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Halloween Eyeball Highlighter Eye See You

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Nov 27, 2020

Emphasises texture and super chalky

This eyeball highlighter really is not that good. It is super commercial based and really doesn't perform that well as a highlighter. In the pan the rose good sheen looks really pretty but once applied to the skin looks super ashy. I think only very very fair skin tones will be able to get away with wearing this on the cheeks. Also the powder is not very finely milled but actually very chalky and doesn't feel very comfortable on the skin. From far it actually looks really nice but up close it emphasises texture and makes the skin look grainy where it has been applied.


292 reviews

Sep 24, 2020

nice shine

The compact itself feels good, it has a nice solid click when you close it and there’s a good sized mirror inside if you want to use it. I do also love the imprinted design they’ve put on the product itself. The eyeball look is slightly creepy but I like the detail and it’s not like it’ll be on there forever if you’re not a fan of it staring back at you. The formula for these is so nice, it’s very soft and almost creamy feeling and so easy to apply it evenly. Both the golden bronzey colour of Terrif-Eye and the light pink of Eye See You can be pretty pigmented and striking if you want. However, they do also blend down to be as subtle as you want and can give a nice healthy glow type look as they don’t have any chunky glitter in there.


335 reviews

Sep 23, 2020

Its ok, not the best

Lovely, spooky... but it's gigantic, bulky and therefore not easy to store. Plus the highlighter looses the embossing super fast as soon as you start using it, which is a bummer. I still have the skull highlighter with the skull embossed in a corner and it's still perfectly visible after 1 year. A bit disappointed. I give this product 10/10 for the look but 6/10 for practicality appearance and Halloween atmosphere, but only 6/10 as makeup as it's not the best. Still very fitting with the Halloween theme just very bulky and awkward! Just personally my thoughts but others may love it!!

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