NARS Cosmetics Sheer Glow Foundation

March 28th 2020

This is an "I am sad that this is not my Holy Grail" review. I hate searching for foundations. And in these FILTERED times, it's very difficult to find what a foundation is like in real life, not in pictures and telling what part is makeup and what part is filtered in the before and after. It's already a pain trying to compare swatches through the screen and also navigating the many numeral codes for foundations. I got lucky with my first purchase of Nars Punjab that I got pre-loved (50% off price, 90% full) and WITH a pump. I loved it. It was my most high-end foundation and I looked glowing. So easy to use when you only have 20 minutes to make your face before the office (I get up at 5.25 AM and need to be out the house by 6.15 AM). I have seborrheic dermatitis breakouts near my nose and chin and this stuff does not irritate at all. It looked good in pictures too and I swore to myself that glow is the future and I shall never buy a foundation with SPF and I would like to run to Mr Nars and ask him to bless me. Then I run out and had to pay the full price which was about A$72 WITHOUT a pump. I hate hidden costs so said to myself I would live without and anyways I read somewhere that they made it that way so you'd have to shake the bottle. It's not very messy but it is still messy and I had the nasty feeling that I was being unhygienic because the liquid was all over the mouth of the bottle. And I think my new bottle lasted shorter than my last preloved one because I was wasting a lot of it. So now comes the time when I am almost out but even though I would still repurchase if it comes down to it, for now I am back on the hunt and it's a nightmare , I tell ya because I am comparing it to this one. Punjab is said to be a "medium with a peachy golden undertones". I am a light to medium Indonesian (around NC 23-27). This shade now just doesn't cut it anymore because it's currently the rain season here so my "winter" skin doesn't work well with the peach or perhaps now my olive tones comes out more. I love the sparkles or shimmer in Sheer Glow because it makes me look healthy but Punjab now makes me look a bit sickly. The longevity is also not impressive ( the Nars liquid blush is even worse and I really wish I could take it back) and I can see my pores. It does still glow nicely which is really the greatest thing for Sheer Glow, it really had the "yes, I am rested and I didn't spend too much time on my face" look. So, in conclusion, I am now off to find a replacement for a seborrheic dermatitis/dry skin friendly foundation, which has a satin glowy finish with sparkles without being offensive, can be quickly used with fingers, has a nice range for yellow and olive undertones/hueswhatever, feels good but also is 20% cheaper for 30 ml inclusive of a pump, and doesn't sink into pores after 3 hours. Wish me luck, comrades!

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