April 23rd 2019

I am honestly blown away by this product. The idea of being able to carry it around just like a lipstick in your purse is already a win for me. This multi use glitter comes in a roller ball stick. The packaging is clear and the colour match is truthful. I am sure as most of us know a product may say it’s one colour but could look like another. This is just straight out fine glitter that sticks to your face, body and lips. When I say multi use I literally mean anything. It can be used for lips, eyes, cheeks. Anywhere. As for the glow it certainly doesn’t shine light heartedly. It blinds to the full effect. I also love the gold shade as the it may be blinding but is gorgeous at the same time. I have tanned skin so no matter how many highlighters I own I still feel like I haven’t found the right one. For me this is right mixed with the benefit dandelion highliter. I think you should all try this out. If I am being honest I do not know what the price is as I got it for Easter but I am sure it is not too expensive. I really do hope this product goes well for others. This diamond dust really does make you feel like a diamond OUT of the rough.

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