon as I discovered this foundation I knew there was no going back as it left a glowing, natural look that blended into my skin perfectly. Couldn't recommend it enough and will definitely continue to buy for myself and my make up routine! Works well with the concealer also


14 reviews

Apr 27, 2020

A brilliant, glowy, long-lasting foundation

This foundation is my holy grail! I used a different NARS foundation for years but eventually transferred to this one. The product has great full coverage whilst still producing a glowy finish. It cannot be faulted! I find that the product lasts on my face each day and also generally don’t find myself repurchasing too often. The only slight downfall I would highlight is the fact it doesn’t come with a pump so means there’s an extra cost incurred there. I opted for shade ‘Punjab’ and this matches perfectly with fake tan. I use glowy primers etc and this foundation still allows that to show through


1 review

Apr 26, 2020

A dream

This foundation goes on a treat! Literally lasts all day :) would definitely recommend for someone wanting to try this out for the first time I always feel like with every foundation I try i convince myself that it covers everything but I have never been so impressed with a coverage by this foundation 🙌🏼😍 It covers so good! If you have a few little blemishes like myself this foundation covers them well you can’t tell if you have acne at all. Seriously this foundation is now my go to and will be purchasing a lot more 😌👌🏻 Highly recommend 💋x


34 reviews

Apr 25, 2020

Full coverage foundation.

The only thing I could possibly say about this foundation is oh my gosh!!!!! Like this foundation is one of THE most perfect foundations I have ever used and it is not drying it does come off and it’s super long lasting! I could literally rave about this foundation all bloody day it’s so amazing for those who have acne like myself I really recommend you buy this because it covers scarring and it’s just an amazing full coverage foundation and it’s now part of my everyday concealer and the best part is that it’s free!!! So please dont try


138 reviews

Apr 25, 2020

Amazing reliable recommend!

Great foundation I brought this foundation a few weeks ago and I’m so glad I did. After reading the reviews I was unsure whether to purchase it or not but it is the perfect foundation. I apply with my fingers and it goes on so well- so buildable. It looks lovely on the skin and blends out so well. I will Defiantly buy this again. Great coverage and gives a dewy skin effect. Will definitely buy again. Not as thick as double wear so fees much better on your skin literally recommend this product to anyone and it’s definitely worth the pric


49 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

good foundation

What a beautiful lightweight, glowy foundation :’) Just what Ive been looking for. My Dior Forever Skin Glow is wonderful. I have very dry and dehydrated skin and have had a tough time finding a foundation that wouldn’t aggravate it, and that was fair enough. Fast forward to a bit ago when I discovered this foundation. I was originally going to buy the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, but the lightest shade (light 0) was still too dark for me. This NARS sheer glow foundation in the shade Siberia (which is what I ended up buying), is fair enough for me, but still a little too yellow, and Oslo was way too pink. Although they do have a neutral shade, Mont Blanc, it’s not fair enough.


6 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

Perfect for acne and oily problem skin!

This foundation feels so nice and luxurious on the skin. I would say it is not 100% full coverage but that’s what I like about it, it’s your skin but better!. I find that this foundation is very long lasting, and I have oily skin so often struggle with makeup not lasting all day. It’s a perfect coverage, I suffer from the occasional acne flare ups and when I’m going out I put this on and it instantly boosts my confidence you can barerly see redness and spots on my skin. This is a perfect foundation if you suffer from oily and acne prone skin!


81 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

Luminous foundation

This is my 2nd bottle and used daily I would say that its lasted 7-8 months. Blends well and can be used as concealer, but its coverage isn't sufficient to cover dark circles around my eyes. Provides a medium buildable coverage. I does have a luminosity to it but it never looks oily or too shiny on my combinations skin. My gripe with Nars is that you have to buy the pump - not sure why its not supplied. It’s a very light weight foundation which I love as it looks supper nice when wearing it in the summer not too cakey.


53 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

Not NARS best product, but still amazing!

Nars cosmetics sheer glow foundation, is up there with my favourite foundations, it’s quite long lasting and it has a huge variations of colours so you can get a shade for every skin colour, it’s not my favourite NARA product there foundation as I feel though it has quite a strong smell to the product, but it is long lasting and it does stay on all day especially if you team it up with other NARS products such a primers ect. It is very glowy as it says on the bottle and it also has a SPF which I feel is really important.


76 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

Love this fondation!

Its incredible. The finish is satin. Slightly matte, but in a luminous way. I do not need to set down with powder - it fully dries down and I only need to lightly powder my t-zone. As far as coverage, I’d call it medium, but I am able to build it in areas that need it. I don’t have a color match in the current lineup, and I wish they would bring back Ceylan! I see that I’m not the only one begging NARS to return the shade to the line. I’m fair/light with cool yellow undertones. Gobi is the correct undertone for me, but far too light but definitely recommend this


5 reviews

Apr 23, 2020

Great For A Natural Look

The Nars Cosmetics Sheer Glow Foundation is a great foundation for the natural queens out there. It is a Natural looking foundation as its sheer.It has a great range of shades for light skinned however more shades are needed for darker complexion.It is light weight and you can build up the coverage if you wanted to.If you have dry skin then this is great as this will keep your face looking glowy and hydrated. One thing that i am not keen about is the price for a sheer foundation.It is above £30 which can be pricey so for a sheer coverage i wouldn't prefer this as its very pricey.


1 review

Apr 23, 2020

This is truly amazing foundation

This foundation is honestly so so amazing! I have really dry skin which sometimes becomes really oily and it balanced it right out! Would definitely recommend to anyone with skin problems (and without) and redness as the Nars Cosmetics Sheer glow foundation is such a good and full coverage! Will most definitely be buying again! There was such a big difference in comparison to all of the other foundations I have lying around my house that we’re just one off cheap buys. I found that nars are the only brand that work well for my skin it’s the only brand I will use


157 reviews

Apr 23, 2020

Natural looking skin

I regularly use the nars sheer glow foundation and I love it. However, this foundation does it provide heavy coverage, even with two applications the coverage is buildable but still minimal, so if it’s coverage you’re after in a foundation then this is not it. However, if you’re after a ‘your skin but better’ vibe then this is definitely for you! It leaves such a radiant glow to the skin, I set very lightly with powder and it still manages to shine through and look flattering. I mix between the shades Stromboli and Punjab and they work well form


11 reviews

Apr 22, 2020

Lovely light weight foundation for natural look

This has been one of my all-time favourite foundations for years now. The foundation looks dewy and natural on skin, its medium coverage but can be built up for a more full coverage look. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin though. As my skin often fluctuates between dry and oily patches depending on the season, I find this foundation works better when my skin is oilier as it did enhance my dry patches when my skin was drier in winter. If you have oily skin I would make sure to use a setting powder otherwise it can look shiny after a few hours.


19 reviews

Apr 21, 2020


This is my favourite foundation I’ve ever tried! I’d you’re looking for a medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish look no further! I have tried lots of dewy ones before like Clinique and Estée Lauder and this is my favourite. I love the formula and it really gives you a flawless finish. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t come with a pump and you need to buy that separately but I have no complaints about the product itself. I use a few pumps and combine with my moisturiser for a light dewy finish. Love. Will be buying when it runs out.


44 reviews

Apr 21, 2020

NARS sheer glow foundation!

I used the NARS sheer glow foundation in the shade Stromboli which is a yellow toned foundation which is good for Asian skin tones. I tend to gravitate towards foundations that are matte and don't look as dewy. But this foundation is more like a skin like foundation as it is sheer but you can build up the coverage. I also do this thing where I mix moisturiser and foundation to create a tinted moisturiser as I don't wear foundation a lot and it is amazing. It doesn't crease but make sure if you are oily skinned you wear a primer of some sort.


52 reviews

Apr 21, 2020

You need to get this!

this nars cosmetics sheer glow foundation, really is fantastic ! gives your face a glowy finish and lasts all day and night ! ! ! you need to try this foundation because it honestly changes the make up game ! it gives a brilliant radiant glow to your skin, along with this it has never had a bad effect on my skin, no matter if i end up sleeping in it after a night out, it leaves my skin looking the same as when i put it on. i could not recommend this product enough ! you need this !


12 reviews

Apr 20, 2020

Brilliant and worth it!

Great. Amazing coverage I would definitely buy again. It doesn’t leave creases and it leaves you looking flawless. Most importantly it doesn’t look cakey or over the top. It gives a natural glow and lasts for a very long time. All day. It’s hydrating and doesn’t break me out after using it that’s why I like it because most others break me out and it doesn’t look nice but this however does the perfect job. It’s hydrating and doesn’t dry out my skin which is perfect. It doesn’t just wipe off either .That is why it’s my go to foundation.


1 review

Apr 20, 2020

Great for all day wear!

I recently wore this foundation for a hen do at the races. I applied it at 8am in the morning for a full day out and barely needed to touch it up come the evening drinks. Definite full coverage and didn't seem to need too much product to achieve full coverage. I have quite dry skin but this foundation didnt cling to any blemishes or dry patches. I did use my usual primer underneath which likely helped this. I'd say I picked a shade too yellow and need to work out my correct shade but overall was super happy with this purchase.


142 reviews

Apr 20, 2020

Amazing, Glowy, Looks Natural!

One of my favorite foundations right about now. I can opt for light or medium coverage from this - depending upon how I apply it. For a light coverage, usually when at home and not needing as much on, I dot a small amount of Sheer Glow around my face & neck, and use a slightly damp beauty blender to blend in. This gives a slightly dewy finish too. When I need more coverage and a more matte finish I apply with fingertips only. In either case this does slightly oxidize within the first hour or so, so if it doesn't look spot-on at first, give it a bit of time before reaching any conclusions. For me the color match is fantastic, it looks like I'm not wearing anything, very natural and a nice luminous look, or a 'sheer glow' if you like! Longevity is also great - I can get almost a full day out of this without it turning patchy or creasing. The only downside is there's no pump on the bottle - which for something at this price range I would have expected it to have as a given, and also no SPF in here so I have to apply an SPF separately, before my primer and this. On the upside though the absence of SPF means my face is much more flash-photography friendly, something I rarely achieve with any of the SPF foundations I have!


1 review

Apr 16, 2020

Love, full coverage, glow!

I love this foundation. I am absolutely in LOVE!!!. The coverage is insane and it gives the best glow. I thought i would try it after reading up on all the reviews and now I can say for my self this foundation is absolutely amazing. YOU WONT BE LET DOWN. A little goes along way and I only use two pumps to cover my whole entire face. This is my new favourite foundation and I can’t live without it since I’ve first ever purchased it. I love the glowy look. I have a different combination of skin sometime soily sometimes dry however either way I love loge


91 reviews

Apr 12, 2020

I love it!

This is one of my favourite foundations I have ever wore in my life. I wore this to my brothers wedding and after all of the dancing and crying and hours of eating my makeup stayed intact. Not only does it have very good coverage it also has a very lightweight feel on my face that it feels like I’m not wearing anything. I recommended this product to my sister and so workers who also share the same experience and opinion as me in regards to this amazing foundation. I’m conclusion this is one of my very favourite foundations I have ever wore


5 reviews

Apr 11, 2020

High quality great in photographs!

This is my "special occasion" make up! It really gives a classy polished look. Nars have a great colour selection and I have the shades mount blanc & Patagonia which I mix together. The staying power is really good in my opinion and I have very oily &acne prone skin. This is a very high quality foundation and you really can tell this from all aspects from the texture and finish of the makeup to the packaging. I wore this to my partner's graduation ceremony last year and it photographed really well too so that's a nice bonus! Would definitely re-purchase and recommend.


100 reviews

Apr 10, 2020

The Best Glowing Foundation

This is a ramble and I apologize in advance for the annoying lack of Capitalization and Punctuation. If that' an issue for you, this is not the review you want to put yourself through***** This is a foundation that i truly go back to whenever I want to look good. I have combo dry skin and i find it hard to find the balance between the two. My skincare is great I don't particularly feel a daily need to wear makeup. But when the mood hits, I like it to WORK. This is a foundation that i can rely on and it works well with whatever i am using in regards to skincare. MY skin fluctuates, like most. Though, mine in particular can swing between the extremes of Dry, Oily and Acne. I find that this foundation plays well with my wide range of skincare and i appreciate that. When I'm in the mood for a satin finish, I can just play with the prep and find that i can get a 5-7 hr window of having a Satin Base. I can get a long lasting dewy look that doesn't melt off of my face or make it impossible to blot. I find that some foundations are harder to make look good after a blot, because they have transfer issues. Nars Sheer Glow can be blotted and you will see some color on you blot paper (I use one ply tissue), but it will look as though it was freshly applied. I cant get a Matte finish with this, because i find that the amount of powder that is needed doesn't look nice. This foundation does well with a light dusting of powder. I cant use a blotting powder during a touch up, because it will cause the foundation to crack. Now regarding the color, I use the shade Aruba. For years i relied on mixing to get my perfect shade through the seasons. I would Barcelona with Syracuse and it would work, but the cost of it would always feel like a hit to my penny pinching. I dont mind paying for quality. I have quite a few high end staples, but as soon as i find a budget version of something that does as well or better than, almost immediately transition to the cheaper product. when the shade extensions were announced, i waited a year to even see if the shades would include my perfect shade. I was randomly matched to Aruba in the Natural Radiance and it was another immediate love. I soon came the the near end of the bottle and when it was time to pick up a foundation i noticed that the Sheer Glow had my Aruba! I was so exited. I had heard that some of the shade transitions from line to line had slight variations (all workable, but i was so tired of making things work). So, I refused to get my hopes too high. Could it be that i had found my HOLY GRAIL? Could my perfect formula also have the perfect shade? YES. Imagine, for years the only shades i would get matched to was MAC NC42 (if you were good at makeup you d see it a tiny bit too orange), MUFE HD Y405 (too yellow grey), Nars Syracuse (a workable shade that requires less work that the previous mentions, but is a hint too brown and requires I carefully choose what bronzer I use that day). The formula is super easy to build up and sheer down. I do think that when I mix Sheer Glow with Natural Radiant, they make the most amazing combination. THE PERFECT BASE. Full coverage that looks like skin. AMAZING.


22 reviews

Apr 9, 2020

Buildable Long Lasting Foundation With Great Coverage

Wow this foundation is so nice on lots of skin types, I love a full coverage and this foundation does exactly that, covering blemishes and pigmentation, you can build the foundation up to create more coverage but a little goes a long way so it is worth paying the extra for a nice long lasting product. I normally use a Beaty blender on myself and clients to apply this product and find this gives me best application to blend and create a nice even coverage, it works well with setting powders and blends well during the process of contour. Multiple shades to choose from and smells amazing.


2 reviews

Apr 7, 2020

Blends Perfectly To My Skin

I am so glad I found this foundation. I used to used a L’Oréal one but now I have switched to the NARS sheer glow foundation and it has ever made my skin look amazing. It has a huge amount of coverage eage and does the job. My shade is FIJI, it doesn’t have a really runny ,watery substance which I really like about it and it applies really well. I would never go back to my old foundation. before getting this I would definitely recommend trying out the shades since I had to try out a couple to get the perfect match for a natural look


1 review

Apr 7, 2020

Great Quality High End Foundation!!

Such a great foundation with a dewy finish, love it for day to night wear. Looks beautiful with the creamy concealer and laura Mercier powder! A bit pricey but so worth it and when it's starting to run out I like to mix with some moisturiser/CC cream to make it last longer and turn it into a tinted moisturiser. Applies best with a damp beauty blender as opposed to a brush and doesn't crease under eyes/ around the mouth if it is set properly with a loose powder (like laura mercier). Would buy again for sure, best foundation out there


64 reviews

Apr 7, 2020

best glowyfoundation that there is!

okay so I got this foundation delivered to me about 2 weeks ago and just wow !!it goes on my face so smoothly and really brings out my skin tone in a way that makes my makeup look flawless.Originally,this foundation (because it’s nars) is expensive but on here I got it for free,without paying a single penny and I am so thankful for the ‘love to slay’ team. This nars foundation comes in many different skin tones which you can choose from and it is perfect for anybody looking for a glowly look,as well as a satisfied matte finish which covers all the impurities on your face,I really recommend this product


11 reviews

Apr 7, 2020

Natural, smooth and radiant looking foundation

I originally purchased this in summer which was perfect for the hot weather as it was super light weight and thin on my skin, couldn’t even notice it sitting on my face. But I started wanting a more high coverage finish which I found this couldn’t provide, I mean it could if layered heavily but that wasn’t very convenient. If you like natural and glowing looks this is perfect for you. One downside is the packaging. The lid is matte and as seen on my photo, it gets stained really easily but if well maintained it isn’t much of a problem, guess I’m just really messy


64 reviews

Apr 6, 2020

The best foundation I’ve ever gotten

this is the best smooth foundation ever,it’s full coverage on me and it goes on so smoothly with no problems,all my spots,blackheads and pores get hid instantly and that’s the reason I love this foundation so much ,no other foundation does the great job in which this one does.As well as this,I love the colour I got(Fiji)it makes my pale natural skin look darker and I like that,it also smells amazing and I couldn't thank this website for giving me it for free,I am so thankful and I love it. I would recommend this product to anyone who’s looking for a not cakey look but a very smooth look


3 reviews

Apr 5, 2020

Amazing Product, Leaves A Good Finish

Iv been using this foundation for nearly a year and I won’t use a different one. It is buildable coverage and leaves a glowly look to your skin. It is worth the money and is quite cheap compared to other high end foundations but you also receive good quality. Mine lasted around 8 months using it around 2 times a week . The shade range is amazing so you will definitely be able to find a shade perfect for you. It also works perfectly by mixing different shades if you wanted a darker or lighter look. I will continue to buy this in the future


1 review

Apr 4, 2020

Amazing Product With Full Coverage

I used this foundation for a wedding and wasn’t expecting a lot from it . however it had full coverage and covered all of my blemishes it also remained in tact all day and didn’t smudge on my dress at all. The only problem I found with this product is it had yellow under tones to it but only in certain lighting. I have found with previous foundations that it makes me break out a few days after wearing but with this I found my skin was better than ever. Overall a really good foundation for occasions or everyday wear would definitely purchase again


4 reviews

Apr 4, 2020

Used This Foundation On My Wedding Day. Beautiful Finish!

I purchased this foundation for the first time in 2016 and ended up using it as the foundation for my wedding day. It leaves the most beautiful finish on the skin without caking up. My wedding was during the summer and it was really hot but this foundation stayed in place and looked flawless all day. The only thing I would say is to work in thin layers to get the best finish. The foundation looks amazing applied both with a brush and a sponge. Also, the shade range is amazing, I found my perfect match and it doesn’t oxidise!


2 reviews

Apr 3, 2020

Quality. Light. Amazing. Cruelty Free.

This foundation is the best one I’ve ever used, the first time I got it it was a little too dark of a shade but I got it again and went a shade lighter and it was perfect, never has a foundation matched my skin so well! A soft dewy look, nice consistency that blends into the skin easily without looking cakey, buildable so you can get the right amount of coverage and leaves skin feeling light as if there’s no makeup on at all! Although it’s on the pricier side it’s definitely worth the extra bit of money I highly recommend this product as it’s great quality, cruelty free and has a brilliant shade range


3 reviews

Apr 1, 2020

Great light coverage foundation

Great foundation! Gives a true glow even on my sometimes dull skin. Not as much coverage as other foundations so don’t recommend if you are looking for very full coverage like a mac or double wear. On my skin, the foundation wears off after a full day at work so it does need topping up. Looks great after topping up with the foundation brush I use to apply. I use with nars creamy radiant concealer which is a great pairing. The colour Barcelona is a great Match for my skin tone. I prefer to use a slightly darker foundation as I use fake ran


10 reviews

Mar 29, 2020

Best day to day foundation

I love the nars sheer glow foundation. I have oily skin and it works perfectly for me. It’s a medium to full coverage and applies beautifully with either a brush or a sponge. I have tried this foundation in multiple shades and always have one on standby. It gives my skin a beautiful glow even when I use with a mattifying primer. If you want a matte foundation look I wouldn’t recommend as it wouldn’t give you that matte finish you want. This foundation lasts all day however, I do have to powder heavily for it to last all day - which I think is due to my oily ski


15 reviews

Mar 28, 2020

I Looked Glowing

This is an "I am sad that this is not my Holy Grail" review. I hate searching for foundations. And in these FILTERED times, it's very difficult to find what a foundation is like in real life, not in pictures and telling what part is makeup and what part is filtered in the before and after. It's already a pain trying to compare swatches through the screen and also navigating the many numeral codes for foundations. I got lucky with my first purchase of Nars Punjab that I got pre-loved (50% off price, 90% full) and WITH a pump. I loved it. It was my most high-end foundation and I looked glowing. So easy to use when you only have 20 minutes to make your face before the office (I get up at 5.25 AM and need to be out the house by 6.15 AM). I have seborrheic dermatitis breakouts near my nose and chin and this stuff does not irritate at all. It looked good in pictures too and I swore to myself that glow is the future and I shall never buy a foundation with SPF and I would like to run to Mr Nars and ask him to bless me. Then I run out and had to pay the full price which was about A$72 WITHOUT a pump. I hate hidden costs so said to myself I would live without and anyways I read somewhere that they made it that way so you'd have to shake the bottle. It's not very messy but it is still messy and I had the nasty feeling that I was being unhygienic because the liquid was all over the mouth of the bottle. And I think my new bottle lasted shorter than my last preloved one because I was wasting a lot of it. So now comes the time when I am almost out but even though I would still repurchase if it comes down to it, for now I am back on the hunt and it's a nightmare , I tell ya because I am comparing it to this one. Punjab is said to be a "medium with a peachy golden undertones". I am a light to medium Indonesian (around NC 23-27). This shade now just doesn't cut it anymore because it's currently the rain season here so my "winter" skin doesn't work well with the peach or perhaps now my olive tones comes out more. I love the sparkles or shimmer in Sheer Glow because it makes me look healthy but Punjab now makes me look a bit sickly. The longevity is also not impressive ( the Nars liquid blush is even worse and I really wish I could take it back) and I can see my pores. It does still glow nicely which is really the greatest thing for Sheer Glow, it really had the "yes, I am rested and I didn't spend too much time on my face" look. So, in conclusion, I am now off to find a replacement for a seborrheic dermatitis/dry skin friendly foundation, which has a satin glowy finish with sparkles without being offensive, can be quickly used with fingers, has a nice range for yellow and olive undertones/hueswhatever, feels good but also is 20% cheaper for 30 ml inclusive of a pump, and doesn't sink into pores after 3 hours. Wish me luck, comrades!


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Mar 27, 2020

Great foundation

Love this product, I’ve been using it for years now and I’ve never been disappointed with the results, I love how flawless it makes your skin look and that it has a subtle shimmer to it that makes you look like you are glowing. I really recommend this to people with dry skin (my skin type) because the glow it the foundation makes your skin look so moisturised whereas more mattifying concealers and foundations can make your skin appear more dry. This would also be amazing for normal/oily skin types as well. I definitely will continue purchasing as they have a wide variety of colours and works really well with my skin


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Mar 26, 2020

I love this foundation so much

I've tried many many foundations. But when there is an important event or I just want to look good, I come back to this one. We all are frustrated with the lack of a pump. But even then I keep buying this foundation. I apply it with a sponge, apply my concealer, and after a little powder on the spots I want to not move and a little spray, this will last the whole day. Of course like most foundations it will start to break down in some spots after 8plus hours. But this is as good as I've come across for longevity and "natural" look.


34 reviews

Mar 26, 2020

I love this foundation so much

I've tried many many foundations. But when there is an important event or I just want to look good, I come back to this one. We all are frustrated with the lack of a pump. But even then I keep buying this foundation. I apply it with a sponge, apply my concealer, and after a little powder on the spots I want to not move and a little spray, this will last the whole day. Of course like most foundations it will start to break down in some spots after 8plus hours. But this is as good as I've come across for longevity and "natural" look.

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