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Ardell Professional Faux Mink Strip Lashes 817 Black

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25 reviews

Aug 1, 2020

Decent Lashes!

These lashes are natural looking and look amazing with eyeshadow. They definitely add the final touch and complete the look and they are really good quality. The only downside is the price as I have found much cheaper dupes for a lot less than the price of these. The glue is small so you do need to buy more if you want to reside these lashes, I did find that for me the glue wasn’t the best so I had to purchase another. These lashes are decent however you can find the same ones but a different brand for much less.


178 reviews

Jul 30, 2020

Great Lashes!

cool. So I bought these after I read that they fit small eyes without having to trim. Well, they are so much better than that! They actually fit my relatively small eyes perfectly, no trimming at all! Plus, the little sticky strip is clear unlike other falsies I have used, I can wear these without a black line underneath. The lashes look individual as well which gives a more natural look, in my opinion. They are super bendy, even fresh out of the packet, I could easily bend into my eye shape without tugging. These are my forever brand of lashes for sure. I will never buy another brand. If I had one criticism it would be that you need to buy your own glue.


61 reviews

Jul 24, 2020

Fluffy And Soft Lashes!

I LOVE these lashes and I LOVE the fact that they are FAUX mink. I never bought a pair of mink lashes when they first became popular because I was not comfortable with wearing real mink fur on my lashes but these ones are super soft and you can barely tell they're faux given how fluffy and natural they can look. I love a good pair of ardell lashes, they are always great quality and i can wear them at least 10 times before having to throw them away. the band is also super thin which means its easy to get an easy application


4 reviews

Jul 24, 2020

Really Makes Your Eyes Pop!

The reason why in general I love eyelashes is because my eyelashes are hardly visible and these lashes are just the thing I needed for my eyes to pop . The thing I love mostly about hese lashes specifically is the length with just he right curl simple yet amazing I’ve been complimented many a times while I worn these lashes some things I’ve been told are “your eyes look wonderfully” “where did you get them from there gorgeous” and I won’t forget “you look like a doll with them beautiful lashes” so why not get yours today for free! With love to slay


10 reviews

Jul 19, 2020

The Best!

One / some of my favourite eye lashes. Easy to apply, super affordable, very light weight. As you can see by the photo I had to label them left and right because it was difficult to Judge. They’re really feathery and very nice, 10 / 10 would recommend. They only last four or five wears, however they will be the best wears of your life. Another good thing is they’re cruelty free and they’re in a small packaging once taken out the box so very portable and easy to carry round if ever there is an eye lash emergency .


23 reviews

Jul 9, 2020

I like them a lot!

Wow. I’m actually loving for these lashes. I never used to be a lash girl I thought mascara could do it all, and then once I started wearing lashes I knew I was completely wrong to begin with. Ardell lashes are some of my favourite affordable lashes. They give you a beautiful lash was not breaking the bank. They come in so many different styles to suit everybody’s eyes shape and provide lots of different styles so no matter what kind of lash you like wearing trousers are your find one that you like. I would definitely recommend these.


28 reviews

Jul 5, 2020

Amazing , long , everyday fake lashes

These lashes are so amazing ! They are so lightweight and comfortable to wear either for a glam look or for an everyday look ! These go perfect with a glam look ! You can’t do eye makeup without these lashes . It would be incomplete . Everyone that I have recommended these lashes to also loves them and wears them on a daily basis ! They also last such a long time ! The glue comes off so,easily from them ! I really like these lashes and I would definitely recommend for you to get them ! They’re amazing !


15 reviews

Jul 3, 2020

Amazing eyelashes

These eyelashes are literally a game changer.They are so lightweight,fluffy and soft.They are the finishing touch to your makeup and make you look so much better.They sit on the eyes perfectly and work with any glue.They are extremely affordable and can be found at any local drugstore such as boots and Superdrug.They also have a slight wing to the end giving a cat eye finish.You can reuse these lashes up to 20-25 times if you clean them and remove them properly.I would highly recommend them especially if you’re looking for cheap yet high quality eyelashes that will last and won’t disappoint.


9 reviews

Jul 3, 2020

Faux mink fluffy natural lashes

Um excuse me these lashes aren’t raves about enough. I personally adore them. They’re so natural looking and fluffy. They’re definitely a game changer for someone with small eyes and basically non existent lashes. I actually have 2 of these now. And have re used my first pair multiple times now. Really great pair of lashes out of this range. Also like 811. Amazing stuff. Honestly. Only down side is the struggle to stick it on accurately. I’m not very good with lashes. Just can’t seem to stick the inner corner on regardless of lash type and brand so that’s annoying.


48 reviews

Jun 28, 2020

great lashes, recommend for natural look!

honestly in love with this lashes, they give a unique pop to my makeup look and stands out so well. my eyes look so much nicer with these. they look so beautiful and more natural than other lashes that i’ve tried. the size was perfect for my eyes, i didn’t need to trim it or anything but everyone’s circumstances are different. the volume is decently full and the curl of the lashes are perfect. the lashes are also very lightweight which is perfect for a natural look! they aren’t as dramatic as other lashes that i’ve worn so i would recommend wearing them without eyeliner as it’s not very full.


7 reviews

Jun 26, 2020


These eyelashes are so cute and easy to put on I recommend them to anyone who likes a subtle look and maybe new to make up these lashes were my first set on false eye lashes and I loved them they worked with every look and made the look look so much nicer I recommend these to all of my friends and they love them as well and they last so long not to mention the amazing price of this product, definitely worth the amount of money spent. I used these lashes over and over again and they looked so good every time. live saver!!!


115 reviews

Jun 23, 2020

highly recommend these!

i absolutley love these fake eye lashes! these are so worth the price as it is quite cheap in comparison to many brands in the first place. these are really good for beginners as the band is floppy enough to be easy to work with and it doesnt feel weird on the eye. these give a perfect natural look. i love that they come with a mini adhesive which actually works and is sticky unlike many other brands that i have tried. you can use them multiple times as long as you look after them. overall i highly recommend these to anyone,


15 reviews

Jun 22, 2020

Affordable, didn’t like , not for me

I didn’t love these lashes. In my opinion, they don’t look natural or full glam so i don’t see the point in them. I like fluffy lashes a lot so for people who don’t these lashes might work for you. I’m sure there is a way to fluff them up but it’s not worth it just buy the right ones in the first place. On a more positive note, they are affordable so maybe if you are on a budget they would be good for you. In conclusion i would not recommend.


7 reviews

Jun 21, 2020

definitely repurchase this product. amazing.

these lashes are one of the best that i have every used. they are very cute and easy to aplly to the eye. i would recommend these to anyone that wants a subtle look or maybe to someone that is just starting out in makeup. the can work with either an everyday look or a night out look. it just makes the look complete. they are so good that you can use them multiple times. they are very good for the price and think they are very much worth the slaybucks. a product that i would definitely repurchase this product.


7 reviews

Jun 21, 2020

Lightweight and perfect for daily wear

These are the perfect lashes for wearing either on the daily or as a party lash. The lightweight of the lashes make it easy to wear and not obstruct your view because of how thin the lashes are. I have worn my lashes 5 times already and they are still holding up very well and seem basically brand new which is really great. The packaging is very flimsy though which I don’t like but I buy indiviso lash cases so it is okay. Overall these lashes should be a staple for everyone who loves a stunning eye look whoever they go!


452 reviews

Jun 20, 2020

best nice strong full lash

These make your eye lashes look so big and nice and fluttery. I really do enojoy how these lashes make you feel so pretty. I like to use these to show off any eye look They go well for a state ment eyes. I like how you can wear these mutliple times, and they do not change or loose their shape. I also like how they blend very nicley into your mascara so they look less heavy and chunky. These lashes also make me get loads of compliments and can be applied how you want to wear them, which is nice.


23 reviews

Jun 16, 2020

these eyelashes are the bomb

these eyelashes are just amazing. they honestly must be the best lashes that i have ever used. they are so easy to put on. they are very affordable with slaybucks so it does not take long to purchase them. they are long lasting and you can wear them multiple times so you can keep them for longer. they give out a natural but elegant look. they make the eye looks just pop even more. i recommended them to my sister and she said that you would buy them again as they are a good product. overall amazing lashes and would definitely buy again.


9 reviews

Jun 14, 2020

amazing lashes highly recommend

These eyelashes are the best ones i have ever used. I have bought them lots of times so that i can keep wearing them. i am in live with them and they aren’t too many slaybucks so you can easily get them easily and quickly. Also they are very affordable in stores and online so you can buy them easily. They are long lasting and you can wear them multiple times so you can keep them for longer. a overall, these lashes are amazing and highly recommend buying them or any other lashes from this company. 10/10 recommended for anyone that wears lashes


22 reviews

Jun 12, 2020


Next one, my favourites ... Love them, invest simple and versatile, but you're not constantly feeling them that I looove! So soft and attractive! And what I love that, you've got them in a multipack box:) Loving Ardell Lashes Very light and fluffy, giving me a really natural but elegant look to the eyes, very cheap and can be resuaded if treated with care! I'm actually loving those lashes! Very sombre and sexy. I would totally recommend them to the people that love a natural finish to their makeup and not to look too glammed up. overall an amazing product.


57 reviews

Jun 4, 2020

Everyone should try these lashe

These eyelashes are so cute and easy to put on I recommend them to anyone who likes a subtle look and maybe new to make up these lashes were my first set on false eye lashes and I loved them they worked with every look and made the look look so much nicer I recommend these to all of my friends and they love them as well and they last so long not to mention the amazing price of this product, definitely worth the amount of money spent. I used these lashes over and over again and they looked so good every time


17 reviews

Jun 3, 2020

Amaizing Perfect Long Eye Lashes

Faux eyelashes are amazing learned and look amazing when you have put it on your eyes and it ties all your make up look together they are usable and for the price that they are they are really really good quality I think that is a really amazing I love This product and i would recommend it to you these lashes on for half an amazing eyelash glue which comes with it and it is very easy to apply it comes with a really strong identity which lasts you the full day until you take it off which is probably going to be in the evening I really think these are the perfect glasses and I think you should really definitely got them B


298 reviews

Jun 3, 2020

Super Affordable Natural Lashes

I have been a big fan of ardell lashes for a very long time. I am very much a loyal customer to ardell brand. This is because they are so affordable, so easy to apply and resusuable and look so stunning on the eyes. And they have such a vast range there is literally a lash out there perfect for all eyeshadow and face shapes. I love this set because it looks super natural and perfect for small hooded eyes without looking too overpowering on the eyes. You could get away with wearing this all day and no one would know they weren't your real lashes


131 reviews

May 31, 2020

Absolutely great eyelashes really recommend

These lashes are AMAZING value for money. I’ve been having Salon Russians for years but obviously with lockdown couldn’t continue. I’m a beginner in strip lashes and last tried to use them years ago so was skeptical but when trimmed to size and used with good glue, these are absolutely beautiful. They are so good and although they obviously ent as full as Russian Volumes they look amazing and full and long! I don’t reuse them as they’re so cheap but I’m sure you could if you gently remove and clean. I won’t be going back to salon ones I will just continue to use these and Revlon glue 100%. Also as a mini experiment I wore them all day then decided to sleep in them and they were still fully intact and beautiful looking when I woke up. Really happy with my purchase and will be stocking up now.


46 reviews

May 29, 2020

Really nice fluffy lashes for all dayb

Best one, my favesss... Love them, sp easy to apply and so flexible and you don‘t even fell them which i looove! So soft and beautiful! And ehat i love is that, you have them in a multipack box :) Loving Ardell Lashes Very light and fluffy, giving me a very natural yet elegant look to the eyes, really cheap and if handled with care can be resuased! I really live these lashes! Very dark and sexy, I love that you can cut to fit your eye shape and have lashes that still hold there shape. Would recommend to firem


62 reviews

May 29, 2020


I am loving these Ardell faux mink lashes... they look so beautiful on! So easy to use and they last all day! I always use these for a night out as they are the perfect length/shape without looking too much! I always get so many compliments when I’m wearing these! I’ve tried so many different strip lashes which are so hard to apply and they look tacky- these are by far my favourite, just love how easy they are to apply! Recommended these to so many people- they also love them! I Wouldn’t use any others now! You need to try!!


10 reviews

May 27, 2020

Just Amazing!

Ok so where do I begin the invisible band is just AMAZING especially for girls like me who cannot put the lashes on so easily the band really helps and it means I can confidently walk out knowing that my lashes are not going to get the types of looks to say ew but instead wow. I’ve been using this product for some time now and I highly recommend it to those who struggle with glueing lashes on cuz this makes it really easy to do. It also has a reasonable price the only thing is the lashes last a month ma


25 reviews

May 24, 2020

Very easy to use and look amazing

Ardell professional Faux mink strip lashes are very easy to apply and look amazing. They are perfect to wear to many different occasions and make your eyelashes look great. They definitely complete your makeup look well. I recommend this product to anyone looking for easy to use and long lasting eyelashes that look great. These eyelashes are also by a very good top quality brand who always have amazing products, so it is no doubt that these eyelashes will be the same! They are most definitely worth the slaybucks you spend and are a must have! I give them four stars


2 reviews

May 24, 2020

so great and sof

Thisi is my first time EVER wearing false lashes. I mean, c'mon, we've all seen the girls walking around with a full bundle of eyelashes glued to their eyes and wondered if they were going to fly away at any moment. And because I like a more natural appearance, I've always been reluctant to try any. Well, after years and years of contemplating, I decided what-the-heck -- for fun, what's the worst that could happen, right? Well, turns out that these actually look pretty dang good on me! :~) I went and ahead and did a full face, so you guys can see how they look with the complete look! If you are like me, and are scared to try falsies -- try these!! I don't think you will be disappointed. I will probably only wear them whenever I do a full face, but I am 100% satisfied


47 reviews

May 24, 2020

easy to apply, natural look, cut

i like the Ardell Professional Faux Mink Strip Lashes because they’re simple. if you’re someone like me who isn’t a huge fan of those over the top, dark, fluffy lashes that instagram stars wear, then this is perfect for you. they’re simple and easy to apply. they are the perfect colour and look so natural it’s unbelievable. they look so cute on and are stunning for those people with not many lashes. i highly recommend the Ardell Professional Faux Mink Strip Lashes for anyone who are missing eyelashes and just want a natural look. i hope this review has helped you decide if you want them xox


64 reviews

May 23, 2020

The best dark thick fake eyelashes

Are these not the best lashes you have ever seen in your life, they have a truly dark, thick look to it which makes them look insane! I absolutely love these and I am so so glad that I picked these gorgeous lashes over the other makeup. These fake eyelashes are so nice and they go on without using too much glue which I prefer as I don’t like a very tacky glue eyelash look. My friends were the ones who recommended these fake eyelashes to me and to this day I have worn them ever since, I can’t go a day without them


241 reviews

May 22, 2020

Very happy

These lashes are AMAZING value for money. I’ve been having Salon Russians for years but obviously with lockdown couldn’t continue. I’m a beginner in strip lashes and last tried to use them years ago so was skeptical but when trimmed to size and used with good glue, these are absolutely beautiful. They are so good and although they obviously ent as full as Russian Volumes they look amazing and full and long! I don’t reuse them as they’re so cheap but I’m sure you could if you gently remove and clean. I won’t be going back to salon ones I will just continue to use these and Revlon glue 100%. Also as a mini experiment I wore them all day then decided to sleep in them and they were still fully intact and beautiful looking when I woke up. Really happy with my purchase and will be stocking up now.


9 reviews

May 21, 2020

Lovely lashes , 10 / 10 heh

The best lashes i have ever worn and owned , so cheap as well , please in best in a pair of these lashes , they stay on for hours and do not budge one little bit , absolutely love them and i seriously recommend that every one buys a pair, please please pleaseeeeeeeeee buy them l o l , do not get it in your eye tho because it hurts l o l , if you get glue in your eye just wash ur eyes with warm water and soap l o l , ( i did ) l o l


4 reviews

May 21, 2020

Absolutely gorgeous can’t wait to re purchas

Beautiful dark lashes look natural/glam and stay put all night, can’t recommend these enough. I’ve had so many family and friends directed to these lashes and they’ve all fallen in love with the way they look on any face type. Can hardly tell they’re not real lashes. Super long lasting and stay put through wind and rain honestly cannot wait to make another purchase of these gorgeous lashes as I have struggled to find a set of natural/glam lashes that are wearable to do many events and even day to day life or work etc. Highly recommend great price for what you get.


26 reviews

May 21, 2020

Amazing 10/10

Amazing lashes 10/10 would recommend lasts a long time and can be re used without looking tacky or disgusting. These are the best lashes I have used in a while, cheap or expensive lashes they are amazing honestly couldn’t recommend enough. I love these such a shuttle yet glam look. From personal experience you only need one or two coats of mascara on top of these wonderful lashes to give you a lovely lift to your eyelashes to help show off your natural eye shape as well as your natural eye colour. Honestly could not promote these lashes enough!!!! Amazing


19 reviews

May 20, 2020

You should buy this Hun

very nice and natural. give me a forfilled look while still being natural. clean very well and mascara goes on smoothly while also being easy to remove. they lasted me a very long time and i love them. i definitely recommend them to anyone who wants some good eyelashes to try out. they work with any look and complete every look making you look more awake and aware. So so so good for their price, so cheap for such good lashes, i love them so much but i have no pictures of them which kind of sucks but yeah, i recommend them to anybody


4 reviews

May 19, 2020

amazing i would reccomend love

oh my goodness don't even get me started on these lashes. i am in love. they are completely amazing way better than any mascara. they have such a glam natural look that when i went to show my mum she said i looked like a model! these lashes were comfy, looked natural and enhanced their eyes. They retained their shape well after cleaning between wears. These delicate lashes are designed to add natural-looking length and subtle volume. They weren’t too heavy and were easy to position. These falsies are designed to increase length and volume while being subtle and delicate enough for everyday wear


33 reviews

May 19, 2020

Great soft lashes very aff

These are great natural lashes for someone who wants everyday lashes in their makeup. I’ve worn these for interviews and everyday wear of makeup. Absolutely love the way they look. The lashes themselves are soft and long! They look so beautiful on and fluffy! They’re very affordable compared to other prices for lashes. They’re very black and full on my eyelid. I love the way they feel on my eye and they’re not too heavy. They’re very light weight and I love the fluffyness of the eyelashes. I recommend this to anyone who wants fluffy natural looking lashes for an affordable pricd


15 reviews

May 19, 2020

A great lash for first time!

Great looking lashes. Easy to apply with the glue provided and very natural looking. I have short and straight lashes naturally, this really open up my eyes and I'm a big fan! I would recommend them to anyone starting out with lashes and not really sure which ones to use. I have quite small eyes so I did have to trim these slightly to fit, but this was easy enough to do and they still looked great. I've worn them around 3 times now and they're still in great condition and can be used again. Give them a try if you haven't alresdy


1 review

May 18, 2020

This product is absolutely am

These lashes are so cute and they’re FREE all you have to do is complete some tasks. They came really quickly, which due to covid-19 I was not expecting. I’ve used them recently and they were so light on my eyes. I couldn’t even fee that they were there, which I usually have problems with as I have extremely sensitive eyes. I’m also writing this review for more points so I’m just going to keep on writing until I run out of words to put. This is an amazing product and I Would definitely recommend that people star using them x x x


2 reviews

May 16, 2020

Amazing eyelashes for eye makeup

These are my all time favourite eyelashes, I will never go back to using my old ones after trying these ones out! They give you the volume you need without looking too overpowering and that’s exactly what I love in a pair of lashes. These look amazing with and without eye make up but when wearing eye make up I feel these make your eyes look so much bigger and make your eye make up look complete. This brand of eyelashes especially has always been my favourite and now I’ve tried these exact lashes I am stuck on them for life


15 reviews

May 15, 2020

Wonderful eyelashes

Theses eyelashes are wonderful then stick on so well and are very easy to stick on and bend wonderfully around your eyes they are fantastic and worth the money! Defo worth everything and are full and fluffy you can use them over and over again just have to clean them to keep them fluffy but clean up very well and look just as you brought them! Which is amazing as lots of eyelashes don’t clean up as well but these ones clean up so well and stay very very fluffy which is great and I love them so much


5 reviews

May 15, 2020

some of the best lashes i’ve ever owned

the lashes are amazing. they complete every look and really make my face pop. the elegancy and discreetness of them being so natural is a game changer to everyday make up. their easy to apply and stick well. they are easy to take off aswell and pop right back into the box easily, adding mascara to them completes the look. they clean beautifully and the mascara glides off the lashes when removed with micellar water and a spoolie. they last all day and never loose their shape. so reasonable given their price as well, i love these lashes and will definitely buy different ones


1 review

May 15, 2020

Fluffy, natural, good quality, affordable

Super fluffy lashes and extremely quick to apply. I used mine on 6 occasions and every time I've had people compliment me on how good my lashes do look. You could pop them on over stunnj eyeshadow to have have a beautiful glam look or you could wear then on a bear face to enhance your features. I have purchased these lashes twice and plan to purchase them many more time in the future. The band is also supper thin, making the lashes look naturally fluffy. Not the cheapest lashes but the quality is fantastic and definitely worth the price.


1 review

May 15, 2020

Positive good informative quick helpf

This product is a must have for me I purchased this last month and my makeup routine is incomplete without it.Adding this to your makeup gives it a extra pop and they are not extremely dramatic sog they can be used as an everyday item.The faux mink strip lashes are also very easy to apply and don't take much time at all they also have lasted me upto 6 uses without having damage to them so they are worth the cost.overall this is an amazing product and will recommend this to anyone looking for natural eyelashes for a everyday use


4 reviews

May 15, 2020

These eyelashes are abosultly stilunning

These eyelashes are absolutely stunning. They glide in with a little bit of glue and don't need shaping whatsoever. When I put mine on I did add a few individuals but the end result was stunning. I 100% will buy these eyelashes and will defiantly be wearing them all the time I'm so glad I got these as o would drill be stuck with my old ugly eyelashes and now with these I feel I can go any we're and look stunning. I used the mascara better than sex wich I also got from love to slay and then I put on the eyelashes and boom.


68 reviews

May 14, 2020

Love it, never going bac

In the box these lashes made me a bit hesitant, as I was looking for something pretty natural to wear for a friend's wedding. When I put them on though, I fell in love! They are not obviously fake and I love the amount of volume they give. I am not an everyday fake eyelash wearer, but for future special occasions, I will definitely go back to these. I got gifted these from a birthday from a friend that highly commended these, and when I need to purchase these again I would definately make sure to order from Ardell in the future


1 review

May 14, 2020

Feeling fabulous

These lashes are the go-to for a night out, good quality and the glue keeps the lashes on all night. They are natural-looking which I do like, but they are a little too long for me (this is my preference.) I would buy these again as they are perfect for my eye shape too. They are a comfortable fit and they feel effortless, meaning you don’t realise you have fake lashes on! I also wore these to a wedding in the summer, and were subtle but made me feel glam. I had so many complements on my make up too


5 reviews

May 13, 2020

Disappointing eyelashes not as good as ex

These eyelashes were disappointing I thought they would be much better quality than this. They were okay and lasted on my eyes but the ends started to come of a lot and were hard to keep on. Unfortunately I don’t think I would buy this product again as I think they are good but not right for what I wanted. They look quite natural and could look quite natural. If you are looking for just a simple eyelash strip these may be right for you I just don’t think they are fitting to my eye but they were worth a teu


2 reviews

May 13, 2020

Cutest Strip Lashes !

I love this product! I have never found a eyelash brand that actually are a perfect kind of size for me ,they make your makeup look ,look complete and really cute .If your a big fan of eyelashes I really do recommend these! Yet again absolutely beautiful !will be getting these again. With these eyelashes I was able to fit them behind me glasses whichyou can’t with a lot of lashes, this definitely made me want to purchase really in the love with this product ,I really recommend if you have glasses aswell they fit perfectly behind them no lifting up .PERFECT


14 reviews

May 12, 2020

Natural but can be dressed with mascara for a fuller looke

These eyelashes are perfect for natural use or with a layer of mascara can be used for a more dramatic look. I use these regularly as I find using fake eyelashes it just makes your eye makeup look so much better and means you don’t have to worry about your mascara making your under eyes black from you accidentally rubbing your eye instead you would just need to use glue to stick it back on quickly. They’re comfortable to wear and don’t feel like you’re wearing them which means you can enjoy your day/night without keep checking it if it’s still in place.

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