February 26th 2019

The product that I was testing from Love To Slay was Mac Prep and Prime Fix+ mini size (30ml). After using this for a few days I can honestly say I understand the hype around this. It is such a versatile product that if you don’t feel it works for doing one thing, you’re bound to find another use for it. The bottle has a lid that you can twist to one side to stop the pump was pressing down when you’re not using it and I liked this as it means it will help avoid any unintended sprays of the product and if you have the mini that’s something you’ll want to make sure you don’t do. The spray has a lovely smell to it as well unlike some sprays that can smell a bit like hairspray. After putting on my moisturiser I sprayed this over my face and let it absorb in before putting on my foundation. I noticed that this did act like a normal primer and my makeup I felt did go on smoothly and look nicer than when on over no primer at all. I also did a light spray onto a blending sponge and used it to blend out my concealer under my eyes and this was probably my favourite thing to use this for. It make it blend beautifully with no fine lines or creasing at all. I had read that the Prime and Prep Fix+ spray could be used to help “rehydrate” dried up products and no I used it on my brow pomade and it certainly worked. Overall I was impressed with how versatile the spray was and one pump of the spray goes a long way; even in the mini size. This is something I would definitely purchase myself in the future and that I would recommend as it can do so much that it would be something that would easily become part of your every day makeup routine.

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