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MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ 100ml

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1 review

Nov 6, 2020

it Is an excellent product I highly recommen it

It’s amazing my skin feels way nice and I feel more confident with it on and I I can’t stop using it. If I ware makeup I have to use the beautiful product. This is the best setting spray I have ever amazed how well this item worksite has surprise me how well it works. I’m A M A Z E D at this perfect item. I wish I had more and love to slay will make my wish come true with no money needed ! Wow 😲 I have no words to describe how well this product is


11 reviews

Nov 1, 2020

The best!

This is my favourite prep and prime spray I’ve purchased this a number of times and it smells amazing. I use about 3/4 sprays all over my face for my makeup to give a long lasting finish/ look. I definitely recommend this to any makeup lover out there. 😍 abit on the pricier side but well worth it .


5 reviews

Oct 31, 2020

Buy it, you won't regret it

My current go to product before foundation and to complete my look and set it. You've got to give it a good shake begore use, also be careful not too hold it too close when spraying. It can come out quite quickly when your gettimg to grips with it. You dont want that to happen amd ruin your look. Makes skin feel so soft and refreshed before your make up. Lasts so long too, a little goes a long way. Best setting spray I've used. Highly recommend. Just saw it comes in different scents which im gutted i didnt know before. The Coconut one sounds like its going in my basket when i need more 😂


6 reviews

Oct 30, 2020

Perfect for a glowy look love it !

Ok, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this. I have always said sprays are a hit and a miss and that no matter how much you pay you never know if it will work! this has proven me wrong! Love that dewy look? Want a foundation/primer that will make you look glowy? You NEED this spray, I spray it over my make up for an everyday I love it !!! I will be re- purchasing this product over and over as I love it that much as it is absolutely bloody amazing even my mum has started to use it as I told her too


1 review

Oct 6, 2020

Great Product For Dry Skin!

I absolutely love this spray! I would definitely recommend to anyone who has dry skin because this gives your skin instant hydration and makes your makeup look so dewy and fresh. This would also be great for oily skin too!! It makes your makeup last longer and does not feel sticky on the skin at all, and its very light weight. It melts all the powder products into the skin, so your makeup would not look cakey at all! I have been using this product for a long time and it’s a big part of my makeup routine, 100% recommend it :)


32 reviews

Oct 3, 2020

Amazing prime mac

Ok, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this. I have always said sprays are a hit and a miss and that no matter how much you pay you never know if it will work! this has proven me wrong! Love that dewy look? Want a foundation/primer that will make you look glowy? You NEED this spray, I spray it over my make up for an everyday seal/glow & for occasions I spray before make up & after - the photo is after about 4 hours of wear which is unreal - my make up usually starts sliding off my face after 2 hours. Amazing cannot recommend this enough as soon as I get the half way down the bottle another will be right in my basket.


9 reviews

Oct 2, 2020

Love this bottle nice

I really like this Mac prep + prime setting spray it amazing it sets makeup really well and last. It worth the money I have had two bottles already I really like it I use everyday and it doesn’t feel sticky on the face that’s how much I love it. It gives a nice dewy look it has a very nice smell it dries really well and doesn’t leave strip on face I would recommend to all my friends to buy it’s worth it. There is few different range of prep + prime fix bottle love it it’s great .


17 reviews

Sep 26, 2020

Amazing setting spray

I love this product, I have been re-purchasing it since I discovered it 5 years ago, it sets my makeup so perfectly and does not leave a residue on the skin. Only thing I would suggest is to ensure you shake the bottle thoroughly before spraying, as big droplets can ruin the appearance. Other people have recommended dupes but I still find this to be the most effective setting spray and will continue to use it. Also you get 100ml which is worth the money as it will last you a very long time. I highly recommend this product! !


2 reviews

Aug 28, 2020

Great Product, Must Have!

Honestly never knew I needed this product until I got it. It’s sets the markup perfectly compared to others where it runs still after. Make sure you don’t go too heavy on the sprays though. It’s perfect because I were make up on a day to day basis and it’s lasted such a long time but it also doesn’t smudge on my mask which is an absolute plus! I used to use the body shop setting spray which was horrific compared to this product and I love that you can get different scents and sizes which are perfect for travelling.


236 reviews

Aug 6, 2020

It's Ok!

I’ve been using fix + for years . It’s not necessary for your makeup or skincare. The spray nozzle isn’t the best on the market . It’s a little bit expensive. But when you spray this on your skin it’s like a mini spa experience. I’ve tried all the different scents : rose, coconut, lavender but I actually favour the original scent . Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor but it smells like fresh cucumbers. This doesn’t extend your makeup but it definitely hydrates the skin. My brother likes to use this because it’s so refreshing. It’s great for foiling your eyeshadows and to help prevent fallout . I tend to favour my skindinavia bridal or urban decay all nighter just because they actually extend my makeup longevity .


1 review

Jul 21, 2020

Must Have For A Dewy Glow!

Ok, I LOVE this. I have always said sprays are a hit and a miss, this has proven me wrong! Love that dewy look? Want a foundation/primer that will make you look glowy? You NEED this spray, I spray it over my make up for an everyday seal/glow & for occasions I spray before make up & after - the photo is after about 4 hours of wear which is unreal - my make up usually starts sliding off my face after 2 hours. Amazing cannot recommend this enough as soon as I get the half way down the bottle another will be right in my basket.


28 reviews

Jul 17, 2020

Perfect For Both Primer And Setting Spray

I have only ever tried the original one of this and u have been through about 4 bottles since I first tried this, this is my favourite primer and setting spray in one I find spraying it on before the rest of your makeup really helps to set it into place and at the end of your makeup routine it helps to sink it in further into the skin and look more natural as well as hydrating the skin underneath it. I really enjoy this product I think the scent is so nice without being overpowering or too much in any way


5 reviews

Jul 6, 2020

I will buy it again!

If you are looking for a product that you can use it as a primer and a setting spray, you have found the perfect one! MAC Prep + Prime Fix is one of my favourites in terms of skin preping. As a primer it makes a great bond between foundation and face, hydrating the skin in the same time. After full face makeup application this spray will gently melt all the products into the skin, leaving it refreshing and ready for show up, transforming the makeup into a long lasting one. It's so worth investing in this product as it will last you a couple of months!

Mared Rhys

17 reviews

Jul 4, 2020

Go to setting spray

I use this setting spray everyday. It is a little pricey for what it is but I definitely feel as though it’s worth spending just that little bit extra on it. It sets my makeup so well for the day and it doesn’t budge at all. The bottle itself lasts for such a long time especially for someone like me who uses it so often! I would 100% recommend this setting spray and reckon everyone should have it in their makeup bag. The setting spray comes in different fragrances as well which a really nice little extra to the product!


22 reviews

Jul 4, 2020

It’s okay but not for me

It’s a good spray but for me it’s not something I’d use everyday. To be honest I can see why it’s good for glitter eyeshadows but water worked just as well for me so I don’t see the need to invest in it just for that reason. I can see why this product has hype because it is so multi functional but overall o wouldn’t repurchase and there are other setting sprays out there which is like to try out. This isn’t so good for oily skin but I can see it working well for normal to dry skin so yeah.


461 reviews

Jul 4, 2020

Best make up setting spray.

This is such a great make up setting spray especially for the summer months. I find that I do not need to bake my make up or use loads of powder. This setting spray is a miracle. It pro longs the wear time of your make up, even any eye look if gently mist over. You do not get any wired break down of product which other setting sprays can do. The scent is also pleasant not to intense. I enjoy using this e.g. for days when I need my make up to look freshly done and put together to.


19 reviews

Jun 28, 2020

I love this pro

With this product being so expensive I wasn’t sure about buying it, but I am so glad I did. I use this product every time I do my makeup and I love it. It makes my makeup last so much longer throughout the day than it would if I didn’t use it. I use it before as well as after putting on my makeup and I also use it throughout the day. It mattifies all the right areas but it also lets your highlight glow which is the perfect combination. It also feels so refreshing and cooling. I would recommend this product.


48 reviews

Jun 25, 2020

good quality, recommend

this MAC prep + prime fix has helped me so much with my makeup. it’s soothing and makes my skin feel fresh with makeup on. the quality is amazing and i recommend for all skin types! i use this on a daily basis and i have been using this for over a year and haven’t had any problems with it. it leaves my face glowing and my makeup looks so much better with it now. my face feels soothing, fresh and glowing. it gives me a boost of hydration and refreshes my skin. it sets my makeup for over 12 hours!


5 reviews

Jun 24, 2020

AMAZING multi functional facial spray

This is my 4th bottle of this product as I’ve been using it for about 4 years. This product is great as it is multi-functional, it can be used as a primer, a setting spray, a refreshing facial spray mist or to add pigment to a shimmer/metallic eyeshadow. To do this, just spray your brush with the spray and dip it into your shadow and it will apply evenly and pigmented. I most like to use it as a setting spray or with my eye shadow. This product comes in 4 scents and I have tried rose and original but my favourite is the original due to it being unscented.


7 reviews

Jun 24, 2020

Ultimate favourite product !

At first glance I was a bit hesitant about buying this product as it is so expensive. But after hearing so many people rave about it I decided to purchase it. It was the best decision I have made! This product is completely worth every penny as it makes your base makeup go in so so so smoothly and will last for a good eight hours plus +. It does not make my skin feel quite greasy and oily like other primers so I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about getting this primer to do so as you won’t regret it!!


116 reviews

Jun 24, 2020

really worth the buy

i highly recommend this spray! i have using this for the longest time and i believe it is so worth the price. the quality of this is so good and i approve of the ingredients in it. i have quite dry skin so when i put makeup on top it can go cakey, i put this on before and after i apply makeup and it works so well at solving it and giving me a facetuned and flawless effect. this leaves your look really dewy which is how i prefer my makeup to look. i also like the bottle it comes in as it is really easy to apply.


31 reviews

Jun 17, 2020


The Mac prep and prime fix + is my all time favourite product due to how versatile it is. I love to use this product before the application of my make up as a primer and at the end of my make up routine to set my look and leave my skin looking super dewy. One of the reasons that this product has always been a go to for me is because it sprays the perfect amount each time which means the product sprays perfect and even across my face before and after I apply my make up every day.


15 reviews

Jun 4, 2020

Great smell and quality primer

A great product as it works very well on my skin and smells absolutely gorgeous. I have very sensitive skin and this product has caused no harm to it. This primer in particular is great for it is made by a great brand that I trust and have Ben using for years. This primer is very refreshing and the smell of it is amazing. I am complimented regularly when I wear this primer for it smells beautiful. I would recommend this product to anyone as it’s a great buy and one that I will definitely be purchasing for a long time


88 reviews

Jun 4, 2020

The Holy Grail Primer

This is a holy grail product that every makeup lover should have in their makeup bag. It's a cult classic, and totally worth all the hype surrounding it. This is one of the best setting sprays on the market. It is more on the expensive side, but it's definitely a splurge-worthy product. It has a great mister that covers your face in the perfect gentle and even mist. This locks your makeup into place and extends its wear time. You can also use it for touch-ups as well. If you have to powder your face to calm down oils reaching the surface, spray your face with this after applying it and it will melt all the powder into your skin and prevent you from looking cakey. You can even use this as a primer spray that will hydrate your skin before you apply foundation. This setting spray also does the most amazing job at foiling metallic eyeshadows. Just pick up some of the eyeshadow on your brush and then spritz some Fix+ on it. It helps prevent fallout from more powdery shadows and also keeps your eyeshadow in place longer. It works especially well with shimmery and metallic shadows, but you can use it with mattes as well to intensify the pigment. And if you're a fan of a very blinding highlight, spray your face before you apply a powder highlighter and it will make it shine like you've never seen. It also helps to keep your highlight from fading throughout the day too. This setting spray is so versatile, and is great quality. I will recommend this product till the day I die, because it is just that good!!!


341 reviews

Jun 3, 2020

Super Universal Spray For So Many Uses

I have this spray both in the full size and travel size. As a free landing makeup artist I always carry a bottle of this in my kit for shoots no matter what the agenda. This is because it has a cooling refreshing effect on the akin. It is perfect for prepping the skin as it hydrates it and plus it making it perfect for makeup applicationg. Foundation is easier to blend out without sinking into pores and looks more dewy tpo. I apply this again after finishing the makeup to create a more uniform look makes the skin look so hethy and glow.


57 reviews

May 29, 2020

Really nice for a dewy finis

It's NOT a setting spray. It's great for hydrating the skin and helping apply products when sprayed on a brush. Wouldn't recommend for combo/oily skin. It's more towards dry skin. This spray will not hold your make-up in place BUT leaves a lovely dewy finish for when your foundation is looking too matte for your liking. I found it decent to be honest. Would defo but again and really love that it doesn’t cause acne break out, perhaps maybe a bit less scented tho? It can be a bit heavy when applying all over the face , other than that I love it


136 reviews

May 24, 2020

Gorgeous, nice, stunning, stands out, lovely

Keeps your makeup on Doesn’t make your makeup leak down your face Adds a bit of glitter tint to your face If you use the normal one it will just keep ur makeup natural and how you had it before Wide range of different glitters for the setting spray Highly recommend Really nice Makes your makeup stand out Lasts all day Makeup will never go patchy Use it Buy it Try it Sexy Gorgeous Stunning Beautiful Lovely Really nice Should buy it Is a nice spray Doesn’t have a weird smell like the other setting sprays Many people use it and have the same reviews on the setting sprah


10 reviews

May 23, 2020

long lasting and great product

This is a great spray when used for the purpose it's designed for. That sounds like a no-brainer, but I admit to using it as a refresher spray on more than one occasion and it definitely doesn't excel in that area, particularly over lighter coverage makeup. As a primer, though, it lends just the right amount of tackiness to the face to help foundation stick longer. I would recommend holding it as far away from your face as possible, as it can get more spritz close-up than mist. I'm not sure I would incorporate this into my daily regimen, but I think I'd repurchase the smaller size for travel.j


292 reviews

May 22, 2020

lovely produc

I love this!! It was my first time purchasing it and I cannot go without it!! I use it after I’ve completed my makeup and it makes it look like my makeup is one with my skin. No matter how much powder you apply, your face won’t look cakey but dewy and natural. I’m obsessed !!This product can be used for setting make up, before make up to prime the face and I use a few pumps on my brushes as it give a much more pigmented look and it smells lush. The amount of product you get is good, it fixes your makeup leaving a nice finish. This is my fave product of its kind by far


5 reviews

May 21, 2020

multi-use, refreshing, classic primin spray

Been using MAC Fix+ for years now and went through countless bottles. So refreshing on the skin when applied before makeup and helps products to last longer. Also use it to spray eyeshadow brushes before using eyeshadow as it intensifies pigment and helps the colour to stay in place on the lid with minimal fallout. Have recently also used fix+ to start doing soap brows by spraying it on the soap bar before rubbing the spoolie on the bar. The size is also very handy when travelling (at 100ml. Favourite makeup priming and setting spray, can not go wrong with it.


2 reviews

May 21, 2020

Beautiful light glowing long lasting qua

Ths Mac prep +prime fix spay is so good I not only use it at a primer I also use it to set me make up to help last thought out my long and busy day it really helps to lock in your make up and stop any of it sweating off you’re face though out the day it really does make your make up long lasting and is the perfect thing to prep and prime your face for beautiful make up but still manages to keep your skin feeling like your make up isn’t suffocating your face all day xx


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May 21, 2020

Good quality, anazing

So good and gets rid of any redness and leaves your face nice and smooth and lasts a long time , smells super good and is not that pricey I absolutely love it and now can’t live without it if I don’t wear it my makeup looks dead and dry honestly the best prep and primer ever , love it to bits so yeah it makes your skin smooth and less red which is so good for the price I can’t get over how good it actually is. Even if you don’t want makeup on that day I still put it on as it mmakes my skin feel good


2 reviews

May 21, 2020

reallulong lasting setting spray

this setting spray is literally incredible. i’ve had it for a while and realised that even when your going with no makeup it’s setting just to spray on your face to cool it down and leave it feeling fresh. i have the rose one and it is the best smelling setting spray and priming spray i’ve ever tried. even the bottle is simple but so cute with a lock type thing on the top so none gets wasted or leaked which is good, it lasts for a surprisingly long time i’ve had mine for a few months now. love i


1 review

May 21, 2020


It’s good and makes you feel set for the day. But can feel sticky also, that’s why you’ve got to wait For it to set. Also don’t apply powder beforehand because it will make it feel cakey which makes my skin feel irritated, you don’t need too much of the spray as it goes a long way. I also like applying before application of makeup as it leaves a smooth base alongside your primer if you use one. I wish it was cheaper in price but other than that I would recommend if you have the money for it because it is a must have in your makeup ba


4 reviews

May 21, 2020

Hydrating, smell, multiuse, refresh, favourit

This is one of my favourite setting sprays. I like to use it as it feels very hydrating, sometimes I just spray it on my face to refresh it without makeup on. It’s great to use throughout the stages, before and after applying makeup and through the day to keep makeup set and give that boost of hydration. I have the lavender as it smells so nice, the great thing about this smell is that it’s on over powering or suffocating to use, which others can be. Would definitely recommend a try, particularly the lavender if you like the smell like me


1 review

May 21, 2020

this is an amazing setting spray!!

I love this setting spray! I have the coconut scented spray and it’s my favourite, it smells amazing and makes my makeup lasts forever. This is by far one of my favourite, the mist is thin and doesn’t spray weirdly. I would love to test out other scents hopefully ones i can get from here but i don’t know! i’ll do as much as i can- i really recommenced this and definitely use a setting spray no matter if you think it works or not! I was always like that but this is the first one i’ve tried and i’ve fell in love!!


9 reviews

May 21, 2020

Incredible staple fixing/prep spray

This is a beautiful product and SO WORTH the money.Works as a prep spray, a setting spray or just a nice mist to liven the skin up.Makes skin look healthy and dewy, I love it!So worth the money as you get a lot of product and only need a small amount each time, lovely for touch ups andI understand why it is so hyped about now, it is everything you could want in a fixing spray and I am nearly out, I will definitely be repurchasing!If you can, order this now and it will change your make up game FOREVER


19 reviews

May 20, 2020

You should buy this Hun

I’ve had multiple bottles of Mac fix +. My most recent bottle is named goldlite, this has glitter in to help achieve a shiny, highlighted look. Despite living a dewy look, this version of Mac fix+ has been my least favourite, nothing can fault the original one or any of the plain ones which are scented. It’s good value for money, I used it everyday and I soak my face in it most days as I feel it refines my make up look, and it will last me a few months. I would 100% recommend this setting spray/ pruning spray to anyone, I prefer using it on a face of makeup rather then to prep my skin


3 reviews

May 19, 2020

Mac setting spray mist product

Such a lovely product and very reasonable price! Absolutely in love with MAC as a brand anyway, and I really love this makeup setting spray product!! It’s so refreshing to use on your face, and has a really nice nice smelling mist to it too! It is really good in terms of setting my makeup for the day. I use it even when I would like a refreshing spray for my face if I’m hot! Overall I really like and would definitely purchase it again and is one of my favourite setting sprays to use! Love it so much x


5 reviews

May 19, 2020

Life changing setting/finishing spray

This prep and prime spray is great for prepping your skin before makeup application or to set your face after makeup application! I would definitely recommend this product as it gives such a nice finish to your makeup. It especially makes your highlight stand out more and makes sure your makeup does not move or rub off during the day. Great product, worth trying! I have been using this product for over a year now and see such a great difference in my makeup application and finishing look! It’s also great to bring out eyeshadow pigments. It makes your eyes pop!


5 reviews

May 19, 2020

Love it

I love Mac fix +. I always squirt a large amount onto my face after I have powdered with loose powder to make sure that not only my face makeup stays on all day but to create a more natural look. I have found that since using this product my makeup has looked more natural than ever before (as a person who wears a full face I can’t say anything but good words about this product!) I have however only tried the original because I’m quite fussy when it comes to trying new products so I ensure I stick with my favourites!


12 reviews

May 19, 2020

Very good!

First time user of this primer. I was a little skeptical, but i’m delighted with the result. I use no 7 foundation so it's not to thick and I find this primer makes the foundation glide on easier so I use less which is good and saves me money . It gives a nice silky feel and look with or without make up and you only need to apply the smallest amount. I also suffer from rosecea and alot of products cause flair ups. This product slightly masks the red patches and doesn't react with my skin. Excellent product definitely now a staple in my make up routine.


8 reviews

May 19, 2020

Multiple use product

This product is amazing for under and ontop of makeup as either a primer or a setting spray. It is also good for midday top ups on your makeup as it makes it look fresh and new. It has a lovely smell and i hear the coconut one smells incredible. It’s worth the money as it can be used as a 2 in 1 as a primer and setting spray. It’s a must have in my makeup bag and for the price it is reasonable. It can also be used to make certain eyeshadows more pigmented if you use it too spray on your eyeshadow brush to pack foil or shimmer shades!


2 reviews

May 18, 2020

recommend, high price , high end, 4 stars

would definitely recommend this spray! use it all the time after doing my make up and also to make my highlighter stand out more! you could also use it to make glittery eyeshadow more bright. hands down an amazing setting spray! definitely recommend for the money and it lasts for so so long, i’ve had mine for so long and it still have not ran out and i have got so much left. however there are some drugstore setting sprays that are cheaper and could work the same but it is a really, really great product that i do recommend


11 reviews

May 18, 2020

A goodmulti purpose setting spray

This product is one of the best setting sprays that i have used because it just completes the whole makeup look once the face is sprayed. It binds the makeup look together and creates a nice glow overall as well as hydration. It also refreshes the skin and can be used in multiple ways. I use it with or without makeup and also with highlighter to enhance the pigment and glow. It has many purposes such as primingand can be used in multiple ways which is a benefit to this product. I would recommend this product to try because i do think it is worth it for the finish.


16 reviews

May 17, 2020

Mac prep and prime review

My favourite product ever ! I really recommend this product to people with oily skin or struggle to find a setting spray to seal their makeup on all day. I use this product with my eyeshadow and it makes the pigment so much more intense. Also it’s amazing to put on your beauty blender before foundation as it creates an amazing dewey look to your makeup. I would 10/10 purchase this again and 100% recommend to every girl out there. Only downside is that I find it runs out super quick if you wear makeup very often or daily nadid


1 review

May 17, 2020

Good product, deffo would recommend

I have had this product for over a year now and have only had to buy it twice even after using daily, very refreshing and lovely scents, I would definitely recommend to all my friends and anyone out there who’s looking for a makeup product that holds their makeup still and makes sure the makeup doesn’t move. one thing I would say is if your skin is very sensitive the scent of the spray may irritate your skin and make it itchy etc. But you could always get the non scented option. I’ve heard bad things about the glittery option


17 reviews

May 16, 2020

Absolutely amazing

This MAC Prep + Prime Fix is absolutely amazing due to the fact that it preps your skin for the makeup you are about to apply and give you skin a dewy,glowy hydrated look and helps your makeup stay on for longer. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and it is absolutely amazing and worth every penny. I swear by the spray and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new prepping spray. I love this spray so much and I think that if you are looking for a new spray this is the one to buy


6 reviews

May 16, 2020

its good but not perfect

It is a great makeup setting spray!although its to prep the skin a lot of us makeup artists use this as a setting spray and it definitely works! As good as this product is I hate the way the bottle sprays it, i’m not sure if its just mine but it comes out a bit like a direct spray and doesn’t spread all over the face even at a distance if you get me. My makeup lasts for hours after using this product so I definitely recommend it, but if I were you i’d switch it into a different bottle for an easier use and this usually costs £1


2 reviews

May 16, 2020

Good buy and leaves skin hydrated

This product is a LIFE SAVER. I have referred this to all of my friends. It so smooth which is the best part. Many other brands that I have tried out have felt likznn Hnm . e chemicals which has really damaged my skin as it is very dry and sensitive. It almost feels like magic water that will keep your makeup in place forever. It’s also not dry and sticky like some other brands are. I use it all the time and think it’s a wonderful buy. For my skin, it not only sets that makeup but it also hydrates it. Like I said before, this is a great buy

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