April 13th 2019

This Mini Mac Lip gloss is not what I was expecting. As Mac has many good lip products and usually their lip glosses aren’t bad themselves I was expecting just the same. However, that was not the case. The colour and packaging was all gorgeous I couldn’t argue with that but the texture wasn’t the best. I do agree it lasted longer than what other reviews said but it doesn’t change the way it felt. When I put it on the first sign was that it was thick. Thicker than usual. I then rubbed my lips together and it was sticky... it certainly didn’t feel good. On the other hand they did everything else correct it was just the formula that needed work. The packaging is gorgeous and I like the applicator and how soft it it. The pricing also wasn’t too over the top as it was at a price of $15.95. Overall, the experience is a sort of hit or miss as other users may enjoy this product more.

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