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benefit They're Real Mascara Mini Black

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23 reviews

Aug 4, 2020

Pretty Good But Quite Dry!

The Black They’re Real Benefit Mascara is a pretty good mascara. The Mini size is great for travel and handy for fitting in to a pocket or a little handbag on a night out. The formula is pretty good and I love the brush because it separates your eyelashes whilst also making them look long and curled. However, I think that the product is a bit drying. The mascara is quite hard to remove from the lashes and can be a bit flaky. It’s not as good as other mascaras I have tried, such as the Rimmel ones. I would recommend it for the size but not the best.


6 reviews

Aug 4, 2020

Really Great Mascara, A Bit Pricey Though!

This mascara is great and does the job in lengthening my lashes and separates them which is what I like. The wand makes it easy to apply the mascara without it touching my face and getting any product on my skin. However there can sometimes be little clumps of mascara on your eyelashes which are fairly easy to remove, Unfortunately it is quite pricey and there are a lot of similar mascaras for much, much less which do the same thing. I personally really like how it looks on my lashes that I went and got a full size version to last me longer.


16 reviews

Jul 26, 2020

It's an Okay Mascara!

This mascara is not my favourite mascara at is a okay mascara but not the best. I would highly recommend either the bad girl bang from benefit or the roller lash mascara from benefit. This mascara has a nice brush this is perfect for people who already have long lashes. This mascara is not suitable for people with short lashes like I have it doesn’t Lengthen the lashes. This mascara only gives the lashes volume and thickens the lashes. The colour of this mascara is grey black very dark. So if you are a looking for a mascara to thicken and give volume to the lashes this is the one


115 reviews

Jul 13, 2020

so good

I love this product as it really is small and perfect for travel as you don't have to carry around a lot of products with you. it is so easy to use and gives u accurate use. it is perfect for beginners as you can really use it easily due to the wand being small. the consistency of this is so smooth and really dies glide onto the eyelashes. I love how you can chose colours to make it look more natural and it gives so much length and thickness to my eyelashes which not a lot of brands can do both and I would highly recommend this even for a gift to someone.


16 reviews

Jul 12, 2020

Formula too wet and clumps easily.

I wasn't that pleased with this mascara, compared to most others from benefit. For instance, the wand is very thick which gives the lashes too much product at once, inevitably leading to a lot of clumping. The formula is also too runny and when I'm applying it, it often transfers on and around my eyelid. If you want a natural look I would not recommend this for this reason. Yet, if you wear fake strip or individual eyelashes this could be a good product since the extra lashes would reduce clumping and you could remove transfer with a cotton bud.


13 reviews

Jul 9, 2020

Would recommend for a natural lashes

I would like to start this review of by saying that I rated this a three stars because it is not for me however I think it would be great for other people.One of the reason I not a fan of this mascara is because I feel like it doesn’t really do much for my lashes.It definitely does give a very minimalistic look however I would really recommend this for someone newly starting out in makeup as this product is very easy to use as I find that there is not much product on the applicator when you remove it from the bottle .


6 reviews

Jul 8, 2020

Amazing feathery flirty beautiful lashes

The best mascara I’ve ever used. This mascara tops everything for me It separates each lash so beautifully and gives the most feathery look EVER. I have naturally long lashes anyway but this mascara is just the best. The formula, the brush the packaging- everything!! I stumbled across this on YouTube also and I decided to give it a go I was well impressed I think the price is worth it but if you can get it on offer I would define say stock up while you can! Hands down the best mascara ever and I just cannot rave about it enough I’ve had it for a while now and it has not dried out


452 reviews

Jul 8, 2020

Thick bold beautiful lashes lengt

This mascara is outstanding in my make up collection. I find when I wear this I do not need to wear any false eye lashes. I enjoy wearing this for a special occasion. You can wear this to on daily basis but I will then stick with just one coat. I like how the brush coats each lash with no issues this also helps with lengthening to. I have repurchased this mascara is really worth the money. As you can see it is good but not to clumpy and it shows up even with an bold eye shadow look to


9 reviews

Jul 2, 2020


Having heard quite a lot of positive reviews of this product online, I thought I would try it out and treat myself to the travel size mini. Having tried out roller lash previously I had high expectations of the brand and felt considerably let down after trying the product. Whilst the wand of the product is brilliant for getting each and every lash (the end of the wand is perfect for getting those pesky lashes near your inner corner) the mascara itself is poor at best and often leaves lashes clumped together due to its thickness. I've never had much of a problem with benefit products and haven't had any problems with their other mascaras before so am disappointed that I had such an underwhelming experience.


5 reviews

Jul 1, 2020

Very good every day mascara

This is by far my favourite eye product ! I have bought this product twice but it does take a while to get through the pot ! The formula is great and I find it lasts all day. I use another mascara with this as well and it works a treat - it is super easy to apply. I would definitely recommend this to people who want fuller eye lashes and are in need are some help. I have very pale lashes and this is great for creating the illusion of longer and fuller lashes and it makes them darker.


85 reviews

Jun 22, 2020


I was excited to buy this because of all the positive reviews I saw. Unfortunately, I don't understand the hype. This doesn't perform better than any drugstore mascara. It doesn't make my lashes noticeably longer or voluminous. Really all it does it coats your lashes with color and makes them look a little bit spider-like, which is an effect that can be achieved by any drugstore brand. I tried applying it the way it recommends to get the maximum effect. For your own sanity, don't try to use the "de-clumping" tool on the end of the mascara wand. It's completely useless, and all it's good for is making your clumps even clumpier. I had a relatively small clump in my eyelashes and I attempted to use the "de-clumper" to get rid of it. Unfortunately, it just added more mascara to the clump and made it look much worse. The only way I can see this working is if you were to completely dry off the end of the wand, but that would be a waste of mascara and very inconvenient. Since the bristles are so far apart, large clumps of mascara easily stay in between them, and even after wiping off the excess on the rim, the de-clumping end is still worthless. It also makes it really difficult to get into the tighter corners of your eye without stabbing it-which, by the way, has already happened multiple times. I think the wand would be nice without the deadly spike ball on the end. Thank goodness I only bought the mini size.


9 reviews

Jun 19, 2020

light and versatile

I had huge expectation about this mascara. When I just started to use it (new product) I felt totally disappointed, but after a few uses, its application became easier and my lashes actually looked nice. It does make your lashes to look much longer than other mascaras that i have used before, however it does not give volume, which I suppose should be regarding the rubber wand instead of fibre bristles. Anyway, the formula is light, which I like because it allows me to produce different looks and play with the intensity. So to me, it works for a natural look on its own, or I applied it in combination with another mascara that gives the volume.


22 reviews

Jun 14, 2020

Not a stand out

This mascara as with all benefit mascaras is raved about but for me doesn’t really make much of a difference compared to other mascaras on the market. Yes it lengthens and darkens lashes but so so many other mascaras at half the price do so too. For me it is not a stand out product and I’d have a hard time justifying the full size products price. Although this is a mini it does last a while and is a great way to try out the world of benefit so I’d say the minis are great and useful for anyone wanting to try benefit oit


3 reviews

Jun 13, 2020

Meh. It works?

I got this product in the mini Christmas cracker as a present and was quick to test it out. Btw, before we go any further, I'm usually someone who prefers lighter mascara anyway that doesn't leave my lashes feeling clumpy or looking like spider's legs and my preferred mascara is the Glossier lash slick so, while I wasn't the biggest fan, it may suit you. One swipe of this didn't deposit a good amount of product and the second left my lashes looking like a tarantula crawled out of Australia. After combing through my lashes with a separate lash comb, they did look better but still very heavy and not in a nice full way, just in a 'I'm the hungover girl you see on your way out to get some brunch' way. I am giving it 3 stars just because I'm not sure how much of its faults are down to my personal preference in makeup and how many can be attributed to the product in general. Overall, I do think that you can probably get a better mascara for full coverage somewhere else, even Benefit's Bad Gal or Roller lash, but this wasn't sure whether it was trying to be natural or full coverage.


220 reviews

May 28, 2020

Perfect For A Natural Look

This is my favourite travel mascara Perfect to have in your bag if needed it lengthens my lashes and it is a great size for applying mascara to my bottom lash.The brush has lost of different size brisels and the formula isn’t thick so it goes on evenly.This mascara can be used to blend natural lashes with fake lashes or can be used to enhance the length of your lashes.However it was hard to remove after a few hours of wear the product.If your looking for a mascara that lengths and has a strong black colour I would recommend this mascara


93 reviews

May 25, 2020

Lengthening, long lasting

My overall favourite Benefit mascara! The mini version is honestly very expensive for the wear you get out of it but the results speak for themselves. Its perfect for working days. It is long wearing, and doesnt make me look like a panda at the end of the day, which is more than I can say for most mascaras! Great for travel, and although it doesnt curl your lashes for long, it does give a lot of volume. The only problem I really have is the price and that it is a bit drying. But apart from that I do think it is worth a try


241 reviews

May 23, 2020


I've heard sooooo many great things about this mascara and finally decided to try. I've tried so many types due to my oily lids/skin that virtually all of them have failed me and would give me raccoon eyes. I live in SoCal so it does get hot and I need a mascara that can withstand the heat and not make a dark under eye mess. I loved the applicator and the formula of this. It applies nicely and separates the lashes and coats them evenly, creating more volume and adding length. I honestly fell in love with the way this mascara applied and as much as I want to, I just cannot use it. After about an hour or so of wear, it starts smudging under my eyes, creating that dark raccoon-like look I'm not trying to achieve.


4 reviews

May 21, 2020

Perfect for a natural loo

This is my favourite travel mascara Perfect to have in your bag if needed it lengthens my lashes and it is a great size for applying mascara to my bottom lash.The brush has lost of different size brisels and the formula isn’t thick so it goes on evenly.This mascara can be used to blend natural lashes with fake lashes or can be used to enhance the length of your lashes.However it was hard to remove after a few hours of wear the product.If your looking for a mascara that lengths and has a strong black colour I would recommend this mascara


3 reviews

May 21, 2020

not the best i’ve trie

not a fan. whilst it still looks nice when it’s on, ive found it to be extremely liquid-like and thin. although it makes my lashes look long and luscious, it takes a very long time to dry and it’s quite messy, i’ve found on many occasions that it’s got all over my eyelid or even my hands. the end product is nice however when i curl my lashes and use this product, the curl never stays and they end up looking straight and disgusting. benefit has many good products but i don’t think this is one of them. would not buy again and would not recommend


17 reviews

May 19, 2020

Not benefit's best formula mascara

It's too watery and the lashes stick together. It's also waterproof and it's very difficult to wash it away. As it's a miniature the brush is not convenient to use. And I don't see the effect of lengthening. Besides, it irritates my eyes, even if I cannot say that I have sensitive eyes.This mascara is over hyped, it goes really stiff on the lashes. It is almost impossible to remove and lose lashes in the process.My lashes naturally are quite lifted, I even curled them prior to application and I witnessed, whilst applying, the lashes instantly straighten and drop down


1 review

May 17, 2020

brilliant, dark, long, gorgeous and great

I’ve gotten two of these mascaras and they are honestly incredible, apply this with the benefit eyelash primer and it’ll leave your eyelashes looking effortless and long. It also provides a very natural look as it’s not too dark however still very visible. The packaging is very simple however very prominent, meaning that the letters and the name of the product stand out. Overall great product! Leaves my lashes looking full and long!! Great product and I have recommended it to friends and family and have bought it for others as gifts as it has never let me dieb


6 reviews

May 17, 2020


It’s an average mascara that does add volume but personally i think it goes clumpy and goes o to your skin so it’s not very flattering. It is also impossible to wash off and you will black marks under your eyes for days after even with numerous washes, i remove my makeup with a micellar water and cotton pads and then follow by a cleanse with my face wash but nothing will remove the dirty marks. Only ever found i mascara that doesn’t stain your under eyes and that’s the clinique one but i have tried loads, all the drug store ones do the same and i can’t stand that, don’t rate it tbh


2 reviews

May 17, 2020

Make up staple, good quality

I try new mascaras out regularly based on recommendations and reading beauty bloggers but I always come back to this. The brush is unique with the brush tip having smaller spokes helping you to separate the lashes more easily, especially the lower ones. Doing multiple coats can build up a striking false lash look if that's what you like too. Though i keep it looking more natural with just a couple coats. In my opinion its a make up stable and is probably the best mascara I have ever tried leaving you with fabulous lashes which last for a whole day


14 reviews

May 16, 2020

great product love it so much

I LOVE THIS MASCARA. Air gives off a very naturally long eye leashes. I have very short and somewhat invisible eyelashes but with this product they look full and long and last the whole day. They really make it look natural which is what I like about them, sure sometimes I like to wear false yelashes but other times I like to look natural which is when I use this product I would recommend this mascara to anyone who is going for a natural look and a mascara that really exaggerates your neutral eyelashes without making them look fake :


76 reviews

May 15, 2020

Amazing, makes eyes pop

I really like the benefit mascaras, and you can Find them in most stores rather cheap! They are great quality and really make the eyes stand out for a bold look! The mascara is a dark black and the case is small so great for taking out with you inn Your bag. I would say that for the price this mascara is 5 stars, I haven't had any issues and love wearing it. It stays on all day and doesn't make your eyelashes clunk together. If you buy this with slaybucks then definitely a good purchase if you need a mascara and haven't tried them before


260 reviews

May 15, 2020

reccomend defoo

I love this mascara and always buy back ups. It coats really nicely, gives my long eyelashes a very glam look, doesn't get clumpy too often. However, when the container gets low or a little older you can start to get a clumps. Very waterproof for all day wear, however, i need a good oil cleanser or eye makeup remover to get it off at the end of the day. I double cleanse and use DHC Olive oil cleanser as my first step and it does a good job. I don't have any smudging mid day. I always wear this on therapy days in case i cry, haha, and it's awesome at the pool or on the beach, totally stays on all day. I have dark brown eyes (a bit of Hazel) and love my mascara dark and dramatic. I also have naturally long lashes, thanks to genetics, so this product makes me look glam as he$#! I like the brush, it separates my lashes nicely and makes it easy to apply. As with most mascaras, it's best fresh and doesn't coat as well over time. So i always have a newer one for the days i want to look really good, and use the older one for everyday. I'm pretty picky about mascara, and this is a favorite. If i want really really dramatic i got to thrive causmetics, omg is that mascara crazy good, but, it's too much for everyday. This one is still really dramatic, but more appropriate for work. In my mind, one of the top mascaras out there.


23 reviews

May 13, 2020

Full lash effect

This mascara is incredible because it gives your lashes the false lash look without the need of any false lashes whatsoever. It also sits on your eyes really nice without feeling heavy after applying a few coats. The mascara lift your eyelashes and give them more volume and the more 3D look. It comes in a few shade and the shade black is the best one. It is clump free and waterproof and does not budge or smudge throughout the day. The applicator itself is amazing as well as the bristles sit perfectly when combing through your lashes and it lasts ages as well.


15 reviews

May 11, 2020

Very natural but very pretty

This is a super natural wearable mascara perfect for anyone that doesn’t wear too heavy makeup and likes the everyday natural look. It is different to most mascaras in the way that it curls your lashes but doesn’t do too much lengthening it is a beautiful mascara overall you just have to be very careful and gentle whilst applying as the brush is very easy to smudge with and can apply too thick every now and then. I do like this mascara very much however if you like a dramatic look, for example, you often wear lashes I don’t think this is for you


241 reviews

May 10, 2020

Provides volume and lifts lashes

This is a very good mascara but I prefer the other benefit mascaras compared to this one. This does provide quite a lot of volume to my lashes. It does lift them up and create the false lash effect. I struggle with how many coats to use with this mascara because one coat is not enough but then two coats clumps my lashes together. My lashes do remain lifted all day and it separates my lashes. I am not hugely fond of the packaging and think this could be improved. It is a very good quality mascara and would recommended for those that want to try it out.


19 reviews

May 7, 2020

Really good product!

I really love this mascara. It gives your lashes so much length. The colour is great it makes your lashes look really black. It gives your lashes a lot of volume as well. I really like the applicator on the wand and it’s a good size but I do find the product tends to congregate at the bottom of the applicator so I scrape it against the inside of the tube and it’s completely fine it’s not an issue. For such a small tube there is a lot of product inside. The size is great and it’s really travel friendly


8 reviews

May 7, 2020

Small, useful, voluminous,

This mini mascara from benefit has honestly changed my life because I no longer need to spend ages trying to secure my falsies on. Instead, I just curl my lashes and put this baby on and tah-dah, my lashes are long and voluminous. The mini size is perfect for carrying in your mini purse during a night out for touch-ups and the brush doesn’t cause any clumping. Moreover, the mascara itself is long lasting and doesn’t cause much irritation to my eyes which are somewhat sensitive unlike some other mascaras I have tried before. It’s definitely a product I would highly recommend


298 reviews

May 7, 2020

Super natural and easy to use mascara

I really love the formula of this mascara. It does not clump or make the lashes stick together in fact it ensures there's even lash separation and uniform coating of each lash with the mask. The formula is slightly thick but I don't mind this because it makes my eyelashes look more healthy vplumises and Ken. I have very short straight eyelashes. This mascara has a slight perminf effect as it does lift my lashes up so that they really are working to its fullest. It's dramatic yet natural all at the same time. There is no need to wait for the mascara to dry and a poly several other coats. One application is enough.


31 reviews

May 5, 2020

The Perfect Mascara For Volume Lashes

Benefit's They're Real Mascara is so so so good! It has an extremely black pigment which is perfect and it has the ability to lengthen lashes in the most natural way without clumping lashes together or making your lashes look too over the top. It is so perfect for every day use and the fact that it comes in a mini version is such a plus. I love Benefit's mini collection as it is so long-lasting and so easy to travel with. They're Real is one of my favourite mascaras and it really helps to add a lot o volume to my lashes!


10 reviews

May 4, 2020

Versatile, gentle, and Natural Looking

I love this 'They're Real!' mascara from Benefit! It's the perfect size to take anywhere with you and lasts forever! You only need a small amount on the wand to really open up your eyes for a natural look, or you can add a bit more for a really voluminous and lengthened lash. The shape at the end of the wand makes it much easier to reach the small lashes in the corners of your eyes without causing too much mess or smudging which is something I absolutely adore. I also have sensitive eyes and have had no irritation from this mascara- so it's really a win all around.


33 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Leaves you with Beautiful lashes

I first bought this mascara as a mini when I first started using makeup, once I used it i litterally couldn’t stop, it gave me amazing and beautiful luscious looking lashes, it did what it claimed to, as it gave me lashes that looked like falsies even thought they’re real - just as the packaging claims, this mascara is amazing and is very affordable, I love the packaging and it can be used for any types of looks both glam and natural, it can even be worn under false lashes to give a more volumised effect, it’s an amazing product


33 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Leaves you with Beautiful lashes

I first bought this mascara as a mini when I first started using makeup, once I used it i litterally couldn’t stop, it gave me amazing and beautiful luscious looking lashes, it did what it claimed to, as it gave me lashes that looked like falsies even thought they’re real - just as the packaging claims, this mascara is amazing and is very affordable, I love the packaging and it can be used for any types of looks both glam and natural, it can even be worn under false lashes to give a more volumised effect, it’s an amazing product


52 reviews

Apr 27, 2020

Love it!!

I rate this mascara very highly. it is not clumpy and really enhances your eyelashes. this is my go to mascara for every make up routine I do and especially my every day natural make up routine. the fact it is mini aswell Is really good as it fits in an every day bag and even your coat pocket or purse. benefit is a brand that I know I can always rely on and it also is not too expensive so you can continue to buy without breaking your bank! it is one hundred perfect worth the money! get buying girls


1 review

Apr 27, 2020

good, would definitely buy again!

great brush application, gets your lashes looking really thick. good consistency of mascara and not too heavy on your lashes. this mascara is also easily removable with makeup remover but lasts a moderate amount of time in water although it runs a little. would recommend to anyone who likes wispy looking lashes and wants a mascara that will last all day and won’t make lashes look clumped or too thick. wouldn’t recommend if your on a tight budget as benefit isn’t the cheapest brand but it’s still a great mascara and meets the needs i’ve explained above, i really liked this mascara and would buy it again!


12 reviews

Apr 26, 2020

Good, amazing, good colour, lengthening, volume!

This product is incredible. I love the colour of it and it is very high quality even though it is pricey. The packaging is amazing and is of very good standard. I think everyone should go out and buy this as I love it and I think you will too. It is a nice looking product and is also from a very good and high quality brand. The product applies very nicely and easily and it compliments all skin tones and all skin textures. Overall, I love this and I think it is a product that is definitely worth buying


19 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

I will never love another mascara like I love this one!

This is the holy grail of all mascaras... it really is the best of the best! Benefit really smashed it with this one. First used years ago and to this day haven’t found a mascara I like better than this one! The formula is great and doesn’t clump at all also I really like the wand as it’s hard plastic so again prevents clumping. It has a normal mascara brush and then like a ball hit at the end which ya perfect for brushing up to give your eyelashes more volume. I will never love another mascara like I love this one


53 reviews

Apr 23, 2020

Larger sized product, but not benefits!

I actually have the full sized version of this mascara so the picture may differ, it’s a good mascara but I feel as though benefit have better products than this one, the brush isn’t as long as most of there other mascaras so it take longer to apply. It is jet black and it makes lashes appear longer and curler what some people like about the product but I wasn’t overally keen on was the fact it really separates each lash and I prefer a bulky and thicker lash. It is water proof though and does last during the day whilst sunbwyhing


73 reviews

Apr 23, 2020


this mascara is my holy grail and one of my go to! Not only does it enhance your lashes it does it without the clump which we all love as it gives it more of a natural feeling! My lashes feel darker and the wand makes it ideal to coat every single lash so it’s pops off! Benefit mascaras never seem to disappoint and I will be trying to others! It holds the curls of my lashes all day and doesn’t wear it down like other mascaras I’ve tried in the past and it’s great for shorter lashes that want to stand out


15 reviews

Apr 22, 2020

Leaves lashes defined and lengthened.

A great mascara for those people who slate art have longer lashes and just want extra definition. I don’t think this mascara gives that much extra volume want the formula is very black and quite thick meaning it leaves your lashes looking extra dark. The wand is unique with the ball at the end which allows it to coat every lash, even the inner most ones. It requires a few layers to be put on to see a decent result but after that it stays on all day without smudging or you needing to top it up. Also good for bottom lashes


2 reviews

Apr 16, 2020

The benefit mascara is a must !

The benefit mascara is a must have as it makes your lashes look soo natural and long. The wand is also perfect size and the mascara is not clumpy at all. The wand isn’t too big either which is good because then you do not end up poking your eye. It also feels nice on your lashes. It is my favourite mascara I have because everything is soo good about it and I would definitely recommend to someone who is looking for a decent mascara to use on a daily basis. I can’t say how much it is amazing and I recommend


16 reviews

Apr 16, 2020

Brilliant mascara for any occasion.

Nice mascara for any occasion; everyday wear, night out etc. It makes your eyelashes look really long if applied correctly and I found with this mascara that less is always more: if you spend too long coating the lashes by repeatedly going over them it can get a tiny bit clumpy but this is easily avoided. The only reason I don’t wear it anymore is because in my opinion I found a better mascara from Clinique, but this is still a great one to use. I used to wear this everyday and it’s not hard to remove and does not smudge


33 reviews

Apr 10, 2020

Gives the illusion of fake lashes!

This mascara by benefit has to be the best mascara I have ever used, I would say this because it lengthens my lashes so well and makes them look amazing, it is not over priced as well meaning that the price is very reasonable and worth the amount of product you get, this mascara was the first ever mascara I had bought when I first started wearing makeup and I have never gone back nor has this mascara ever been replaced, it makes your lashes go extremely long and gives the illusion of you wearing fake lashes but in reality it’s the mascara, it’s a lovely product


62 reviews

Apr 9, 2020

My All Time Favourite Mascara!

The best mascara I have ever ever ever used. It makes the lashes look so so long and clump free whist also looking fake and stunning. I really have literally zero complaints about this benefit mascara. The price is slightly high but when I bought it I fell in love with the results and the amount of compliments I got was insane. I do find that my drugstore mascaras haven’t lived up to this one yet but for now I’m trying to find cheaper ones whilst in lockdown as I have no money. But I live benefit mascaras too much


100 reviews

Apr 5, 2020

good, smudge proof, waterproof, lengthens, lonastin

This is one of my favorite mascaras and my go to for when I’m going out or wearing a full face. This mascara stays on literally forever. I have tried tons of mascaras from drugstore, to prestige brands to high end brands and I haven’t found a better mascara that not only lengthens my lashes, it makes them look fuller. I am not a fan of the matching primer and prefer MILK Cosmetics Kush Lash Primer instead. The wand also has a asterisk shape at the end to allow the wand to grab those tiny lashes. My only complaint kind of is that it’s extremely difficult to take off. It won’t come off with a regular cleanser and you need either a makeup remover or good micellar water. Benefit has a remover with the set but I really don’t like it. It’s cream based and easy to get in the eyes and when it does, it slightly burns and makes your vision blurry for a FEW MINUTES. This mascara is a great option for those who don’t have extensions or those who wear a “full-done up” face that need their makeup to stay for as long as possible. If you’re wanting a natural look, this isn’t the mascara for you.


3 reviews

Apr 1, 2020

Really natural mascara

I bought a mini one quite a while ago, out of curiosity, as I had heard some positive reviews, and it’s honestly so nice, the wand isn’t too think or too big, it’s just the perfect size, the application is smooth and doesn’t leave your eyelashes really clumpy, unlike some other mascaras I have tried in the past, even the mini one has a good amount of product inside it too! I like that this mascara doesn’t leave your eyelashes looking extremely fake, leaves a nice natural finish. Although I have tried some better drugstore mascaras, as a high end mascara I would definitely recommend


14 reviews

Mar 8, 2020

Excellent, clump free, dries quickly

This is a great mascara to add a little volume length to your lashes. It is a natural looking mascara, not a dramatic look. This mascara has been around for years and has won many awards. It’s a beautiful product that delivers! Very pigmented. So much pigment from the first coat, you almost don’t need a second! The brush is excellent for separating and lengthening lashes. The tip is excellent for grabbing even the shortest and finest hairs. The brush has short and long hairs that work well together applying product and brushing your lashes. I didn’t experience any clumping with this mascara. I was sure to use it for a week before writing a review. You don’t want to do too many coats because the rich formula might begin to look spidery or clumpy. Dries quickly and doesn’t smudge or flake during the day. It is a rich formula that can be a little tough to remove. You will need eye makeup remover to gentle wash off this mascara.

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