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Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

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3 reviews

Oct 28, 2020

My favourite foundation

I love this foundation. I first purchased this around 2 years ago and ever since I buy this every time it runs out. I mix it in with huda beauty to give it more of a full coverage look. But apart from that i love the silky feel it looks on my skin and the smell is lovely. the only downside is that a lot of foundation goes to waste when the bottle is finished as it’s glass and it sticks to the corners so I always have to break it to get the rest out. But apart from that I love it😍


9 reviews

Oct 5, 2020

It’s a lovely foundation ama

This foundation gives you full coverage it light on your skin it last all day gives you a flawless finish. It doesn’t make you look cakey I use this foundation for occasion it’s amazing. I only use a few drops and it give a really good coverage It easy to apply with a brush or a beauty blender I use both it has a good range of foundation colors to match your skin tone. I would recommend and the price it’s worth but the one thing I don’t like about this is the bottle I think it should have I pump on it.


1 review

Sep 30, 2020

Perfect foundation for every face

Beautiful full coverage, doesn’t come off my nose like most foundations, it’s light weight and matte, not cakey. It is the best foundation I have ever used. You don’t need much either as it goes a long long way! It also mixes well with the concealer I use which gives even better coverage on the areas I need it most. It also hides my bags under my eyes without any concealer. I don’t know why it took me so long to find this but I’m never going back now that I’ve found it! Colour match is perfect too although I may need two shades a winter and summer shade


17 reviews

Sep 28, 2020

Amazing foundation

Incredible. This foundation allows a full coverage whilst feeling light and natural on the skin. My skin is often dry, blemish and I have a few spots making me feel self conscious, however when I apply this foundation all worries are removed and my skin looks flawless! It costs around £28 depending on where you purchase it and I can say it is worth it! I have had my current bottle for around 5 months and I wear it everyday! Also, a worry of mine is that when I go out it will all come off, BUT this does not happen at all! If I ever forget to take off my makeup after a night out, my makeup looks 80% intact which is surprising!! Therefore, I can say the quality is brilliant as the coverage and wearability are high!


13 reviews

Sep 14, 2020


I had fried this foundation because my friend had told me some good things about it and I’m so glad I did because it has made me makeup look so much better it covers all my dark areas and spots really well!! It feels so light on my skin and stays on for pretty much the whole day I’m so glad I got this it’s honestly amazing and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a foundation it’s the best foundation I have ever used it was probably the most expensive one I’ve used as well but it is definitely worth it


1 review

Aug 31, 2020

Glow shine matt Long lasting pop of colour

I love this it it last the whole day even when water touches soft and smooth on the face and stays on the face it glow your face put and stand out 24 hours wear party the night a way perfect for everyone love love it my favourite #glow #take the night away #Wedding make up hashtag marry me love me kiss me to true love win hot crazy fine sweet glow nice lovely gold pink shine the night a away love it the glow sweet love summer love summer glow summer sweet heart rise high love it


11 reviews

Aug 27, 2020

Perfect Match, Light Weight, Full Coverage!

My favourite full coverage foundation I have this in different colours for different times of year. It is very long wearing and covers your face so well! The online colour match matches your skin tone perfectly. The texture doesn’t feel heavy or cakey at all. The only downside to this foundation is that it doesn’t come with a pump so you have to pour it onto your hand which can waste the product quite a bit. To fix this I just bought the Estée Lauder foundation pump but they charge you extra for this and because I have a few different colours I need multiple pumps.


10 reviews

Aug 22, 2020

Great Product!

I have used Doubke Wear for years as it offers great coverage and it really doesn't move all day, it doesnt settle in to creases and fine lines like a lot of foundations and I use it for every occasion and night out with friends. I don't recommend this as an every day foundation as i did in the past and due to the product's nature it can clog pores and cause breakouts more often than usual despite cleansing every day and exfoliating frequently. I do love the product and use for those special occasions or as an addition coverage on top of every day to cover dark circles and blemishes like a concealer.


2 reviews

Aug 13, 2020

Great Coverage Foundation To Use

I suffer with dry skin so i do have to make sure i have moisturised well before using this particular foundation. I absolutely love this foundation when i want full coverage. I will never need to re apply on a day/night out either because it stays on. I love that it covers spots and blemishes which is great and i use the colour sand which is perfect for me as i am quite pale skinned. When i use tan, i add some bronzer over it which gives a nice finish. I would definitely recommend this product. It can be quite hard to take off so make sure you have a good skin routine before bed.


10 reviews

Aug 8, 2020

My Ride Or Die Foundation!

This is my favourite foundation ever!😍 I love full coverage and this does give you full coverage and feels amazing on. You only need a tiny bit too. I also find that it lasts ages too! I wear this every time I go on a night out or special occasion and I love it!! I have been using this for years and don’t think I will ever have a new favourite foundation!💓 You NEED to try this if you haven’t already you have not lived until you try this foundation!! It is a bit pricey but believe me it is so worth it!🙌🏼


10 reviews

Aug 3, 2020

Incredibly Reliable Foundation, Best Out There!

I can't express enough how fantastic this foundation is. For years i have struggled with oily skin, all over my t-zone every foundation i would try i would just end up being so oily in a few hours, but not this one! The Double wear foundation truly is the best foundation out there, it stays on all day, and just does not budge. It has the added bonus of spf 10 in it which is great and protecting from the sun. You can use a brush or beauty blender and layer it up for a fuller coverage, i love this foundation!


5 reviews

Jul 29, 2020

Even though it's not perfect, I still keep going back!

This is by far the best full coverage long wearing foundation. I have tried many foundations and I have never found another that provides the coverage that Doublewear does. It is also extremely long wearing and doesn't wear off or transfer. It sets matte and provides a flawless finish. A couple of downside however. Although there is a vast colour range, the undertones make it really difficult to find the perfect match. Being of Asian background, I struggle to find a colour that matches my tan skin tone. Instead, the colours matched to me always have a yellow undertone. The other downside is that once this foundation is applied and dried, it is difficult to work other products into it, e.g. cream contour. However, all this aside, I still find myself repurchasing this foundation again and again because the coverage and stay power truly is like no other foundation out there!!


1 review

Jul 28, 2020

Absolutely Love This Fluid Foundation!

This is the best foundation I have ever come across. The double wear is amazing. You Only need to use a few drops and it sets really well. The bottle is easy to use. The foundation is a Perfect colour match. I have been using this for nearly 3 years and it is the best foundation ever. I really recommend this to everyone. It’s amazing in a night out. It doesn’t smudge and stays in place. My bottle lasts me over a couple of months and I wear it every day. So get yours and you will not be disappointed!


61 reviews

Jul 27, 2020

Best Full Coverage Foundation!

this is the best most full coverage foundation ever! I think it was one of the first high end foundations I ever purchased and I was instantly impressed. it covers up all my imperfection, darkness, dullness.. I barely need to colour correct when im using this foundation. it gives amazing coverage and is pretty thick but it doesn't feel thick on your skin. it doesn't feel caked or drying but feels really light, even though its giving such a heavy duty coverage. set it with a little powder and setting spray and this looks amazing in flash photography and after a long day


23 reviews

Jul 26, 2020

Long Lasting Foundation, Recommend!

I had wanted to try Double Wear for months. I'd heard good things about it, but the price turned me off. Finally, I decided to go for it and invest. I am impressed with its staying power, and I'm even more impressed with how little of this product you need to cover your face. I have some redness to my complexion, so I mainly wanted something that evens my skin tone, but looks natural and doesn't settle into my face. I think Double Wear does all that. I have noticed that my other makeup - bronzer, blush, highlighter - all stand out more on top of Double Wear.


26 reviews

Jul 22, 2020

My Favourite Foundation Of All Time!!

THIS FOUNDATION WOW the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is amazing, such a lovely texture and gives you an amazing glow which looks gorgeous. I also live for all the different shades it's quite difficult to find a foundation for concealer or any makeup products for a matter of a fact so props to Estee Lauder for that. This foundation lasts all day and night there is nothing bad I could say about the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation it's that good and I don't that a lot lol. So if you have enough slay bucks I highly highly recommend


2 reviews

Jul 15, 2020

Amazing product and full coverage

I love this product especially as it comes in such. A wide range of shades therefore it would be impossible to not find your shade the high end brand has a range of shades that can match many different skin colours and tones the foundation itself has a soft consisteny and sits well on the skin it lasts all day and doesn’t move much it is perfect for a night out or going out for dinner I Personally love the foundation and think that it is worth every penny highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for full coverage


8 reviews

Jul 14, 2020


THIS FOUNDATION IS AMAZING! This foundation gives you a beautiful flawless base every time! It’s so silky and smooth and glides onto the skin! I love the coverage that this foundation gives its medium to full I’d say and very buildable! It comes on a wide range of shades, so you’ll be sure to find your perfect match and wait for it... IT HAD ADDED SPF15 Which is always a bonus! I love this foundation and wear it during special occasions because it gives me a flawless skin like base and lasts all day without budging I highly recommend this foundation!


90 reviews

Jul 11, 2020

lovely texture

After trying lots of foundation products over the years, I can honestly say this is by far the end foundation I have ever used! I wear Ivory Nude it matches my skin tone perfectly and gives me full coverage. It also has an SPF10 in the product which is an added bonus. This foundation is easy to apply and a lovely texture. You can wouldn't be disappointed if you purchased this foundation. I'm also sure once you tried it you wouldn't use any of foundation but this double wear foundation. It's amazing. I have used this foundation for couple of years and i cannot recommend it enough.


1 review

Jul 7, 2020

My number 1 go to.

As a very pale woman, I struggle to find my tone anywhere. It took years until i found this. Not only does it actually have my colour, it's not cakey and doesn't melt off my face within an hour. It's pretty kind to mixing and you don't have to use much to get a decent coverage. Only thing I can complain about is, it's not friendly to dry skin at all. If you have dry skin, it will show that in the worst way possible. Make sure you exfoliate WELL before putting it on. The photos I'm using are two looks I've used with the foundation.


4 reviews

Jul 6, 2020

My go to foundation always

My go to foundation, provides full coverage and blends perfectly over a good primer. I love this for events, nights outs or even long days in thee office because it stays on the face so well. I always take this product on holiday with me because again if set right it will last the night. At times it can be a little heavy when you want a lighter coverage and so I just mix it on my hand with my favourite moisturiser before applying. A little product goes a very long way and a bottle can last you for months and months on end.


5 reviews

Jul 6, 2020

The PERFECT foundation

I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundations for years for personal use. Now, as a Makeup Artist, I appreciate it more than ever as it is a professional full coverage foundation that I can use with confidence on my clients. It can cover from small imperfections to dark circles, and stays perfectly on the skin all day/night even if you don't use a powder on top. They have a full range of colors to match any complexion, so it is very easy to find your shade. Definitely, this product worths its money! I will continue to buy it.


1 review

Jul 5, 2020

Long lasting full coverage banging

If you’re looking for a long lasting, full coverage foundation this is the boy. I would never wear any other on a night out as it’s seriously hard wearing. Nothing budges it. Saying that, it feels like wearing paint on your face so not great on the daily. I use it on problem areas like a concealer. It’s like no other foundation I’ve ever found, the coverage is fanominal but it is very expensive. It’s a good job a little goes a very long way. Could also be mixed with your normal foundation for a less instense layer of face slab

Mared Rhys

17 reviews

Jul 5, 2020

Holy grail foundation

This foundation is absolutely AMAZING! Been recommending it to my friends and family. Used it for a few years now and never disappointed when applying it to my face. It gives you so much coverage and literally covers everything without feeling heavy and drying your skin out. There’s so many shades available so it’s pretty easy to find your exact shade which is so great! It stays put for hours and I’ve not experienced any type of problem at all with it. Definitely a must have for anyone who wants flawless makeup. One downfall is that there isn’t a pump for you to apply your foundation but it’s easy to get one which fits into the bottle.


23 reviews

Jul 4, 2020

Almost a second skin type look

This is one of those foundations that simply never disappoints. Whether I am feeling a light coverage day and only put a small amount on or I want the most coverage you can get, this is the foundation that I reach for the absolute most. The colour matches me perfectly, it almost acts as a second layer of skin because of its natural look. I have never gotten this many compliments on my face make up before I started using this foundation. If I could only buy one high-end make up products for the rest of my life I think this would be simply because it works it does what it says it will.


9 reviews

Jul 2, 2020

Estée Lauder Full Coverage Foundation

Where do I start ? ? ? This foundation is everything. Approved by influencers, the likes of bloggers but mostly even by celebrity makeup artists. This particular foundation currently stands at number # 1 in the United Kingdom. That’s saying something. It’s fancied over in the States too. For good reason. If you’re looking for a matte coverage foundation then please do give this a go. It literally covers everything. I have slight acne and it covers it right up and I still manage to have a seemless finish. Lovely foundation honestly. Love the feel of it so smoot on me.


1 review

Jun 28, 2020

Am in love with it

As someone who deals with insanely oily skin, I’m definitely late to the party on this one. This is fantastic! It really does stay put throughout the day and pretty much looks the same once I get back home. It does not control my oil 100% (nothing will!) but even after I blot, it doesn’t come off or get patchy. I think this foundation is the GOAT of oily skin foundations. Holy grail foundation! Perfect overall. The coverage is buildable and your skin looks flawless. It stays put for hours and hours and does not transfer. Absolutely worth choosing Thank


116 reviews

Jun 26, 2020

so worth it

I really recommend this foundation to anyone! I have quite dry skin where makeup typically sticks on and makes me look caked, this however did not do this. I do recommend that you do exfoliate your skin before however as it is quite full coverage. I like how this its quite buildable though as I don't like to go overboard on my face, therefore you can use this for every day and for events. I really like the bottle as it easy to apply and to use and won't get dirty. recommend to use this with a brush to make it look more natural.


1 review

Jun 21, 2020

lovely concealing coverage buy again

a week ago i bought this product thinking that it was high end because they just wanted it to be but when i used this product it was high coverage which i was looking for but it was concealing my dark areas as i am insecure about them and this is definable worth for the coverage however i think it is quite annoying because i bout this twice and then the last one finished and it was really hard to take the product out but more or less i liked it and is worth your money but i think there is better ones out there.


38 reviews

Jun 21, 2020

The best foundation I’ve tried

Honestly the best foundation I’ve ever tried. Love to slay is an amazing app saves a lot of your money. This foundation is great for oily skin, stays in place all day and looks so flawless. It doesn’t oxidise which is great and I love that about this foundation as a lot of other foundation I’ve tried before oxidise a few hours after I apply them to my face . Would recommend this to everyone and anyone with oily skin . Despite my skin getting oily throughout the day it says in place and doesn’t move around my face one bit


16 reviews

Jun 17, 2020

Best Estée Lauder Foundation Used!

As someone who deals with insanely oily skin, I’m definitely late to the party on this one. This is fantastic! It really does stay put throughout the day and pretty much looks the same once I get back home. It does not control my oil 100% (nothing will!) but even after I blot, it doesn’t come off or get patchy. I think this foundation is the GOAT of oily skin foundations. Holy grail foundation! Perfect overall. The coverage is buildable and your skin looks flawless. It stays put for hours and hours and does not transfer. Absolutely worth choosing xx


1 review

Jun 12, 2020

It was absolutely fantastic!!!!

The colour was absolutely fantastic and it really suited me and I can’t believe that the makeup was absolutely free which is the best part of course. I have recommended this to my friends and family and my colleagues because I can’t bear with how free and fantastic the quality of the foundation is and the brand is big and ...... I’m honestly so thrilled with the outcome of it and I can’t wait to try more products from love to slay because it is absolutely fantastic and beautiful. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is willing to buy it


1 review

Jun 8, 2020

Amazing product lasts all day

Full coverage, long lasting a bit too thick for me so now use the light version which is amazing. I use this one for nights out or if I have a bad skin day. I would recommend using a setting powder but this really does have a matt finish and there are lots of colours to pick from. I would recommend getting a skin match before and often they give you a free sample that lasts for a week. So you can really try the product before committing. Def worth the price and lasts a long time if you use sparingly


5 reviews

Jun 8, 2020

Full coverage matte

This is actually my holy grail foundation. Girls I genuinely swear by it, it is a real winner. The double wear foundation is number one in UK, and is actually used by some of my favourite makeup artists who swear by it. I’m in shade Tawny, and it’s has a flawless finish. I use this for important days like on my own wedding I opted to use this only a little too, and it gave a gorgeous base look, mixed in with my Nars Sheer Foundation. It is definitely matte and super full coverage, covered up all my spots and pimples


326 reviews

Jun 7, 2020

Super high coverage foundation

This foundation is super high coverage and blends out so effortlessly. It is able to cover tattoos conceal dark spots and pigmentation without making the skin look super heavy or cakey. If you want to wear a much more lighter this is achievable with a beauty blender and doesn't compromise on the coverage of the foundation at all it doesn't break me out and makes my skin look absolutely flawless. I wear this every single day and I continue to get compliments on my skin and I have been wearing this foundation for years. This is definitely a staple in my collection no matter how many new foundations come out I always go back to this one. It is incredibly reliable and perfect for photoshoots too.


4 reviews

Jun 3, 2020

Very Full Coverage Great Foundation

A very amazing foundation this foundation is very full coverage. It’s also thick and creamy and has a nice consistency and also a very nice glow to the skin of u are looking for a very full coverage foundation this one is the right one for you . There’s only one problem witch is if you have never bought it before you wouldn’t know your shade and sometimes I find this foundation comes out darker then it looks and might make the skin orange. Or cakey . But it also is very very pricey to buy so would recommend getting of here


326 reviews

Jun 3, 2020

Super High Coverage Foundation

I currently own 4 bottles of this foundation in the shades tawny fawn cashew and cool beige. I love all these shades they are so universal and looks amazing each creating different looks. This foundation is super high coverage it can even cover tatoos. It doesn't block my pores or break me out. And helps to control oil levels on my face. There is no separation cracking or sticking to dry patches. It doesn't feel super heavy on the skin and does fully dry down so super comfortable to wear throughout the whole day. I don't have to wait too long.


138 reviews

May 30, 2020

Amazing soft long lasting smooy

This shade is perfect for my cool toned pale skin and I am able to use it in the winter as well as the summer depending on what bronzer and blush I use. Very versatile and wonderful. This foundation can be used very very lightly with a wet beauty blender and just a drop of formula for a truly natural look. It can also be layered quite beautifully with a foundation brush for full coverage that does not look cakey But overall I would recommend this foundation to everyone as it is one of the best and I can’t wait to purchase more products!


1 review

May 29, 2020

Flawless, Longlasting and effortles

Makes my skin look flawless from the minute its applied. Honestly cannot recommend this foundation enough! Im in the shade Sand which is a fair colour and it matches my skin tone very well. It lasts all day and I've even gone to bed with it on and its still on in the morning, looking as if I've just applied it! Overall, my go to foundation and I even use it as a concealer. I've attached my most recent look to the review and you can see how even and flawless my skin looks, after one layer of application! definitely a repurchase


46 reviews

May 29, 2020

Really good for blemishes and spot

this product is definitely a perfect foundation. It used to be my favourite every day foundation, because I personally like to always have that flawless matte finish that it gives. I would use it with or without concealer and either way, it blended nicely and had completely full coverage. I apply this by wetting my beauty blender and applying to my face, and setting with a translucent powder. All of my imperfections including blemishes, redness, dark circles go away with this. I have a lot of freckles and even though everybody loves them, I don’t so this foundation is good for covering them as well. B


62 reviews

May 29, 2020

Favourite Foundation!! Amazing Coverage

This is my favourite of all time foundation- I just love the coverage and how flawless it makes my skin look. It’s medium-high buildable coverage, hides any blemishes and pigmentation making your skin look even, smooth and perfect! I have tried so many foundations but I always come back to this one!! It lasts all day... I get so many compliments on this foundation! It also has a very wide range of shades to choose from- a colour to match every skin tone! It’s also great for problem skin/acne as it almosthas a blurring affect on the skin making you look airbrushed!


20 reviews

May 27, 2020

Great Coverage But Thick Consistency

A good foundation if you are looking for a high level of coverage . I marked this product down by two stars due to two factors . The first one being the price point , however the brand overall falls into the high end category so you can expect the price as good quality products usually follow . The second factor is that I found the consistency of the foundation thick so if you don’t like makeup that feels heavy on the skin you may not enjoy this foundation . I would recommend to try it yourself as everyone has different experiences when it comes to skin types o


21 reviews

May 27, 2020

I would definitely recommend this foundation

I absolutely love this Estee lauder double wear foundation so much ! It is honesTy one of the best bases You can use not only does this give me a full coverage but it is highly moisturising and leaves a flawless and smooth finish. It hydrated your skin as well and it looks very natural. It is very easy to apply and with one coating you can get a lot of product on your face and you wouldn’t need a second coating at all! It will easily blur out ur wrinkles and acne scars I would for sure recommend this foundation !


236 reviews

May 25, 2020

Best high end foundation!

This is amazing for my skin! After years of using drugstore foundations I thought I'd treat myself, and it didn't disappoint. I don't have to use any concealer when I use this foundation which I love about it, yet the high coverage isn't heavy at all. Personally I apply with a damp beauty blender, after moisturisering and priming, and find the best results that way. Less is definitely more, you don't need very much and it's buildable. I have combination skin and it stays put in my oily zones and doesn't cling to or create any dry skin which is a problem that I've had with every other foundation. It lasts me all day without needing any touch ups. I've since tried some other high end foundations to see if I can find anything to match or beat it but I honestly can't, this is the best foundation I've ever tried and I'll never be going back to any other foundation!


60 reviews

May 24, 2020

good foundation overall

This is my all time favourite foundation. I try new ones every now and then but none of them compare to this. It has a shade that is perfect for my fair skin. I have combination skin with some blemishes and this foundation suits it. It covers up my blemishes and blends like a dream. It sits nicely throughout the day and doesn't cake up. Would highly recommend to everyone. love this foundation but, i do feel it goes better with a good moisturiser underneath, only negative point is, its really difficult to remove but, their cleansers are designed to remove double wear


25 reviews

May 24, 2020

Long lasting!

Estee lauder double wear foundation is an amazing long lasting, top quality foundation. It is durable and easy to apply. It also moisturises skin and is good for all skin types. This product is definitely worth the slaybucks you spend on it and is a must have item. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a foundation that is long lasting and moisturises skin. This foundation will make your skin glow and will give you an amazing finished look. This foundation can also be used on many occasions and is the perfect base foundation. I rate this product five stars


10 reviews

May 24, 2020

Good product and good coverage

This product has excellent coverage and I recommended it to anyone who is looking for a natural but effective foundation. It is easy to apply, and stays on all day with no problems. It is a good product and I highly recommend. The only issue I have found with the product is that it blocks my pores resulting in some break outs. Other than that, it is a good product and is extremely good for the money. It is also true to my skin colour, with no orange pigments or no white flashback. It is also easy to blend into my face


1 review

May 24, 2020

Stunning, flawless, lightweight, full coverage

Love this product it is totally amazing, best foundation ever used would never change foundation, helped with covering all my pigmentations and eye bags leaving my face to have a flawless natural looking dewy finish. If I could I’d buy 100 bottles of this product never going back to any other foundation also the shade of this foundation matches perfectly to my skin tone and I always get asked what foundation I use and always am getting compliment on my skin due to this foundation, love it would 100% rev come down this to everyone no matter what type of skin you have it prevents oily skin to get too greasy and helps those with dry skin too


15 reviews

May 22, 2020

Good foundation

This foundation is a good one but it’s not my favourite I wouLd recommend just a cheap one as they’re just the same however they foundation does cover up any red marks or spots or blemishes but is a bit cakey and very thick and it’s heavy and uncomfortable on your skin. I also don’t think My skin likes it too much as after I wear for a day or two I normally come out in spots and I don’t usually get spots but this certain foundation makes me for some reason. It is good and it does it’s job but it’s just not my favourite


2 reviews

May 21, 2020

Smooth, long lasting, amazing coverage and a good variety of shades

Thsi foundation has AMAZING coverage. It hides all blemishes in your skin and even manages to cover tattoos! There are many shades to chose from and they are all very well done. It is a very smooth consistency and you receive a good deal for its price. It it very long lasting and stay in place. It does not smudge when applied and if it is the wrong shade, it mixes in with other foundations well for a different shade. It can be used as a concealer. It can easily be spread out using a beauty blender or a foundation brush, it is smooth and even and does not make your face look caked or make it seam as if you have too much foundation on

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