June 5th 2019

THE MOST AMAZING GLOSS! I bought this lipgloss in the shade “legends only” I’m more of a nudes/ natural kind of girl when it comes to lip products. I bought this off beauty bay and it came within 3 days?! Which isn’t bad at all.. I seen a few shades I wanted but this one massively stood out to me. I’ve tried it both on its own and also on top of my Mac teddy lipstick! And it’s gorgeous. It has a sort of nude undertone which is stunning. The smell is also LUSH. He made sure it smelt gorgeous and it literally tastes like you could eat it. Much like his setting powder?! I’m in love and I’m definitely tempted to order more. The packaging is also stunning and so amazingly made. You can tell just how much time he puts into his products. Highly recommend.

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