Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

March 25th 2020

After purchasing this product I read some bad reviews accusing it of being watered down or a fake product so I was pretty confident that if it was a fake I would spot it, and then raise hell. I have thoroughly compared the box to my latest purchase from Debenhams and there are no differences what so ever, from colour to barcode placement and I've the folds on the inside, all exactly the same. I have compared the bottles and lids from both products and their are no discrepancies at all. I have tested both foundations on my skin and on cotton buds and they are exactly the same. I have also tested the smell of both bottles. The new one is in the left in the pictures. As a regular user of this foundation for five years I can say with complete confidence that this product is the real deal. I have blemish prone skin and this foundation is the best I have ever used, I apply with a damp sponge and build in areas that need more attention.

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