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Ardell Professional Faux Mink Strip Lashes 817 Black

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77 reviews

May 14, 2020

Love it, never going bac

In the box these lashes made me a bit hesitant, as I was looking for something pretty natural to wear for a friend's wedding. When I put them on though, I fell in love! They are not obviously fake and I love the amount of volume they give. I am not an everyday fake eyelash wearer, but for future special occasions, I will definitely go back to these. I got gifted these from a birthday from a friend that highly commended these, and when I need to purchase these again I would definately make sure to order from Ardell in the future


1 review

May 14, 2020

Feeling fabulous

These lashes are the go-to for a night out, good quality and the glue keeps the lashes on all night. They are natural-looking which I do like, but they are a little too long for me (this is my preference.) I would buy these again as they are perfect for my eye shape too. They are a comfortable fit and they feel effortless, meaning you don’t realise you have fake lashes on! I also wore these to a wedding in the summer, and were subtle but made me feel glam. I had so many complements on my make up too


5 reviews

May 13, 2020

Disappointing eyelashes not as good as ex

These eyelashes were disappointing I thought they would be much better quality than this. They were okay and lasted on my eyes but the ends started to come of a lot and were hard to keep on. Unfortunately I don’t think I would buy this product again as I think they are good but not right for what I wanted. They look quite natural and could look quite natural. If you are looking for just a simple eyelash strip these may be right for you I just don’t think they are fitting to my eye but they were worth a teu


2 reviews

May 13, 2020

Cutest Strip Lashes !

I love this product! I have never found a eyelash brand that actually are a perfect kind of size for me ,they make your makeup look ,look complete and really cute .If your a big fan of eyelashes I really do recommend these! Yet again absolutely beautiful !will be getting these again. With these eyelashes I was able to fit them behind me glasses whichyou can’t with a lot of lashes, this definitely made me want to purchase really in the love with this product ,I really recommend if you have glasses aswell they fit perfectly behind them no lifting up .PERFECT


14 reviews

May 12, 2020

Natural but can be dressed with mascara for a fuller looke

These eyelashes are perfect for natural use or with a layer of mascara can be used for a more dramatic look. I use these regularly as I find using fake eyelashes it just makes your eye makeup look so much better and means you don’t have to worry about your mascara making your under eyes black from you accidentally rubbing your eye instead you would just need to use glue to stick it back on quickly. They’re comfortable to wear and don’t feel like you’re wearing them which means you can enjoy your day/night without keep checking it if it’s still in place.


2 reviews

May 11, 2020

Great Natural Looking Simple Lashes

It is a great natural looking lightweight lash and is made out of faux mink fur which also can be cut to your eye length. The thing I like most about it is that it has an indivisible band that is knot free allowing it to camouflage into your makeup or skin leaving a flawless real natural finish. There are many styles and looks you could achieve using this lash. The one problem with it is that it does not come with eyelash glue or any sort of adhesive so you have to buy some yourself but other than that it's great and I do recommend it.


16 reviews

May 9, 2020

Lightweight, Pretty And Perfect Enhance

These are the best eyelashes for all types of lash wearers. If you are someone who is a beginner and has never worn lashes these are a great starter pair, they are also great if you want that lash extension look. They are super lightweight but elevate a makeup look so much. They are also great with no makeup as they give you a naturally full extension look. These are my holy grail lashes I wear them all the time and reuse them about 10 times before they get wrecked and I buy a new pair. So lightweight and flutter


88 reviews

May 8, 2020


The 115 style of Ardell lashes is strikingly long and glamorous, perfect for large and deep-set eyes. Falling in the middle of the price range for Ardell lashes, the 115s have an extreme length but remain lightweight. Once you get at them with your eyelash curlers, your eyes will appear more alluring than ever before. They last for a really long time (2 weeks) not only are they really nice but they are also really reallly reallyyy comfortable. They aren’t even that expensive for a pair of extremely good eyelashes. I LOVE THEM SO MUCHH I DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITH OUT THEM


2 reviews

May 7, 2020

brillant elegant amazing cute and natural

They look beautiful on the eyes and they create an very natural look the band does need a bit of a trimming its like every other pair of lashes but it does and ardell are known to have really good lashes and you will love them they are reallly light weight easy to aply and shapes the eye very well they can be wore anywhere and its just vamps up your everyday look and open ups the eyes very well as that is what we want from a good set of lashes and its deffinatly worth the purchase and will do you well


1 review

May 7, 2020

Only eyelashes I buy!

Amazing!! Would not buy any other eyelashes what so ever! They look great for a night out. All ardell eyelashes boss the other eyelashes which are simply over priced and not worth the money! I would defo buy again, I only buy these eyelashes. They are very wearable daily but I o ly wear them on a night out because I only wear the heavier makeup when going out. They are easy to apply and fit my eye perfect, you can cut them though so if you have small eyes it will not matter. Defo recommendation if you want a cheap eyelash that looks good


4 reviews

May 7, 2020

voluminous, dramatic and long eyelashes

these lashes give you a unique type of dramatic look and will leave your lashes looking full, curly and they will bring out your eyeshadow and your eyes. if you know how to take care of them by washing them carefully after each use, they will last you a long time and complete all of your amazing eyeshadow looks, they also look great without eyeshadow. i always looked for a pair of false eyelashes that were dramatic and voluminous enough and these are perfect! if you are ever looking for eyelashes that are long and go perfectly with your makeup, this is it! however, the inner corners are really hard to stick to your eye so you need a good quality glue. and make sure to cut it to the size of your eye


24 reviews

May 7, 2020

Not worth it

These are a decent lash for during the day I wouldn’t recommend for night out as they fall off easily as the glue included isn’t very good. They are natural looking which I like but they do not shape round the eye very well as the band is too long so you have to cut them down to your preferred size which is risky incase you cut too much off. They aren’t very long which makes them a little pointless but they are natural looking so they are of a decent kind. Won’t be buying again though as there are better ones out there


127 reviews

May 5, 2020

Amazing Lashes, They Look So Full!

I love these lashes! They make my eyelashes look so full and pretty. I have green eyes and they accent them so well. They are a pretty good value for the money, I got the 5 pack. I can wear the same pair for at least 4-5 days, with them still looking good! The only thing I would change (and I won’t do it myself because I’m afraid I will really mess them up) is the length. It’s a little obnoxious. These lashes are the only ones that my husband notices aren’t my real ones. however i do love them a lot


10 reviews

May 4, 2020

Not my type very single

They are okay, the band is very straight so they tend to lift at the edges. They are really lightweight and feel very nice to wear. But I personally will stick to my 113’s. I like a much more dramatic lash. Gives the eye a very simple and elegant look was hoping for the lashes to be more dramatic than it was. For someone who wants simple lashes I would recommend these as they compliment your eyes with a classy look so it doesn’t look to over done. These lashes are for simple occasions or days out. Really pretty and simpl


98 reviews

May 4, 2020

Good but doesn't fit well

This product is great in terms of its structure and how long it stays on, its fragility yet ability to not fall apart like other cheaper products HOWEVER I am disappointed about the variety of shapes there are. I have tried almost all Ardell lashes and haven't yet found the perfect one for my eye shape. I have small eyes and usually long lashes like these make my eyes look heavy and it doesn't look very appealing.The length of the lashes however, unlike with some other brands fits my eyes perfectly and the lash glue is a dream come true


241 reviews

May 4, 2020

Bigger bolder bright confident eyes

These lashes have multipurpose. They can be worn at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and on holidays. They not too heavy so they can be worn everyday. As I have very thin small lashes, these false lashes make my eye stand out more and look bigger. It completely changes my eye look. As my eyes are quite small, I had to cut mine but they fit perfectly now on the eyelid. I feel more confident when wearing these and I do not need to use mascara at all. They very easy to put on with lash glue and they last all day. They can be used quite a few times before they disposed of.


34 reviews

May 3, 2020

Really nice and long lasting

Really good so light weight and they are comfortable and I’ve been purchasing from this brand because there lashes are so nice! The longest I’ve used them is 2 months and I could still use them but I can’t wait to purchase more because tehre amazing and the best part is there for free and I defo recommend these lashes super good for any occasion would defo buy for the rest of my life lol they are absolutely amazing and never seen such beautiful natural lashes am absolutely in love please buy these I don’t think you will regret it


8 reviews

May 3, 2020

Long, realistic, oerfect!

Very long and light better than mascara that is always crumpling and feels heavy are really recommend this as it is one of the best fake eyelashes I have used the glue is not too sticky and u can easily peel it off with no pain and glue left on your eye u think whoever gets this product will really love it and will write a good review about it I think it also this company is really great aswell I also think are beautifully long and I got many compliments for them they also look very realistic love them


22 reviews

May 1, 2020

So stunning!

i love these lashes so much, they’re so whispy and natural and really really good quality, so nice for an every day look or a dramatic look too, i use these as an every day thing and they look so nice every time, they can be re used so many times as i have used these about 10 times at this point, i will continue to get these in the future too because they’re really good quality and they always look so pretty😍 i get lots of compliments on them and i would highly recommend these to everyone who wears lashes


3 reviews

May 1, 2020


You don’t need mascara that makes your eyelashes heavy when you can buy and use these amazing eyelashes they are not heavy or bulkey they are perfect not too thick but not too thin they are perfect for party use interview use or even just daily use they are amazing no eyelashes can even be used instead of them as they are just perfect what every girl need in theirs life to either make them feel better about them self or to make them look better at a party and they just do everything you want them too there perfect


1 review

Apr 30, 2020

Lovely pair of lashes, amazing so excited to try them

Amazing pair of lashes. They are really nice and wispy and I received them really quick in the mail. Worth the slaybucks completely. In love with them and cannot wait to try them on. They aren't too dramatic neither are they too simple so wearable with any makeup look whether its glam or natural. The quality of these lashes are also really fantastic. It seems like they are reusable which is good, you can get more than one use out of them. I was honestly amazed at how fast I received these. Will be ordering some more with my slay bucks


24 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Good quality and long lasting but can't find the perfect fitting one

This product is great in terms of its structure and how long it stays on, its fragility yet ability to not fall apart like other cheaper products HOWEVER I am disappointed about the variety of shapes there are. I have tried almost all Ardell lashes and haven't yet found the perfect one for my eye shape. I have small eyes and usually long lashes like these make my eyes look heavy and it doesn't look very appealing.The length of the lashes however, unlike with some other brands fits my eyes perfectly and the lash glue is a dream come true


6 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Great lashes easy to use!

These ardell professional false minx strip lashes in 8 1 7 black are very good to use and they are very easy to apply on to the eyes. they give a dramatic lash look perfect for with a glam make up look as the ardell false minx strip lashes in 8 1 5 black can really in hence the eyes they are a good black colour the Ardell Professional Faux Mink Strip Lashes 817 Black have good volume and the Ardell Professional Faux Mink Strip Lashes 817 Black are easy to wear for a long bit of time.


207 reviews

Apr 30, 2020

Lightweight, natural, amazing, good, long!

Loved my eyelashes, this is the first time I have tried glue on lashes- first pair I used too much glue (my own fault) second time- not so bad but looked amazing. I l These lashes look absolutely stunning on my bridal clients. In fact they look great on so many looks. They are so natural looking yet full and luxurious. A must have in my makeup kit. Danni Burnside Makeup and Beauty. the lashes I bought just ordered more. he best I have found and the most natural, everyone thinks I have lash extensions(individual ones). Very Good! Highly impressed.


2 reviews

Apr 29, 2020

Amazing, great, stunning, good priced, lush!

Amazing eyelashes and an AMAZING brand only brand I use for my lashes. Stick well to your eyes and last all day look amazing on. Had a load of comments on them and were I got them from. Leaves me feeling confident and ready to face the world. Just amazing all I can say!


8 reviews

Apr 29, 2020

Natural, easy to use lashes

Look very natural on your eyes and they don’t feel too heavy even when you have been wearing them for the whole day. Been wearing these lashes for like two years now and they are still my favourites. They're super lightweight and boast natural texture which makes them ideal for day to day wear, and for wear on big nights out and special occasions. you’ll want to give them some aftercare once you’ve peeled them off to extend their life. We like to wash ours by rubbing a little cleansing balm on our fingertips, working through the lashes gently, rinsing under the tap, patting dry and then leaving to air dry fully.


20 reviews

Apr 29, 2020

I love these lashes!

These are absolutely amazing false lashes I love it!! It is super fluffy and gives you the most amazing finish to your eye look, Ardell makeup are an amazing brand and this is definitely a cult makeup product used by both make-up enthusiasts and by makeup artists! Get your hands on this if your looking for that beautiful wispy lashes that complete your loo! And trust me even though the price point may seem a little high this product will last you forever trust me I’ve had mine for a year long now! So don’t be afraid to spend it’s worth it.


9 reviews

Apr 29, 2020


These lashes have lasted me soo long now and I am genuinely impressed every time I have worn them there has never been an issue especially when it comes to applying them which is usually a problem for me depending on the lash and the making of it but so far I think these are perfect even for a night out or just for day time they make my eyes look so good and when they arrived I was definitely happy and surprised at how good they are I’m hoping to get more but at the minute these have lasted up to two months.


2 reviews

Apr 27, 2020

Amazing product defo buy it again!

I would defo buy these again! These look so Amazing, full and fully when you put them on and last all night! The glue is strong and works like a charm!! I got so many compliments when I wore these! On top of that they are great value for money, I reuse them all the time, getting around 3-4 wears out of them!! If they don’t fit just cut the ends or you could even make individual ones to fit your shape or liking! Overall the product is genuinely something I would recommend and urge you all to buy!!!


64 reviews

Apr 27, 2020

Honest, full, satisfied, amazing, unique.

Let’s be honest all the women need lashes lashes make us feel 10 times better they just give us a confidence boost that we need and overall that they are really really satisfying but these Ardell lashes Are so easy to apply until the lower lash line they are hasslefree lasting long affect is amazing and for the price they are really cheap but the quality is extraordinary I highly recommend Niamh down below I’ve got a photo of me wearing the glasses and I recommend them 100% and I will be using these every day thank you and have a lovely day!! X


52 reviews

Apr 27, 2020

An average lash.

ive bought these eyelashes a few times however ive recently come to the conclusion and realisation that the quality of the lash isn't all that great. im not usually one to leave a bad review on a product however when it comes to eyelashes I am very particular in the quality they withhold because I think the cheaper the quality the more artificial and fake they look! and that's obviously not what I want... for me personally I like a high volume lash when I go out on a night out but for every day use I like a natural lash although since they don't give that effect off I have to say that I probably wont buy them again.


142 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

Natural, but effective, perfect lashes

These lashes would have to be some of my favorites. They really accentuate the eye and give you that classic long full lash look, quite dolll like too The band is super workable, and the lashes are very user friendly. I especially recommend pairing these with the duo lash glue. Those to products together are a match made in heaven. I use these lashes when I dance onstage at competitions and recitals, and they never let me down. If you are looking for the perfect pair of everyday lashes these are perfect for you!! Have never disappointed by Ardell yet!


81 reviews

Apr 24, 2020

Lash queen

My favourite lashes! I can’t get over how beautiful and natural these look on. They would suit a lot of different eye shapes and I recommend this for anyone new to lashes as well. The price point is fantastic and the band is thin, making its easy to apply and extremely forgiving for beginners. I apply these with my lash applicator, I wear these for day time or night time, day wear I will just wear these on there own and then if I’m wearing them out I will wear them with eyeliner and eyeshadow to dress them up! My favourite ardell lashes.


12 reviews

Apr 23, 2020

Good For The Price And Good Quality

I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a neutral look they are amazing , the price of slaybucks is very cheap aswell and it doesn’t take long to get , the glue is also included which saves so much money not buying anything . I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a new pair of lashes as they stay on for ages and the glue is strong. I have had many people asking me where I have gotten them from , I wood also recommend using this app it offers a lot for fre


30 reviews

Apr 23, 2020

Nice, beautiful, volume, natural!

I can’t stop telling all my friends about these lashes. Ardell has my favorite lashes and they are so beautiful. I am super in love with them. They are super inexpensive and amazing. I love how many different types and kinds of lashes they have. They go from super natural to super volumess. Honestly i have never bought any high end brand because i am so in love with my ardell ones. These are super stunning and beautiful and very easy to wear. It takes a few tries to get it right but after you know how to put them on they are so nice.


49 reviews

Apr 22, 2020

So gorgeous, go with all look

I love these eyelashes because the band is easy to adjust when it doesnt stick right to the inner corner of your eye. They’re not too dramatic but they aren’t too natural either. The eyelashes themselves are very nice and wispy and I love how easy they are to trim to get to the right size of my eye lid. I recommend these lashes to anyone because they go perfect with any look; they can go with a really pretty natural nude eye look or they can go with a dark, dramatic look. They last quite a while to, I got up to 7 uses x


8 reviews

Apr 22, 2020

A lovely natural lash!

I love these lashes; they’re natural but dramatic enough to turn up a soft look into something more intense. As I am a heavy makeup wearer, I love to use these when I’m having a natural look day or to boost up mascara. They are feather light on my lashes, and I definitely do not feel them at all during the day. However, I find that these really lose their curl shape very quickly, but this is nothing that can’t be fixed with a lash curler. I also like to use them as a base for building up on lashes, to make my looks more dramatic


18 reviews

Apr 22, 2020

Good quality

Good quality false lashes. They give a very natural look - wore them once and love them, can barely tell that they are strip lashes. I’ve found that they are easy to apply and remove unlike some other lashes i have used previously. I would say they are perfect for any age category. They stand out the most when you create a minimal makeup look so maybe foundation brows and lip gloss, these lashes are not flimsey which is brilliant given that most of the ‘natural’ strip lashes are. Definitely recommend, good for a starter lash if you’ve just recently began doing makeup.


34 reviews

Apr 22, 2020

Esy to apply love them

I love these lashes, they are amazing! really natural looking, easy to apply to lashes, and look so gorgeous. i really really recommend buying these lashes! i will be buying them again for sure, amazing! i’ve been looking for a pair of lashes like these for so long, until i got these i’ve never been happy with the lashes i’ve got, these are like no others! i will be stocking up!! i didn’t even need to trim them!! they are so perfect! such good quality too! thankyou so so much, I love them so much they’re amazing always buying the


44 reviews

Apr 21, 2020

100% YAY i cant wait to wear.

I’ve used wispy lashes before & it’s perfect. It adds more of a bold effect to your eyes & make them stand out so much more than your natural lashes. I’d defiantly tell others to try them because these are my favourite lashes & makes yur makeup so much more extra. I’d recommend to others to use them because they are totally worth every penny you put towards these lashes & you’ll be extremely happy with them & their effect on your makeup. YOU should totally purchase it you'll be extremely content with it. 100% YAY i cant wait to wear.


157 reviews

Apr 21, 2020

Beautiful lashes!

These lashes are absolutely beautiful! If you’re wanting something a little more dramatic than the wispie lashes but not too over bearing and heavy then this style is for you! It almost looked like I had on individual lash extensions with these lashes as they are so fluffy and accentuate the eyes beautifully. I didn’t have to trim them down as but even if you have to it won’t ruin the style of the lash and will still look just as good. They give the appearance of a bigger eye and that is why they are one of my favourites.


52 reviews

Apr 20, 2020

Best eyelashes out there!

If your a person looking for a fun flirty and full lash then these are the best ones! From the very first time using ardell lashes, no other brand compares! Every single pair of ardell lashes are so quick and easy to put on. Honestly takes 10 seconds, i will never look for other brand of lashes, these are life changing and for such a small price as well, they also last so long, i have ones i’ve used 3 or 4 times, i just clean them with a normal cleanser and they look as good as new ! get buying huns


1 review

Apr 20, 2020

Amazing natural looking lashes!

I love these lashes, they are amazing! really natural looking, easy to apply to lashes, and look so gorgeous. i really really recommend buying these lashes! i will be buying them again for sure, amazing! i’ve been looking for a pair of lashes like these for so long, until i got these i’ve never been happy with the lashes i’ve got, these are like no others! i will be stocking up!! i didn’t even need to trim them!! they are so perfect! such good quality too! thankyou so so much, I love them !! !!! !! !!! !! !!


48 reviews

Apr 18, 2020

Great lashes! Would deffo reccomend!

the ardell professional faux minx strip lashes are a great pair of lashes! the fit my eyelids very comfortably and looks awesome with a natural look. the lashes last very long and dont come off easily. if youre looking for a very natural pair of eyelashes that dont cost alot then these are definitley the lashes for you. the only problem is that they dont go well with a dramatic look. they are very light weight as you can see it says on the packet . these lashes can even last up to 2 weeks only if you maintain them well


2 reviews

Apr 17, 2020

Amazing can’t get enough slay

I love these lashes they fit so comfortably Like I never have a struggle putting them on there like the best lashes going like I never have a struggle putting them on there like the best lashes going If you want to wear the one night out they got on a night out if you want to marry one day today casual college school work there amazing can’t get enough if you want to wear the one night out they got on a night out if you want to marry one day today casual college school work there amazing can’t get enough


1 review

Apr 16, 2020

Lovely natural looking strip lash!

These lashes work so well if you want a natural look and want to wear a lash but don’t want one that’s too out there super super easy to apply, and using the duo lash glue they stay put all day or night i personally find that the glue that comes with them isn’t the greatest but if you have patience and work with it then you’ll have no issues they’re super easy to get nice and close to your natural lash line and look more like lash extensions than the everyday strip lash if you prefer something more wispy i’d go for something that’s faux mink


2 reviews

Apr 15, 2020

Overall very good!

Great quality and came fast. Would recommend buying 100% and cannot wait to use these again. Loved them, make ur eye makeup look unreal and I would urge u to buy them! Who can go wrong with lashes as amazing and cheap as these? Genuinely think they are the best ones I’ve had and I’ve bought so many lol I literally love them and I don’t see who wouldn’t I mean the quality and length and thickness is just honestly it’s actually amazing and unreal and superior and why pay more for less if u get me lol haha LOVE


3 reviews

Apr 10, 2020

Comfortable But Feels Like They Might Fall Off

These lashes are gorgeous and easy to apply. Plus im so glad the love to slay offered me these for FREE! they are super comfortable and will last about 4 times? I dont know 4-5 times for sure. They are very light-weighted so defo recommend :) they're great volume and very soft looking too, just one problem is that they feel like they are abit wonky and i also defo recommend for people who have WONKY eyes, eyelids i dont know lol but yeah. Hopefully this will help you out a little on if you should but them or not. T


335 reviews

Apr 9, 2020

Beautiful Silk Lashes!!

The quality here is evident, and these are subtle and very convincing lashes. The Faux Mink range uses individual hairs that more closely mimic a natural lash, and looking closely at them I can see they are set randomly and at different angles and lengths, just like the real thing. The band is very thin, and in use, undetectable. Unlike the Demi's, the 817's are straight cut, and are quite short by false lash standards. This makes them perfect for subtle, elegant, natural look that accentuates the eyes and adds a big helping of glamour but without any risk of appearing overly made-up. This is a personal opinion, but I think understatement is always best, and the temptation to wear massive lashes can risk edging towards a comic book or drag queen kind of vibe if you aren't careful. You're definitely safe with these lashes though, and they'd be a good place to start if you haven't worn them before. The Faux Mink ranges from Ardell does not come with glue, so you'll need to buy a separate bottle. There are plenty of good YouTube tutorial videos to help you apply them, and if you're careful they can be re-used.


22 reviews

Apr 9, 2020

Easy Stick Non Lifting Strip

Ardell lashes are one of my favourite brands, this type is a more natural strip lash look which still goes you more fullness and longer lashes however more subtle than thicker strip lashes, these can be used if your not used to wearing strip lashes as they are more lightweight and you canopy feel them on as much as thicker strip lashes as it can take a little while to get used to them, these are also perfect if you are looking at having a more natural glam than heavy full glam as they are more subtle, I love these especially on clients as they have a thinner more flimsy band so they tend not to lift on the corners, they stick down better, where thicker strip lashes tend to lift in the corners due to a thicker band, these work great on my other clients too as they are more natural but open there eye hooded eyes, also if they have spare lashes this can create a more filler look but not too dramatic. Totally rec

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