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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

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1 review

Dec 1, 2020

Worth the buy

This is by far my favourite pomade, I am still learning to do my eye brows properly but this is very easy to apply! It just glides on and does not dry out quickly like other brands do. It lasts for a long time and also doesn’t need vigorous rubbing to remove like some which makes you lose eyebrow hairs. In my photo this look was done for me with the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade as I’m no where near this good. Will definitely be stocking up on this product, you could not change my mind to another pomade now!


6 reviews

Nov 22, 2020

Perfect for creating thin brow hairs

Buildable and durable! This is my favorite brow pomade, and as a makeup artist, believe I have tried many! I love using this to draw little thin hairs that look very natural, for a bushy brow, which is so fashionable right now! I use shade medium brown, I think it is perfect for us girls with a darker complexion. I will definitely repurchase this. The product is easily buildable and just as intense as you need it to be for it to look amazing! Also, love the packaging, as it is made of glass and not plastic! I will definitely repurchase this!


81 reviews

Nov 8, 2020

on fleek brows

This was my first eyebrow purchase and Lord I’m I thankful for my friends for getting me on this. Now I do my eyebrows almost everyday (4/5 days a week) and this product has lasted me... wait for it..... a..... YEAR. YES you read the correctly a year. After a couple months it does dry up but all I would do is add a drop of baby oil or liquid face primer. Basically anything liquid and it would freshen this baby up. I’m a dirty blonde and use the shade taupe it matches me perfectly. Honestly best ABH protect ever


11 reviews

Oct 29, 2020

the best eyebrow pomade 😍

I love anastasia dipbrow pomade in dark brown, I have had it for nearly 2 years and it’s lasted me still until now, I use this with a tiny bit of Vaseline and it keeps my eyebrows looking fuller and nicely shaped. It doesn’t feel to thick on my brows either. Definitely recommend this more than any other eyebrow makeup or other pomades out there. Also average price not too expensive, good quality and lasts a long time as you don’t need to keep worrying about purchasing it over and over again frequently. Absolutely love love love it. 😍 😍


7 reviews

Oct 25, 2020


This was my first eyebrow purchase and Lord I’m I thankful for my friends for getting me on this. Now I do my eyebrows almost everyday (4/5 days a week) and this product has lasted me... wait for it..... a..... YEAR. YES you read the correctly a year. After a couple months it does dry up but all I would do is add a drop of baby oil or liquid face primer. Basically anything liquid and it would freshen this baby up. I’m a dirty blonde and use the shade taupe it matches me perfectly. Honestly best ABH protect ever.


4 reviews

Oct 19, 2020

Best Brow product ever !!

This gorgeous Anastasia brow product ! Is such a. Nice makeup product to apply to your brows and is it creates a bold but also a natural finishing eyebrow look ,personally I think this is so affordable for as good it is , when u apply concealor to the brow the brow kit really stands out as it is such a bold pomade, I really love this product as it doesn’t dry out easy the colours of the pomade attract all hair colours , you could easily find a perfect match for your brows , the container that the brow product is in is amazing !!!!!!!! !!!!!


17 reviews

Sep 28, 2020

Fave brow product

I have bought Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade so many times in my life it’s easy to define your brows the brush is amazing too perfect for precision it’s just as good as any other pomade out there its perfect for sculpting and defining your eyebrows abh is known for brow products and the formula is not drying or thick or hard to get out onto your brows it lasts a long time there’s quite abit of it and it’s just perfect i haven’t found anything better I love it my eyebrows look amazing whenever I use this I have a almost empty one In my makeup draw so I need another one asap love to slay is amazing!!!


18 reviews

Sep 18, 2020

Insane for sharp natural brows

Wow wow wow where do i even start with this product! I am in love with the consistency of it the formula is so soft and creamy it just glides on to your eye brows. If you use a small angled and pointy brush you can get such a sharp eyebrow with such a defined shape which looks so natural ! ! I love the colour it is so gorgeous and perfect I highly recommend this if you are like me and like to fill in your brows and make them a sharp shape Great great product will use again 😍


59 reviews

Sep 5, 2020

Can not live without it

Was recommended this by my eyebrow stylist hadnt heard of it before but her's look immaculate so went and treated myself... Best product ever, ive used quite a few pencils and powders on my brows but this is a simple, one tin that just does the job exactly right - deep color, can shape them perfectly and it literally lasts all day. I have blonde hair but use the brown as i like my statement brows it is very prominent on and dont need a lot - didnt even remember that my eyebrows hadnt been done in 6 weeks as wear this everyday and they look brand salon new. If you love your HD brows would say this is a must.


7 reviews

Sep 4, 2020


This is my holy grail product. I love this for filling in my brows you do not need a lot of product a little goes a long way. The size of it is also generous meaning it will last you a long time. I have the shade dark brown and it’s perfect for me. I can’t ever see myself doing my brows with a different pomade because this is the best one ever. I’ve had mine for a while and it’s still going strong so it is well worth the price but I was lucky to get it for free.


1 review

Aug 24, 2020

Nice, Informative , Positive

amazing product , smooth consistency, really easy to applie makes my eyebrows look sharp and shaped , i'm amazed wiv how long this product lasts i've had it well over 6 months now and i've still got quite a bit left . definitely a must buy product i always get compliments on my brows when i use this. the packaging is very nice and i love the size of it fits perfect in my makeup bag and perfect to travel wiv. although i can dry out it still works amazing wiv some setting spray . my eyebrows never smudge and it's lasts so long


9 reviews

Aug 17, 2020

A Bold Creamy Brow Pomade!

if you like a thick bold brow then this is perfect for you. it’s creamy however does dry up over time but if you spray the pomade with some setting spray and mix it a bit then it’s be good as new. i prefer a more softer brow which you can still achieve with this as long as you go in more sparingly and with a softer hand. i even use this pomade for eyeliner if i want a brown eyeliner and it’s great for that, i use it as a lip liner and for freckles. it’s a great pomade to own

Mared Rhys

17 reviews

Aug 15, 2020


I’ve never been a huge brow make up girl to be completely honest. I already have good natural brows. (Huge thank you to my mum who hid the tweezer when thin brows were a thing) quick bit of brow gel or brow pencil and I’m normally good to go. But decided I fancied trying something different so impulse bought the dip brow! And omg I’m in love! Super pigmented and easy to apply, stays In place all day as well..and I have oily skin! I can see this being a permanent product in my make up collection definitley a must buy! Just purchased a new one as I’ve finished the first!


32 reviews

Aug 14, 2020

Pigmented. Long lasting. Smooth. Effortless.

Brilliant eyebrow pomade which lasts all day! I previously just used powders on my eyebrows but this pomade changed my eyebrow routine completely. It’s so pigmented so you only need a small amount so the product is great value for money! Anastasia offer a wide range of shades so there will be one suitable for you! I used this pomade to create the Instagram fluffy brows which are very on trend atm. You can create a strong bold eyebrow or blend it out with a brush for a more natural look. It’s so versatile. I’ll defo repurchase when this runs out!


6 reviews

Aug 4, 2020

Best Eyebrow Pomade, Ever!

This eyebrow pomade is incredible and glides on with such ease. The amount of pigment you get in one touch is incredible - a little goes a long way. Although the pot seems quite small I’ve had this product for quite a while and it hasn’t ran out yet. I use it on a daily basis to do my eyebrows as mine are very faint. The pomade is buildable and will suit anyone’s preferable shape or colour. If you’re aiming to achieve a more dramatic look pick up a bit more product on the brush and if you’re aiming to go for a more natural look, lightly just dab your brush in the pomade.


1 review

Aug 3, 2020

Good Review!

Would highly recommended! It apples nice and smoothly onto the brow and gives good outlines and shapes so that it’s easy to follow through. This is really good for blending out to the front of the brow! The pomade never drys up and always has a good consistency to it and easy to use! Therefore you can get your light and dark tones with this product and manage to get the look or shape of brows that you wanted. I would buy this again as I had good experience with this product and as it’s good for its price. Recommend to people who love there brows!


2 reviews

Jul 29, 2020

It Will Be Your Holy Grail!

The Anastasia dipbrow pomade is the way to go it is a smooth consistency and never dries out it also applies nicely to the brow and fills in brow patches , you know that it’s good quality because a little goes along way the pigment doesn’t stain the skin which is good if you have sensitive skin . When I use orher brands after a couple of hours the pomade becomes extremely crumble . I would get this again because it has the 2 thing I’m looking for 1 it is a long lasting pomade 2 it doesn’t dry out .


38 reviews

Jul 29, 2020

The Best Brow Pomade, Ever!

This Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade was the the first eyebrow product I ever tried and honestly would not try anything els as this is an amazing products and works so well for me. The product is so creamy, well pigmented and apples so smoothly and evenly. There are also a variety of different shades to choose from which will suite every individual. There is not one thing I don’t like about this product. It’s not drying at all and lasts ages. It really is worth every penny as it will last ages. It’s a little bit expensive but it’s worth it


11 reviews

Jul 28, 2020

Recommend To Buy This Product!

definetely 4 stars! this anastasia brow promade is so amazing like gives your brows such a good look and is easy to use if you dislike pencils or powder, the pot lasts you so long as you dont need to use much so will last you like so many months. the promade however does dry up a bit fast so you need to be careful not leaving it open and everything. however i do recommend you buy this as it is my favourite thing to put on my brows and will last me all night with out any touch ups!


5 reviews

Jul 25, 2020

Eyebrows Are On Fleek!

4 stars ! So simple and glides on so smooth . The pot litterally lasts FOREVER ! You do not need to apply alot of this product . A little goes a long way . It blends out nicely . My only criticism would be it can smudge on your face . Be sure to set it with powder , or a form of setting spray to avoid this . I always apply it with a angled brush then carve out my brows after wards for even more definition . For newbies to this product i would go a shade down! Its very thick and pigmented .


61 reviews

Jul 24, 2020

Great Eyebrow Product!

the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade is a really good eyebrow pomade. I have the shade medium brown and am almost finished with my one. a little goes a long way and I purchased mine a while ago and wore it everyday. pomades are difficult to work with but once you get the hang of how to use it you can create a really nice and soft brow shape without it being harsh, dark and boxy. the eye brow pomade is really long lasting on the skin and I think it is also waterproof (not sure if its advertised as this)


26 reviews

Jul 24, 2020

Favourite Eyebrow Product!

I absolutely love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. I have been using it for years but stopped because it was quite hard to pay £22 every few months but nothing compared to it no powder, gel or pencil can beat it but then when i downloaded love to slay I seen that they had the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade for completely free and I was shocked, I'm so happy and my eyebrows look amazing since purchasing i have realized that I don't actually need to use that much of the product because it is so creamy and is super pigmented. hope this helps everyone out x


105 reviews

Jul 21, 2020

Good Brow Pomade, Really Impressed!

ive tried tons of different cream/gel brow products but always end up coming back to Dipbrow. The variations in color tones and depth make it easy to find a great match and it's just a really easy to use (if you use a light hand!) and is an excellent value since such a little bit goes a long way. They last through nearly everything, I come out of work in our hot, humid, oily kitchen and while half of my makeup is probably separated or getting there my brows are always in tip-top shape. I think the only time I had this stuff wear down was when I did a 13 hour shift in the middle of summer and sweat my bones out all day. However, these are SUPER pigmented so it's important for people unaccustomed to this kind of product to go light and build up as needed. Folks who say its impossible to get a natural looking brow with this simply aren't applying it correctly. I use a very firm and thin brow brush for the mids and tail and then a super thin eyeliner brush to feather in faint lines to mimic hair around the front section and anywhere I feel needs some thickening.


3 reviews

Jul 13, 2020

The best brow product around

I love this product as the little pot lasts for so long. I apply it early and it stays on all day. I tend to wear it when going out for drinks as it makes my brows look a lot bolder. I use dark brown and have my hair dyed blonde but I find it is not too dark for me. I use a small brush to apply to my brows. Only con is I find the pot drys up quite quickly to I tend to drop some oil in just a drop or 2 to mix the brow crime up.


1 review

Jul 13, 2020

Fantastic product.

Amazing product. Never fails to make my brows look on point! I absolutely love it and use it’ll the time. The product lasts ages too! So definitely worth the money because it lasts ages This is the chocolate shade on me, I am a natural ginger so have eye brows that are blonde and barely visible. This product really helps me to have eye brows and help frame my face. I can not leave the house with out my eye brows on now - this product really is a life saver and game changer. Will definitely buy this brow pomade again.


10 reviews

Jul 12, 2020

Decent product, badly priced

It’s okay overall. A little goes a long way with the product however if this is left on for a day it turns ginger (I have the medium brown one). It is a fairly good product but is very expensive for what it’s worth. You can get drugstore brand ones that are even better than this for a third of the price. I think the product itself is great but obviously with it turning ginger on my eyebrows and it being so extortionately priced it was a big let down for me. It’s okay just for flexing purposes or bragging about owning an Anastasia product.


1 review

Jul 10, 2020

Amazing product I love it so much

I’m absolutely loving this item it’s amazing! It stays on for all day long and it’s definitely my shade. It arrived really quickly. I’m very happy with it it’s also very big. I was surprised when it arrived how big it actually was. I’m very impressed and I can’t wait to use it for more makeup looks. I would definitely buy it again I can just recommend it. It’s a lovely product of you want to have sleek and beautiful eyebrows. Girls you gotta get this it’s amazing. I’m thankful to LovetoSlay for the opportunity that I got this amazing product.


2 reviews

Jul 10, 2020

Let’s too quick and drys too fast

This eyebrow pomade is okay. It’s very pigmented which sometimes makes is hard to work with as you’re left with harsh lines in your brows. It sets super fast and doesn’t budge once it is set though, which is a good thing. It’s a bit difficult to blend if you’ve got quite thick hairs. Personally I would prefer if it was less pigmented and a bit of a thinner formula. The price is a lot as well, especially as if you don’t close the lid properly it will dry out fast. I would recommend trying a sample first and save yourself money.


15 reviews

Jul 4, 2020

My favourite

This is an absolute must have in my makeup collection.I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a long lasting,high quality eyebrow pomade.A little product goes a long way.My eyebrows always look so defined afterwards and I always get compliments on them.I have had mine for a very long time yet there’s so much product left.Theres a large variety of shades to choose from depending on your hair colour.It can also double up as an eyeliner making it very versatile.It also blends oh that effortlessly and looks so natural afterwards.I would highly recommend as it’s the best I’ve tried.


2 reviews

Jul 3, 2020

amazing love it love love love

i absolutely love this product it is so creamy and great for brow definitions great for filling in brows i love all the different shades it comes in there is a shade for everyone it goes great with all the brow jels i have used it with it lasts so long i have used it hundreds of times and im barely even half way through i absolutely live it i live the packaging its very neat and compact and great travel essential i have nothing bad to say about it i love it couldnt think of a better product to use


74 reviews

Jul 1, 2020

Stays on all day,worth it

I got this in the shade “chocolate”, this is very pricey everywhere else however on here I had the chance to get it for free. I love this so much as it gives such a good arch to my eyebrows and gives off a good shape. I also think that this is definitely worth the original price although it is more expensive than usual drugstore pomades. Also, this stays on absolutely all day long which is amazing and doesn’t come off throughout the day no matter what I am doing. This is one of the reasons why I absolutely love this product, other brow pomeades I have found come of very easily, but this one is outstanding, I love it.


10 reviews

Jun 27, 2020

Staple Product

I tried drugstore pomades to try and find a cheaper dupe before I bought the ABH one as it's pretty pricey but I can confirm that it is worth every penny. Drugstore pomades didn't work for me they almost immediately dried out and then became watery when I tried to re hydrate them- complete waste of money and for the money that I spent trying to find a dupe I could have bought ABH Dip Brow to start with. Inevitably, like all pomades this product will dry out BUT I have found that with just the tiniest drop of argon oil brings it back to life. I swear by this product. Nothing compares.


5 reviews

Jun 24, 2020

Creamy but difficult to use

I love the formula of this product as a little bit goes such a long way! I use the shade caramel which is a light to medium brown shade. The consistency is very creamy and blend able. I apply the product with an angled brow brush then I blend it out with a brow brush. As great of a formula it is, I find it hard to create a natural brow with it as it applies quite harshly and creates more of a defined look so bare that in mind when purchasing. If you like a defined brow, I would recommend this product however if you like a quick and natural brow I wouldn’t recommend this.


26 reviews

Jun 20, 2020

realy great creamy eyebrow promade

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow promade in the shade Ebony is my go to eyebrow promade product. It is so easy to use with an angled brush to create a full and nicely shaped brow. However, it is on the pricier side but it is still worth the money because it is great quality and doesn’t dry out quickly like other dupes I have tried. The formula is quite creamy which makes it easy to apply, and you get loads of product in the tub. Even though it is a tad expensive it is worth it. Great brow product


62 reviews

Jun 12, 2020

Perfect brows

My favourite brow product ever! I love Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade- I was recommended this by a friend and absolutely love it! My favourite brow product to fill in and carve brows, I wouldn’t use anything else now. It’s waterproof so lasts all day without smudging and great even in hot weather. Great selection of colours, matches my brow shade perfectly. The pot lasts forever as you only need the smallest amount- I’ve had mine nearly a year now and I have plenty left, well worth the price! If you haven’t tried it yet go get it! Amazing !


14 reviews

Jun 11, 2020

Amazing and so easy to use

This is my favourite brow pomade I’ve ever used, I just wish they sold it in shops near me because I found it quite hard picking my shade online. The shade, however, is perfect and matches my natural brow colour amazingly, it is very easy to use and so creamy (a little bit goes such a long way.) This product lasts so long through whatever weather (humidity, heat, rain) and when most of my makeup has melted off my face my brows still look perfect. This has lasted me so long, one criticism I have though would be the fact it doesn’t come with a brush.


24 reviews

Jun 7, 2020

The perfect brow product

I love this product so much . I’ve been through 2 of these and just bought a new one . It’s so easy to apply and you can create both a defined and natural brow . It can last up to a year and it’s ok if it dries out cause you can revive the product in different ways . Also it’s a very creamy texture and I love the variety of colours you can get . Your bound to find the perfect shade for you . I really recommend this product so easy to apply and gets your brows looking fleakkk


136 reviews

Jun 5, 2020

Could never stop using this pomade

This is the one product I cannot live without and never switch out. I have been using this product since I was a teen and honestly hope that this product as it is, never changes. Not only is it the perfect creation by ABH, but also the pomade form has been the perfect in between of natural and full makeup brows (if ya know what I mean!) The formula is so creamy and lightweight, it is a lovely product to use. Not to mention the colour Ash Brown, is quite individualistic to the brand and matches perfectly, not black but not chocolate. I was struggling financially early last year and for the first time in approximately five years I bought a cheap drugstore one as I ran out and it reminded me why I use what I do... it was dry, chalky, flaky and plain horrid. ABH Pomade is the one. It can pretty much last a year or so, so super affordable.


138 reviews

Jun 4, 2020

Amazing Brown Pomade Smooth, Cute, Long Lasting

This brow pomade is amazing! On the days when I apply this, it makes my eyebrows look fantastic. I initially bought this because I’d plucked my brows and left them looking uneven. I was shocked when I saw how much of a difference applying this makes! It lasts all day, looks really natural (including in sparser areas of my eyebrows), and goes on really easily (I use it with the accompanying brush by Anastasia, but I’m sure you could use other eyebrow brushes for it too!). Plus, a little goes a long way, so I don’t have to use much of this product at all to achieve the desired effect.


5 reviews

Jun 4, 2020

Best Brow Pomade I’ve Ever Used

I’ve been using this Anastasia Beverly Hills Brie pomade in medium brown for over a year joe and I woukd never switch to anything else. My brows stay on all day and hold up in the rain perfectly. The pot may look small but you get extremely good use out of them. This pomade allows you to do both soft and heavy brows catering to everyone as it allows flexibility for looks. I also found the product doesn’t dry out after a long period when compared to other pomades. It’s perfect for all types of looks like everyday, glam, a natural brow loo etc


48 reviews

Jun 3, 2020

Long Lasting, Waterproof, Smooth!!

the anastazia beverly hills dipbrow pomade is amazing. it has a smooth consistency and is also waterproof! it’s so good for absolutely anyone, beginners or not. before getting this, you must consider that it doesn’t come with a brush and how the actual thing is quite small but to be fair a little goes a long way with this brow pomade so it can las a long time. i highly recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade since you can’t really go wrong with it. i hope this review has helped anyone deciding whether or not to get it xoxo


3 reviews

Jun 2, 2020

Best Eyebrow Product To Use

I love this Eyebrow product! A little bit of it goes a long way and it is very pigmented. It lasts a long time but it does go dry if you leave it too long. this is my favourite eyebrow product to use because It lasts all day And I put it on Almost every morning and by night it’s still on there. It’s mostly smudge proof. I can’t use any other eyebrow product after trying this as this is the best one I have ever used. I will be ordering another soon.Make sure to get the Right colour as mine was too light


31 reviews

May 31, 2020

Definitely r

I first used this product last year and it was the best decision I ever made. At first I was a bit sceptical about purchasing this product due to the higher price, however I definitely understand the hype now I have used it. The pot lasts so long and is definitely worth spending the money on. It glides onto my brows so easily which makes applying my brows so much quicker and easier. It also lasts all day and once set with brow gel it does not smudge or lose its colour which I have found in products I have used before


57 reviews

May 29, 2020

Really nice product for brow

This is one product that I can never say that I have regretted investing in. Besides a great color range, the fantastic formula of this product also serves precision, blendability and great staying-power. There’s definitely a learning curve to using this kind of product, but once you’re able to master navigating the nooks crannies of your own eyebrows, you can be sure that your eyebrows will absolutely be beautiful, sharp and bushy, all the time! Probably the biggest difficulty with using this product is the learning curve you have to go through before mastering the use of the product. Great


62 reviews

May 29, 2020

Love This! Stays Put All Day

I’ve used this anastasia dipbrow pomade many times now- I love it!!! It stays put all day, it doesn’t smudge or smear off- it is waterproof and smudge proof so it’s great if you’re wearing it In really hot weather! Definitely my favourite brow product ever- brows instantly look fuller and it is so easy to use! Great choice of colours- there is a shade for everyone!! I use this with the Anastasia brow brush for precise, quick and easy application. I get a lot of compliments on my eyebrows and I’m sure it is from using this amazing product!


26 reviews

May 28, 2020

The Best Brow Pomade Ever

This is my favourite and I think best ever eyebrow pomade. I was sceptical at first as I'd never purchased anything from Anastasia before and it was quite pricey for a small pot but it is worth the money. Although it is a small pot, you dont need much at all so it really does last. Lots of other pomade dry up quickly but this one doesnt and it's so easy to use with an angled brush. You can do any type of brow style with it and the range of colour is great. I would recommend using a brow powder on top as it really holds it in place the entire day and works well


9 reviews

May 26, 2020

Durable, pigmented, smooth, creamy, stron

I started using this after a recommendation from a friend, and it is a very good product for filling and shaping the brows, especially if you want to change the shape of them. I prefer to have more natural looking brows so I have to be extremely light handed with the product as it is very pigmented so I usually dab of excess before applying it. The product doesn’t smudge throughout the day and is long lasting too! The only con would be that because a lot of product comes off the brush it is sometimes easy to apply too much and make your eyebrows too dark but after practicing a few time’s I found i quickly realised what amount was right for me


6 reviews

May 23, 2020


I used to be obsessed with this product, I have purchased 4 different shades in it and yes I will admit they are all very high quality and truly do give a defined eyebrow as well as a natural looking one but I will admit the shades can come across very bold and sometimes come across as fake looking eyebrows because the dipbrow is so heavy n dark but I still really do like the product because it was good quality and last for ages. One other thing I would say about it is that it is quite pricey for the size of it but i would definitely buy it again because it is (as I said earlier) really good quality. So yes I would still recommend this product!!


7 reviews

May 23, 2020

Amazing but can get messy

Such a smooth and perfect product. One of the best dip brows I’ve used out of every other one. It gives you such a natural look when applied on and it’s applied on so creamy. Can get in many different shades of colours and it last for up to a year. After keeping it on for too long like a few hours the only thing it does is get really messy and smudges. Sometimes it can dry up but there a plenty of solutions to get it back to the substance it was or a substance you would want. Overall amazing


5 reviews

May 22, 2020

Great brows all day long

I bought this product to compare against the Benefit Ka-Brow and can honestly say it’s a very close choose! I ordered in the colour Auburn, however it is slightly lighter than what I expected. The texture is so light and creamy, easy to use as applies very well! Long lasting, actually takes more effort to take off your facethan my Ka-Brow but that’s great because it doesn’t wear off throughout the day. Deffo get your moneys worth as only little is needed at one time, so looks to be a long lasting product. I will be investing into more ABH products!

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