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MAC Eye Pencil

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5 reviews

Nov 1, 2020

Very disappointing

This was more than what i would usually spend on an eye pencil, was recommended in a magazine article so i thought id give it a try. It does not glide on very nicely. The colour does not last long, nor stay in place. I usually use pencil to waterline and tightline,this was not suitable. It smudged and is the least favourite of any eyeliner ive purchased before. I would not recommend, no buy it again. Its very unlikely that i will use what's left of this one in all honesty. Very disappointing especially from a reputable company such as mac.


22 reviews

Oct 30, 2020

Smooth creamy smudgy buildable classic

This is a very smooth and creamy eye pencil which glides on softly and is effortless. One of macs staples in my opinion. The formula is great and its very buildable. So easy to smudge which is great for a classic smokey eye look. Its similar to the lip pencil which i also rate. Exactly what i would expect coming from mac. Id definatley recommend. Comes in a "normal" size so you dont have to go searching for a special shapener size either. Sharpens well too. If you go to a mac store or counter theres quite a lot of variety in shades too


9 reviews

Oct 5, 2020

Nice soft eye pencil best

I just got this a few days ago I like it a lot it’s nice and dark it doesn’t smudge because I do wear eyeliner most days. It applies easily and you don’t need keep applying it more the once is nice and smooth and dark just the way I like it . You can use on bottom and top as well it sharpens easily I would say worth the price it’s a bit expensive to other brands but worth it for me it one of the best brand I have used and definitely recommend buying I give it 10/10


105 reviews

Aug 12, 2020

Best Eye Pencil!

This is a cult product for me, applies really easily, good longevity and I like the fact it's dark but not black, so not as harsh! I think I may be in double figures of purchases! this really does line and define your eyes i'm really looking forward to buying this again. i recommended this to many of my friends and all of them loved it as much as me. This is the perfect dark brown and suits all eye colours. I have repurchased this product on multiple occasions but I feel the most recent pencil has changed and does not glide on as easily as before!


18 reviews

Jul 26, 2020

Lovely Eyeliner! Really, Really Nice!

Very pigmented eyeliner and has couple of options of colours which is good. These liners last for a long time however there is cheaper eyeliner available. This eyeliner is pigmented and very creamy and you don’t need to reapply it over and over again. This eyeliner you will have to sharpen every time you want to use it because it’s very creamy so you will have to make it sharp before applying it again. You can use this eyeliner as a wing liner or eyeliner on the eyelids and blend it out or even in the inner eyes. Which is amazing


33 reviews

Jul 23, 2020

Good Product!

Mac is a really good brand and produce some really great stuff and this liner is one of them . It’s also smudge proof which is very helpful if u have a itchy eye and don’t want to smudge your beautiful eye liner ! I think it is also water proof . Mac sell there products at really good prices so this eye liner is definitely worth buying and the eye liner has laste d me quite a whil which is fab. ! I have recommended to many friends and they also love it! Pls go and buy this ASAP!


236 reviews

Jul 18, 2020

Best eye pencil

This is the one product in my makeup bag that has been there since the beginning of time. I've tried other eye pencils, but I always reach for Coffee. I have about 5 or 6 stubs of these lying around at all times. This is not the right pencil to use to make a sharp line. This is to be used to smudge (with a brush) very close to the lash line a create a smokey effect. Top it with shadows for a blown out look, or leave it solo for a quick way to softly define the eyes. I also use it to tightline/waterline. I use this pencil every single day no matter what. I have smallish, light eyes that disappear into my skin tone if I do not define them in some way. My skin tone is light-medium olive, but to most people I look fair/light until I stand next to someone who is legit fair. Highly recommend! But remember to smudge it!


19 reviews

Jul 13, 2020

Does not smudge like liquid

I usually use a liquid eyeliner, but bought this as I fancied a bit of a change and I have not looked back. I used to have trouble smudging my eyeliner but with the MAC eye pencil this isn't an issue at all - I use the black eye pencil but have also tried the brown. They both apply really well and the pencil lasts for ages as well! Easiest to apply when not too blunt but not too sharp either. MAC is a great brand, so I didn't expect any different from their eye pencil and was not disappointed.


82 reviews

Jul 11, 2020

Not that bad not good

Have been after a dark brown eyeliner that would last in the water line...a few you tubers even recommended this liner. Within an hour of applying it to my water line, it had disappeared and I don't have watery eyes. Has to be the worst lasting eye liner I've ever used there. That saying, it's a good solid colour and smooth. I might try applying it to my eyebrows instead as one other reviewer does. I think there are much better products on the market, and I am not the biggest fan of MAC products but thought it would give this a try


116 reviews

Jul 7, 2020

so smooth

I love this eye liner so much. I have been using it for the longest time. it does not smudge and applies so smoothly. the consistency is like butter. this is so easy to use especially with a thin brush. it is so easy to get a precise line as the tip is thin. it really does complete a eye look off. it also would make such a good gift idea as the little jar looks so sleek and is a perfect dupe. it really s waterproof and lasts a really long time so it is so worth the get


13 reviews

Jul 4, 2020

so good

I love this eye liner so much. I have been using it for the longest time. it does not smudge and applies so smoothly. the consistency is like butter. this is so easy to use as it is in a pen shaped design. it is so easy to get a precise line as the tip is thin. it really does complete a eye look off. I love the colour the product comes in as it fits so well in my bedroom aesthetic. it also would make such a good gift idea. it really s waterproof and lasts a really long time so it is so worth the get


62 reviews

Jul 2, 2020

It’s ok...

I like this Mac Eyeliner pencil as it has a variety of shades to choose from- I usually go for a brown/dark brown shade as I feel like black can be abit harsh on my skin tone! It is affordable, goes on easily and great for a smoky eye look. I didn’t like that it smudged throughout the day... it isn’t smudge proof or waterproof! But for the price it is ok.


26 reviews

Jun 20, 2020

Precise pencil and good liner

I love the MAC eye pencil, it is my favourite eye liner. This eyeliner is perfect for a smoky eye look, to line to bottom and top lashes and also for the perfect wing. The pencil sharpens really nicely so is precise to make a wing or draw with. I like to blend it out with an eyeshadow brush to create a more smokey look. I would definitely recommend this eyeliner for anyone who wants a good quality eye pencil. The black shade comes up well and pigmented and is easy to work with. Ten out of ten would recommend.


23 reviews

May 29, 2020

Great Lip Liner With A Range Of Shades

Mac have such a wide range of lip liner pencils in a range of colours therefore they are suited to everyone. I have the shade soar which is a purply mauve colour and I love it. The formula applies really smoothly and you feel as if you have full control making sure it is precise. They seem to last ages so very good value for money. Wearing lip liner is a staple for me in my makeup collection as MAC lip liners help to prevent any lipstick from smudging and are good for overlining to make lips look fuller I would definitely recommend this product.


93 reviews

May 25, 2020

good but expensiv

I can see how it may work for some people but if you have oily hooded eyelids it will smudge just everywhere. Even with an eye shadow on top it transferred on the crease each single time. Even with a primer. Otherwise very nice color, soft formula, super easy to apply. If you have dry or normal eyelids you'll probably will appreciate it more. Had to resold mine. Love this eye pencil so much!it compliments my eyes,stays put for a long time and never looks harsh even in daylight,like black eye pencils sometimes do, highly recommend! But still pretty pricey.


292 reviews

May 23, 2020


Have been after a dark brown eyeliner that would last in the water line...a few you tubers even recommended this liner. Within an hour of applying it to my water line, it had disappeared and I don't have watery eyes. Has to be the worst lasting eye liner I've ever used there. That saying, it's a good solid colour and smooth. I might try applying it to my eyebrows instead as one other reviewer does. I think there are much better products on the market, and I am not the biggest fan of MAC products but thought it would give this a try


12 reviews

May 22, 2020

Such a good creamy pencil

This product is so incredibly pigmented and it glides onto my eyelids like a dream. Sometimes I find some eye pencils are either not pigmented at all or are incredibly hard and drag across my eyelid quite aggressively. I absolutely love this eye pencil, I always put it on my eyelids when I am wearing lashes because it makes them look 10 times better. This is also a perfect eye pencil to go on the waterline, I have incredibly sensitive eyes but when I apply this to my waterline it does not bother me one bit. Would 100% recommend this produc


1 review

May 21, 2020

Lasts for along time.

Very pigmented and love the application, it glides across my eye lid very nicely. I could wear it out for a long time and it would look like i just applied it! I like to wear it when i go out to events or parties, lasts the whole time! One of my favourite products that i own and it’s also one of my favourites that is in my makeup back. I’ve been grabbing it a lot compared to other eyeliners. Generally think that its an amazing product and will buy it again when it runs out! Absolutely love it so much


1 review

May 21, 2020

I love this eye pe

I love this eye pencil it really is one of my favourites.When I use it I get a really clean line and it is quite dark making it stand out so I really do love it.Also the price isn’t to bad.100% suggest because it has ALWAYS come in handy for me and it great if your busy and on the run because it swatches very easy.I have only had one problem with this product and it is that it seems to go blunt very very quick leaving it sometimes hard to put on after a while of having and using it so I though I should say incase anyone bought this product.


260 reviews

May 17, 2020

very smooth n cream

I love these eye pencils! They come in a good variety of shades and glide easily acroos the eyelids or to tightline/add to waterline. My favs of the ones I've tried are Prunella and Teddy! I have had Smolder but as dark as it is, I cant use it as an eyeliner because it ends up everywhere. So the one I have, I've been using as a base for smokey eye and apply power shadow over it. I love Prunella because it's a beautiful plum shade that's dark and adds dimension and color when you don't want to use black. Teddy is another fav because its a beautiful medium brown that again adds color and definition without being as dramatic as black. I recommend these for sure!


16 reviews

May 17, 2020

Mac eye liner review 10/1

Where do I even begin, this eye pencil works absolute wonders for me as I struggle to find a black liner than will stick to my waterline and stay as most of my eyeliners rub of very quickly. The formula is absolutely amazing very creamy and it’s also incredibly easy to sharpen. I recommend highly to people trying to find a good liner, it also work well for a winged eyeliner but you have to make sure to sharpen it very well. Other than that 10/10 will 100% buy this product again when I eventually run out as they last a very long time . I


76 reviews

May 10, 2020

Good etepencil

I feel like there are many drugstore alternatives that could work just as well but the lasting power of this pencil is unmatched. I used to use the nyx one but that one would run halfway through the day whereas this one lasts all day and can be easily sharpened. I’ve been a lover of MAC products for some time now but I think that the price compared to its other competitors is quite unreasonable but for a good eyeliner pencil, I’d be willing to pay. Definitely will recommend to my family and friends! Love it :) well done MAC


241 reviews

May 7, 2020

A standard but not amazing pencil

I have quite a few of these as I got them at a discounted price, plus I heard quite a few good reviews about them. But they are not all that, they are literally same to the high street brands and does the same job. I got different shades depending on what look I wanted. I do not reach for these often like I used to and some of them have only been used once. They are quite expensive and I do not think I would repurchase these at full price. They look like their lip liners in terms of packaging so can be easily confused.


33 reviews

May 5, 2020

Lovely Black Pencil For Eyeliner

Not the best pencil out there but I do love it for my waterline. You have to sharpen it a lot, and it does come away after about 4 hours but it’s sharp and does make an area black it is very good for blending it out in the waterline it’s a great black and very pigmented I would recommend it to anyone who needs a waterline or for putting it under your eye for smoking out the bottom. It’s lovely packaging and perfect for travel size and fits right in my bag. Will definitely buy it again or get it with my pointd


341 reviews

May 2, 2020

Good but not the best

This has always been one of my all time favourites but now that more products have been introduced to the market I don't reach for this eyeliner as much. The colour is great but I wish it was rwtractae rather than sharpening it as k end up wasting more product then k would like to. The formula is alot drying and it does require some work for to get the full impact of the colour into the eyelids. I have really watery eyelids and sometimes I do feel like it starts seeping into my skin so it looks like I've been crying.


157 reviews

May 2, 2020


I originally purchased this pencil as a replacement for my winged liner. I was seeking to achieve the more subtle cat eye by using a line to smudge out instead in the shape of a wing. This product glides beautifully across the eyes, it blends out a dream and stays out once blended without smudging everywhere which is a huge pet peeve of mine. I’ve also used it on the water line a couple of times and love that fact that it does not bleed or smudge or smear; it stays put. I have used cheaper pencils in the past which have been great also, but I cannot fault this product only it’s price


42 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Great eye pencil

I have been using this eye pencil for years now and I wouldn’t change it. It’s a really strong black and applies within one stroke. I use this on my lower waterline every time I apply make up and it always looks great. It’s not too expensive considering how long it lasts for once you buy it so I would say it’s definitely worth the money. I have used other eye liners that feel a bit harsh but this one is just so soft and creamy and doesn’t irritate the eye. You will not be disappointed if you buy it.


461 reviews

Apr 29, 2020

Brown eye pop, stays on!

Really nice chocolate coloured eyeliner that lasts all day and can be topped up without smudging any other eye makeup. Thus has been a repurchase of mine on many occasions because it never lets me down. It can be easily sharpened with a pencil sharpener which means you will get the best result when it it fresh and you do not have to tug at your eye.It is also smooth but not to soft that it breaks easily. I like the colour which compliments my hazel coloured eye very nicely. It suits any ehe shadow look which is also very handy.


10 reviews

Apr 21, 2020

Better off with a different brand.

Initially I thought this eye pencil was reasonably priced for a mid-range quality brand. It has simple packaging and was chosen would for creating natural neutral & soft glam eye looks. However, I disliked the formula, it didn’t feel smooth and tugged & skipped upon application. Although I selected the darkest brown shade, it didn’t show very well on my complexion and wasn’t pigmented enough to make a noticeable difference. I also found that the formula for this product irritated my eyes, therefore I stopped using it and wouldn’t repurchase it. I gave it to a relative, who liked the colour and was pleased with the eye pencil overall. nice colour though.


44 reviews

Apr 21, 2020

Great happy MAC!

usually get this in the shades Teddy and Feline. I know people say Carbon is good but Feline is so much more intensely black. Its super creamy and easy to apply. Does not tug whatsoever. Only downside is it does tend to gravitate underneath my eyes so need to find a way to remedy that. However the color itself is beautifully deep and dark even compared to Urban Decays perversion which is also a stunning black.he shade Teddy on the other hand is a gorgeous red brown with tiny flecks of glitter. Its something that really surprised me. I will be buying it for as long as I can.


1 review

Apr 4, 2020

Absolutely Amazing! Perfect Value For The Money

this eyeliner is absolutely amazing for your waterline or even adding a smoky touch to your makeup look, the application is perfect and you don’t have to sharpen it as often as other eyeliner pencils, for a high end product i’d say it has great value and you couldn’t really find a dupe for it. since getting this i haven’t reached for any other liner and that’s saying something as i love a smoky touch to my eyeshadow, so ladies and gents, get out and earn yourself one of these eyeliners because trust me , you will not be disappointed


217 reviews

Feb 24, 2020

long lasting beautiful finish eye pencil

I was stoked when I heard about this liner, since it was something I had suggested to MAC! I specifically told them I wanted to see a "Pro Longwear eyeliner, waterproof and safe for the water line". The MAC powers . It is a great product. I love how dark it is and it was my first time getting it. It lasted all day but wasn't the easiest to apply. And I went straight to the MAC store for it. After it's finished I may try another brand or a different Mac I would defiantly recommend getting this is good eye pencil

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