Sleek makeup highlighter, This product is Amazing!

May 23rd 2019

This product is amazing and I defo recommend this to everyone single person. Even if you don't wear makeup you can use one of the colours it's so narural but If you want a blinding highlight. You can chose from a shampain white, pearly pink, sparkling orange and a great cream pink highlight. So If you want a cream you have a cream highlight in this pallet. But there is also 3 powder highlights. They are the bomb of highlighters. This is sooo cheap on lover to slay 999 slaybucks is sooo cheap. Especially if this is £15 in store so I defo recommend that you get it from here it will work out sooo much cheaper and on here it's free. I can't believe how good this app is and you basically get free makeup for submitting things to get slaybucks. So go and get some slaybucks on this amazing website love to slay and get this highlighting pallet. Defo recommended.