MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ 100ml

June 8th 2019

This is a very good setting spray which you can use before and after your makeup, I use this both times. Before I apply my makeup, I prefer to use this instead of lotion primers as this doesn’t make my face too shiny or oily, gives me the good amount of glow. I have dry patches on my skin as well as oily and it helps my skin balance. I also use this after I apply my makeup especially on the eyes, this has been my go to when it comes to parties and creative heavy makeup looks, it keeps my shadows and makeup in place even when I get extremely sweaty at parties and it helps everything blend together nicely so your face doesn’t look caked and powdery. Although it is a little on the pricey side I really recommend it. One tip of advice I would give is not to place it too close to your skin as the big droplets of the spray that come out could ruin your makeup and not cover everything.

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