May 4th 2019

first time trying Rita Ora Oh My Gloss! • (I received these complimentary) • names are as follows black - Rita’s black blue - moonlight red - desire underneath both red and black I have Mac Sin • I’d class the black and blue shades as more of gloss toppers as they are a bit patchy worn on there own, and due to the moisturising nature of them I can’t see them wearing for hours without a base colour underneath, I used two coats of these • The most pigmented was the red one, I used one coat over my Mac lipstick and I loved it! you can see in the swatches the red is definitely more pigmented than the others • Based on just the formula these are really good, the colour could be more pigmented, I would wear the red out but the others not on a day to day, but for Halloween they can be fun colours!

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