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NARS Cosmetics Afterglow Lip Balm

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24 reviews

Dec 28, 2020

Beautiful Lip balms with tints

I absolutely love this Nars after glow lip balm! It comes in so many different colours it is so smooth and soft on the lips. Sometimes i like to use it on top of a lip liner and colour my lips in with the liner on its own or sometimes i'll use the lip balm completely on its own! Perfect for winter days when you are prone to dryness and they have a sheer tint in them so you can get some colour and blush into your lips. They last a really long time and the packaging is beatiful and shiny


33 reviews

Oct 17, 2020

one of the best

WOW !! i literally can’t explain how good this N A R S lipstick is !! there are many shades to choose from it’s unbelievable! this is one of my favourite lipsticks as it’s super soft to the lips and has a buttery consistents . it’s perfect for any type of occasion as there is loads of colours and shades to pick from ! they are pretty affordable which is great and that’s another thing i love about it . i definitely recommend so if u are thinking about buying it , do it ! it’s worth it ! thank you nars for another great lipstick! :)


341 reviews

Sep 11, 2020

Your Lips But Better Balm!

Absolutely in love with this range from nars. It has the most beautiful iridescent pink shade that has gold shimmer spec jn it that are not too chunky but very finely milled and you only really notice it when the light is reflecting on the lips or on the cheeks if you are using it as a dewy blusher which I actually really love to do aswell. The balm is super posturing. It isn't super pigmented it just adds a very light flush of colour. Ceearing the your lips but better look. First a natural healthy but dewy look this balm is absolutely essential.


292 reviews

Sep 4, 2020

Love It!

CUSTOMERS ALSO BOUGHT REVIEWS NARS - Afterglow Lip Balm J Love I love the color of this lip balm (dolce vita) and how to applies and looks on the lips. But it keep in mind that it doesn't deeply moisture at all other than a light layer on top of the lips that ends up drying out after a while anyway, so I recommend that you moisturize your lips before using this product, Despite that I think its worth purchasing because of the color alone. Great lip product. I have this in 3 colours, Deep Throat, Turbo and Dolce Vita. It is the perfect balm. It gives enough colour and shine and leaves my lips feeling smooth and hydrated. I'll definitely buy more colours. I love it

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