MAC Mini Little Mac Traditional Lipstick 1.8g Various Shades

June 13th 2019

Mac are known for their lipsticks! from the beginning they were the OG trendsetters when inventing nude lippies and colourful shades that no else dared to! Mac is good for diversity as they have all colours from the rainbows and the traditional nudes. they have various formulas to fit your expectations. the matte lipsticks from Mac are matte but not drying. unlike a liquid lip it will not dehydrate your lips and sink into fine lines but instead look smooth and feel next to nothing on the lips! regardless the formula from Mac whether it be matte, a creamsheen, satin or their newest formulation powder kiss lipsticks if it’s in the traditional bullet form it will wear off! these lipstick although beautiful on the lips, feel amazing as well as hydrating are NOT long lasting! when eating or drinking the lipstick will wear off causing you to re apply, if you have had lipstick on for the majority of the day it will wear off by itself after a couple of hours. if you don’t mind re applying then this is no problem for you but for those of us who dread re applying constantly this product is not for you! an alternative from Mac’s traditional bullet lipsticks may be Mac’s retro liquid lip colour! it’s a liquid lipstick meaning it is matte and it is built to be durable through out the day (long lasting) however the formula could become drying so using a lip balm or oil underneath can prevent any signs of dehydrated lips, fine lines and cracking. If your deciding to purchase a lipstick from Mac bare in mind you are paying a premium price, the colours are beautiful and the look of them on the lips is just as good however if they are going to wear off you’ll have to constantly re apply causing you to go through product a lot quicker.

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