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NARS Cosmetics Sheer Glow Foundation

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1 review

Jul 8, 2020

Flawless foundation definitely recolm

I couldn’t decide whether to get this foundation for ages but I can definetely say all the hype is worth it! I would definitely recommend this foundation, especially as you can get it for free through love to slay. It looks so smooth and flawless on your skin and even after putting powder over still manages to have a nice glow to it. I definitely would rate this 5 stars for quality the only reason I rated 4 is because I think the colour is slightly to dark for me, but I think it is very easily blend able especially if you need to blend it in to your neck. Definitely 10/10 from me despite the slight colour problem.


9 reviews

Jul 2, 2020

Nars sheer glow foundation stromboli

This is genuinely one of my most favourite foundations. It holds sentimental value pretty much. I literally love the feel of it and how light weight it is. Not at all cakey. Is actually a must have for every bodies makeup kit and even makeup artists and influencers rave about it. My shade is in Stromboli and it does oxidise a little but I actually do not mind it much. Highly recommend giving it a try. Is so worth the money too. Nars always amazes with its products. They are just too good. 10 out of 10. Honestly love it.


99 reviews

Jun 26, 2020

so worth it

I really recommend this foundation! I get quite dry skin where makeup looks caked, this did not do this and gave a smooth base. I do recommend that you do scrub your skin before as it is quite a high coverage. however I like how this its quite buildable as I don't like to go overboard on my face, so you can use this for every day and for parties. I really like the bottle as it easy to apply and to use and won't get dirty. recommend to use this with a brush to make it look more natural.


10 reviews

Jun 21, 2020

Good , Durable, High Coverage , Lightweigtt

Purchased this about a month ago after deciding to change up my foundation due to not been 100% happy with the coverage or longevity of its predecessors. For years I religiously purchased Macs ‘Studio Fix’ foundation until Mecca came to Australia that is. I then came to understand what I should be looking for in a foundation and realized this was not suitable for everyday wear nor did it ever blend properly into my skin. After trying Benefit, Two-Faced and Napoleon I finally came stumbled upon this gem after reading the insane amount of reviews left for it in addition to Meccas top 10 list for 2019 as well as their online makeup tutorial. If you are looking at trying this product for the first time, I recommend going in store if possible. The staff at Mecca helped match up my color perfectly after I moronically selected and purchased the wrong color online. In addition to color matching they were also able to provide some useful tips on how to make the most of this product and its versatility. This foundation is lightweight with full coverage and blends in beautifully for a natural flawless complexion. I recommend setting the product using a powder to set your foundation, particularly if you have combination skin as this will ensure your coverage remains even and in place throughout the day. Also useful if you want a matte finish which is my preference in the evening. I then follow with a setting spray (My go-to is Urban Decays ‘All Nighter’ long lasting setting spray) and am literally good to go and no longer have to stress that itll rub or sweat off in an hours time and require a touch up which is a first. You can also layer this beaut to build up the amount of coverage which is a bonus. Highly recommend. I dont see myself needing to change my foundation again anytime soon.


57 reviews

Jun 19, 2020

Dewy natural!

I really love this Nars sheer glow foundation, it gives the perfect base for a natural, radiant dewy finish. This foundation lasts all day and I always get lots of compliments on my makeup when using this! This is a buildable coverage, it instantly blurs and smooths uneven skin tone leaving my complexion looking fresh and bright throughout the day. My skin is always hydrated and glowing when using this foundation- I just love it ! I use this over the nars primer it goes on beautifully ! I definitely recommend you try it if you haven’t already ! ! !


16 reviews

Jun 17, 2020

Best NARS Sheer Glow Foundation!

This is the best foundation I've ever used. It goes on like silk, stays in place all day, and the color match is perfect. I powder at the end of makeup application with the Makeup Forever Ultra HD powder in translucent. So lightweight and thin in texture, yet provides amazing medium to full buildable coverage. I have oily-combination skin that's acne-prone and it doesn't separate or slide off my face, even in the heat. It evens out minor imperfections nicely and makes me look polished without looking heavily made up. You can't see it on my skin, but it just evens everything out. Love it!


2 reviews

Jun 13, 2020

Highly recommend amazing foundation review

This foundation is simply just BEAUTFUL it has a really delicate finish and an amazing coverage which is very much buildable I’ve always loved nars foundations and this is definitely another one they smashed out the bag it is most definitely my go to foundation whenever I want a light yet glowy and dewy look to my makeup it blends beautifully and really is versatile whether for day make up or for a night makeup. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a medium coverage foundation which makes the skin look flawless as well as skin like and have a natural finish.


1 review

Jun 11, 2020

full coverage foundation recomend it

I am in love with this foundation it is a thicker coverage. I really recommend this product it is good for all skin types as well as if you have oily skin and dry skin it covers up scars and tattoos within a flash you should try it this foundation is on the cheaper side it is really good and not too expensive just about right for a good full coverage foundation which you can mix and match a ton of other products just like the bars concealer they are a great match and again I do highly recommend this product


5 reviews

Jun 8, 2020

Nars sheer glow shade stromboli

Hey it’s me again, this time I’m sharing my opinion on the Nars sheer glow foundation which beauty Gurus and influencers seem to swear by. So what’s the deal? In my opinion it is worth the hype, if you use the right amount on your face, a few pumps blended into prepped skin it sinks right in and creates a glass-skin like canvas. My shade is Stromboli, and as it oxidises I think it would have been best for me to go a shade lighter; otherwise I have nothing to say but boast about its finished look on ones face


402 reviews

Jun 3, 2020

Full Best Fresh Cover Glow

This foundation is actually incredible. Is covers up any imperfections and makes your skin one tone. I like how you only need a small amount to cover up and leave you skin looks perfect. You can set this foundation down with a powder but it also wears really nicely without a powder to. I enjoy using this for a special event since it is more of a higher end product. This foundation also doesn't break me out which is good so I will not be left with any spots after using this. I find that one pump lasts and covers


4 reviews

Jun 1, 2020

Love it

I had heard so much rave about this foundation for years and so of course I had to try it around Christmas time. This ended up being my New Year’s Eve choice coupled with maybeline fit me as a bronzing effect because the foundation is shade is quite light. It lasted all night and it didn’t transfer. It stays put for a glowy foundation. Sometimes it can stick to dry patches on my cheek area. But this is my go to foundation for day to day. I love how classy the packaging is and the smell isn’t too strong in comparison to some Mac foundations (another fave!) I adore the finish


46 reviews

May 29, 2020

Very nice dewy finish matt

This gives a slightly dewy finish too. When I need more coverage and a more matte finish I apply with fingertips only. In either case this does slightly oxidize within the first hour or so, so if it doesn't look spot-on at first, give it a bit of time before reaching any conclusions. For me the color match is fantastic, it looks like I'm not wearing anything, very natural and a nice luminous look, or a 'sheer glow' if you like! Will definitely purchase again when I run out of this product. It is a little pricey but can be good


2 reviews

May 27, 2020

Amazing Product But Colours A Shade Too Dark!

The foundation is really good, however would recommend choosing your shade from your inside rest compared to your skin as I accidentally ordered a shade too dark, and it looked really fake and cakey on my slightly paler skin. However the coverage is really superb and looks fit for the runway! I typically but products from NARS and never got round to buying the foundation and after seeing how good the concealer was, I decided to give it a go, I’ve seen this foundation used by many professionals in makeup and it works wonders! It’s got a really nourishing base and with the right shade I reckon it would be perfect, it’s really light and easy to work with, overall amazing produc.


25 reviews

May 24, 2020

Amazing foundation

NARS sheer glow foundation is an amazing foundation that not only makes you look amazing but also moisturises your skin and is long lasting and durable. This product is so good and comes in a wide range of different tones! This foundation really makes your skin glow and look amazing! It is definitely worth the slaybucks you spend. I recommend this product to anyone looking for an amazing foundation that moisturises, is long lasting and durable and looks amazing on your skin. It is definitely a must have and definitely makes you glow! I rate this product five starts, I love it so much


97 reviews

May 24, 2020

Amazing, perfect, stunning, nice colour, glow looks

Amazing foundation Highly Recommend Covers spots Coverage is amazing Best brand also expensive but you can get it for free so your lucky Everyone uses it Has a wide range of selection of skin colours Most of the colours are the same Doesn’t look too cakey Bottle is quite small Worth it Good brand Many people use it Very expensive Doesn’t look too much when you apply other makeup on top of the foundation Should try out the foundation Perfect Amazing Stunning Would attract the lads Beautiful Would make you look sexy Adds a glow look to your face Very good foundatio


230 reviews

May 22, 2020


Let’s say my life has changed for the better. I’ve never been a huge makeup fan personally on myself, sure I always admire other girl’s makeup skills but me?? I could NEVER. Now I’m someone with really dry skin due to medication I was taking to reduce my teenage acne, mostly any product makes me break out on my face so I guess you could say I have extremely sensitive skin. I do however like to wear makeup on special occasions of course because I like to look pretty and feel confident, who doesn’t? Now before I found my new love... NARS Sheer Glow in shade Stromboli, I was using a different foundation (Georgio Armani Luminous Silk).


7 reviews

May 22, 2020

Easy natural every day foundation

The sheer glow foundation in the shade light to is a everyday natural easy to apply foundation using a sponge or brush you are left with a your skin but better result behind have and will continue to Recommend to friends easy and gorgeous to apply stunning and natural look buildable long wear and extremely natural perfect coverage and amazing ingredients recommend to friends easy and gorgeous to apply stunning and natural look buildable long wear and extremely natural perfect coverage and amazing ingredients for the perfect application I applied with a brush first and any streaks I finish off with a beauty blender


5 reviews

May 21, 2020

difficult to apply, good shade

NARS sheer glow is okay if you like a medium coverage foundation. However the foundation does not apply too well with a brush and it looks a lot better when using a beauty blender. The coverage is too light for me personally and Ido not find the formula very buildable. However the shade is good, I have very pale skin naturally and find it difficult to find foundation light enough to match but the sheer glow in the shade Siberia does the job well. I find this foundation best to use during the summer months when I want a lighter coverage.


9 reviews

May 21, 2020

Amazing product highly recommend guy

This product is amazing because it has a lovely texture and has no harmful products in it. It works amazing for all skin types and is amazing on sensitive skin. Since i personally have very sensitive skin i love this product and works well on my skin. It is a very affordable price, but if you save enough points you can get it for free here. It is available in lots of stores and even some drugstores. In conclusion, i highly recommend buying this foundation if you need a good, full coverage one that’s long lasting as well as stunnin


22 reviews

May 20, 2020

Light and affordable.

I have never owned this product but I used it when one of my friends had it and I fell in love with it. It carries a warm but natural affect to your face and leaves your complexion looking natural and beautiful. I want this product because I preferably look out for natural items because my skin tone is brown but I have a yellow undertone. This foundation suits all skins types and is very diverse in different shades. This product is very affordable and worth it, I definitely recommend this product and the whole brand all together as they have amazing products.


3 reviews

May 19, 2020

Nars sheer glow foundation product

Such a lovely product overall. Leaves such a nice finish on your face and is very buildable! If you use one layer of the foundation it leaves a nice dewy look, but you can also use more layers to build it up for your more full coverage base look. So many shades to choose from for your skin colour which I think is very helpful and useful! One of my go to foundations overall, and would definitely purchase it again. I think it’s definitely worth the money even though it is more of your high end product. I love it.  


8 reviews

May 19, 2020

Good but overpriced

It is a good foundation however is minimum coverage and is very hard to set even when using a good loose powder. The price is quite high however I would recommend for dry skin which is what I have it probably would work better without powder if you are going for a dewy look however doesn't work with powder. Doesn’t include a pump so it is hard to measure how much product you will receive but they’re ate cheap to buy if you think it is necessary. It is good but I don’t believe it is worth the price it sells for


220 reviews

May 17, 2020

Sheer glow

I have the nars sheer glow foundation in the shade Syracuse which is the perfect shade for my skin tone. The colour matches exactly to my skin and I do not need to mix or anything. The finish is dewy and not matte which I do prefer in winter but not summer. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and luminous. It is a medium coverage foundation and you can build it up but I prefer to just use one layer so it looks more natural. It is very easy to blend with the a brush or sponge. The packaging is also very classy and stylish.


12 reviews

May 16, 2020

The best foundation I’ve ever tried

I purchased this foundation in the shade ‘Siberia’ ayer searching and searching for the perfect foundation for me and this really lived up to the amazing reviews I have read of it. This full coverage foundation provides a beautiful finish to my makeup and lasts for hours with no smudges or creases. I loved the amazing colour match with this foundation and how easy it is to apply with the pump and blends in so nicely with and provides a smooth base to my makeup. Unlike other foundations I have tried in the past, this one doesn’t dry out my skin. I highly recommend!


59 reviews

May 15, 2020

Lovely foundation

This foundation is great, it applies smoothly and looks amazing on the skin leaving a nice glow. I'm not sure I have the right shade for myself though so be careful when choosing your shade! I really recommend it however as it will really make your whole make up look great - a good foundation Ian very important! I like This brand and think they are really good. I have tried lots of foundations and this one is great! I think that it is worth the money (or slaybucks) and you won't Be disappointed. Also a little goes a long way! You don't need to use much to get a lovely look


5 reviews

May 15, 2020

Great for combo skin

This is a foundation that i truly go back to whenever I want to look good. I have combo dry skin and i find it hard to find the balance between the two. My skincare is great I don't particularly feel a daily need to wear makeup. But when the mood hits, I like it to WORK. This is a foundation that i can rely on and it works well with whatever i am using in regards to skincare. MY skin fluctuates, like most. Though, mine in particular can swing between the extremes of Dry, Oily and Acne. I find that this foundation plays well with my wide range of skincare and i appreciate that. When I'm in the mood for a satin finish, I can just play with the prep and find that i can get a 5-7 hr window of having a Satin Base. I can get a long lasting dewy look that doesn't melt off of my face or make it impossible to blot.


3 reviews

May 15, 2020

glowy, natural, sheer, smooth, velve

One of my favorite foundations right about now. I can opt for light or medium coverage from this - depending upon how I apply it. For a light coverage, usually when at home and not needing as much on, I dot a small amount of Sheer Glow around my face & neck, and use a slightly damp beauty blender to blend in. This gives a slightly dewy finish too. When I need more coverage and a more matte finish I apply with fingertips only. For me the color match is fantastic, it looks like I'm not wearing anything, very natural and a nice luminous look, or a 'sheer glow' if you like! Longevity is also great - I can get almost a full day out of this without it turning patchy or creasing.


6 reviews

May 15, 2020

Holygrail foundation!!

This is hands down my HOLYGRAIL foundation. I fell in LOVE with this product. I have dryskin and I did alot of research on this product and when I finally bought it, it changed my life. The dewy/ natural finish is perfect for my skin. I was also blown away by the colour selection as I managed to find the perfect shade my skin aswell as my undertone. I have recently bought my second bottle and a pumpand I cant live without it. It lasts all day and gives my skin a natural finish. The coverage is amazing and covers my dark circles as well as my blemishes.


1 review

May 15, 2020

Leaves skin looking flawles

I love this foundation, I usually buy really cheap makeup, but I pay more for this because it's really good quality. It is light coverage but I like it. It lays really well on the skin. The only thing I would say is that it doesn't last all day without touch ups. The packaging is sleek and well designed. The product lasts me about six months before i run out, and that is with me using it every day. I use one to two pumps of foundation a day for reference. I will say that once you get to the end of the product it becomes very hard to pump out, and once you open the foundation you can see that there s actually quite a lot left in there that you cannot pump up.


63 reviews

May 14, 2020

Great product I got the wrong colou

This is my 2nd bottle and I have used this daily, it has lasted me a very long time, I would say that it has lasted roughly 7-8 months. It blends very well and can definitely be used as concealer, but its coverage isn't sufficient enough to cover the dark circles around my eyes. It provides a medium buildable coverage. It does have a luminosity to it but it never looks oily or too shiny on my combinations skin. The colour I got is a bit too yellow for me, but that si due to my own error,


4 reviews

May 14, 2020

Amazing quality

This foundation I stumbled across and absolutely fell in love with it from the moment I used it, my skin is so clear and not caked. I genuinely couldn’t recommend this product enough the quality of it is immense and it even has a lovely smell to it for anybody worried I will just say go for it !! I’ve always love no it’s cosmetic but the fact that it has glow in the title is perfect so what it represents as when I wear it I wear a glow it’s only people recognise ! Don’t hesitate just buy i


2 reviews

May 13, 2020

Amazing! Helps With Both Oily and Dry Skin

THis product is amazing my sling is normally super oily but dry in most places but with this foundation is helped with both oily and dry skin ,they have got such an amazing shade range which I am very pleased in I really do recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new foundation . As I applied they foundation it blended super easy and was just fantastic at application. The foundation is super full coverage and is amazing in every way ! If your debating on which foundation to buy I really do recommend this foundation .T


26 reviews

May 12, 2020

Love it

I was very impressed with this foundation . I love my nars concealer so I had to give this a try and it was defo worth it . The foundation is I’d say a light / medium coverage which was fine when paired with foundation for me it was not too thick either was nice and dewy and did not smell bad either . Lasted all day however don’t know if this is due to the foundation or my primer / setting spray etc but overall very impressed . I would definitly recomend this ! Such a nice foundayion


8 reviews

May 11, 2020

Such an amazing foundation

One of my favourite foundations. Sits so nicely on the skin. It’s medium/ build able coverage, therefore you are able to achieve a natural look with this foundation - no make up make up look. Lots of different shades, which improve the bottle. Only issue is the fact you have to pay £5 for the pump with it, otherwise you have to poor it onto your hand - which can make you use too much which is wasted. Other than that I cannot fault this foundation, despite the pump issue it still has 5 stars because it’s just amazing. I go through it so fast, I will soon have to buy my 3rd bottle of this foundation.


3 reviews

May 11, 2020

Probably my favourite foundation eve

This is my absolute favourite foundation I've ever used! It has a nice dewly flowy look to it and applies beautifully on the skin. It has never failed to impress me and it's one of those products that it will always be the greatest, which I will always keep repurchase; that's how amazing this foundation is. If you're hesitating on buying or want to try it out, please do because this will not fail to amaze makeup lovers. Leaves your skin looking flawless and still looking like skin. It also lasts throughout the day and has gives a good coverage


14 reviews

May 10, 2020

Amazing, easy applicable, smooth

When I tell you I use this everyday, I’m not kidding! I love this foundation so much it’s my go too. It’s such a good foundation to sue to get a glowy and breathtaking finish, it’s really good at covering up any spots etc. It’s a really good size aswell for how much your getting it for, you won’t regret buying this and they have so many different shades to choose from so you won’t have trouble deciding, in my opinion I think if you ahve enough go for because you really won’t regret buying this as it’s so hood


20 reviews

May 10, 2020

Full coverage glowy foundation

I’ve been using nars foundation for many years now. I have quite a few high end foundations and this is one of my favourite and the reason for that would be coverage. When it comes to foundation I always look for a good full coverage and this nars foundation has that. I love how thin the foundation is as well as it doesn’t make my face look cakey or too much. The texture is amazing! Whenever I get my makeup done for weddings, all makeup artists always use this foundation which was the reason why I went for this product in the first place and now I understand why. The thing I love most about this product is that even though it has a full coverage matte base at the same time it still makes your foundation look dewy which is amazing for selfies! I


27 reviews

May 9, 2020

Great product highly recommend !!

Great product,great results! Very long lasting!!!! Highly recommend. Love this website, never had a bad product always great shipping postage and comes in a small time, great package when recieved!!!! Should really claim your make up from here with just a few quick easy surveys and activates, its great to claim great products for free in just a fe easy steps. I will continue to use this app as I am very happy with my results and products, still can’t believe I’m receiving free make up products with the products at as dead as £70! It’s incredible, thank you xx


6 reviews

May 7, 2020

Worth your money

I love this foundation! It provides a nice coverage for everyday wear, normally foundations break my skin out however with this I found the formulation to suit my skin nicely. It was easy blendable and it provided a light to medium coverage which is buildable so if you like that then this is a purchase you need to make. I’ve been using this foundation for a good 4 years now and it’s still my go to. I’m definitely going to repurchase this soon as I’m actually in love with this product and I recommend it to people who want a natural looking foundation


4 reviews

May 6, 2020

Tutorial, simple, quick, honest, trialled

This is my absolute favourite foundation! I have been loving this one for some time now! Perfect for your everyday makeup as well as occasions! If you’re looking for something with light to medium coverage this ones for you! Your skin will look glowing! When at home or running errands, not needing as much on my skin, I tend to dot a small amount of the Sheer Glow Foundation around my face and neck, and I use a slightly damp beauty blender to blend it all in. This gives a slightly dewy finish and I’m absolutely in love with it!!


6 reviews

May 5, 2020

A More Natural Everyday Foundation

This is the most recent foundation I have bought and had heard great reviews about so I decided to try it. Overall I’m fairly pleased with the foundation, I find it’s quite a medium to light coverage for myself, I would like to try it combined with the nars longer lasting foundation as I found it was not that long wearing! I like the natural finish that it gives me so I will continue to use as an every day foundation for a more natural look and not as a night out full coverage, I like the look of the bottle


203 reviews

May 5, 2020

Gives A Slightly Dewy Finish

One of my favorite foundations right about now. I can opt for light or medium coverage from this - depending upon how I apply it. For a light coverage, usually when at home and not needing as much on, I dot a small amount of Sheer Glow around my face & neck, and use a slightly damp beauty blender to blend in. This gives a slightly dewy finish too. When I need more coverage and a more matte finish I apply with fingertips only. In either case this does slightly oxidize within the first hour or so, so if it doesn't look spot-on at first, give it a bit of time before reaching any conclusions.


98 reviews

May 5, 2020

very dewy and natural foundation

The foundation is very luxurious and is very good coverage it matches me perfectly however when you build on it it will give better coverage so it depends on your preference and it can mean that you won't get your final look at first you may need to alter it.this gives a natural glow and gives a dewy makeup look and this only achieved with only one product so I would definitely recommend as it's price worthy and i really reccomend for dryer skin types becase it is a dewy foundation but it still deserves a five becase i love it for the summe


241 reviews

May 5, 2020

Luminous radiant glow to the face

I have the nars sheer glow foundation in the shade Syracuse which is the perfect shade for my skin tone. The colour matches exactly to my skin and I do not need to mix or anything. The finish is dewy and not matte which I do prefer in winter but not summer. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and luminous. It is a medium coverage foundation and you can build it up but I prefer to just use one layer so it looks more natural. It is very easy to blend with the a brush or sponge. The packaging is also very classy and stylish.


106 reviews

May 4, 2020

such a good product and has great coverage

honestly one of the best products ever leaves such a natural look and i love it so so much would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for an affordable product and i don’t regret wasting my slaybucks on them because it was worth it please please consider buying it if you are looking for something affordable and long lasting didn’t think i’d like it a lot but once i tried it i loved it so much and now all i can do is recommend it to others thank you and i hope you have a great day :) thank


2 reviews

May 3, 2020

Perfect summer glow

I love my nars sheer glow foundation! It has perfect coverage. It is my go to foundation to wear during the winter months as my skin becomes really dull and grey over the winter months with lack of sun and I find it gives my face that summer glow! I have sometimes struggled to find the perfect skin tone match but I’ve bought some different shades and I mix them together and I find that works out quite well! One thing I have also found is a little goes a long way which is perfect at the price that it is


2 reviews

May 1, 2020

Lightweight and buildable

I bought sheer glow after I had seen it being raved about in various YouTube videos. I wear the shade Mont Blanc which is the second lightest. This foundation is lightweight with a medium coverage and is definitely buildable! The only thing is, the foundation did oxidise on my face slightly. However, this didnt take away from how amazing it made my skin look. It does have a glowy skin like finishwhich is beautiful for everyday wear. This foundation doesn't come with a pump, but you can buy one if you would prefer to have one! I would reccomend this to someone who is looking for a everyday foundation which makes their skin look beautiful and glowing!


20 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Such a lovely sheer foundation!

This is an absolutely amazing foundation I love it!! It is super pigmented and gives you the most amazing glow, Nars makeup are an amazing brand and this is definitely a cult makeup product used by both make-up enthusiasts and by makeup artists! Get your hands on this if your looking for that beautiful sun kissed glow to make your complexion radiate! And trust me even though the price point may seem a little high this product will last you forever trust me I’ve had mine for a year long now! So don’t be afraid to spend it’s worth it !


203 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Amazing Coverage!

I'm the shade Tahoe. It disappears right on my skin so its a perfect shade match. It merely my skin but better. I set it with setting powder, also from NARS in the shade Sunstone. No oxidizing. No turning ashy on me. The duo makes me glow and photographs beautifully....even with flash. Doesnt feel heavy on my skin. The one thing I do not like is that it does not come with a pump. That you actually have to purchase separately which is very annoying. Pros -Amazing shade range/ diversity in undertones -Buildable coverage: Medium- Medium full -Beautiful texture/ velour -Breakdown after 30-45mins into a beautiful natural ‘sheer glow’ or with a few applications of fix plus -No breakouts on my sensitive acne/-prone skin


2 reviews

Apr 29, 2020

Lightweight, full coverage, long lasting, freshness, excellent!

Finding the right shade of foundation has always been tricky for me having Asian skin. After trying so many different brands, this is my absolute favorite foundation. It’s not too heavy, provides amazing coverage and blends in perfectly with my skin. Only a little amount is needed so the bottle lasts quite a long time. Just be aware that it doesn’t come with a pump and you’ll need to purchase this for an additional £3 if you would like to do so. I find the pump easy to use and has a lock system for when you’re on the go so it doesn’t spill.

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