Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette, perfect for wedding makeup!

June 13th 2019

I recently bought this Palette to use on a Desi (South-Asian) wedding, which are very colourful. I used them to complete my look, and the colours really complimented my coral dress. A lot people actually asked me about my eye makeup which, although I am biased, looked perfect. The shades are very pigmented and shimmery and very easy to use. The palette comes with a very good quality eyeshadow brush and mirror which is ideal for holidays etc. I loved how beautiful the twelve colours are. Some are very seductive and others can be used as transitional shades. I am really excited that this palette is now also available on Lovetoslay, because I am sure the community here will love it. I have actually convinced my sister to buy one for herself too and got one as a wedding present for my husband's niece's wedding. I might actually save up my points for this and get another one for my mother's birthday, it's that amazing.