Morphe x James Charles Artistry Palette

June 6th 2019

When I say that this palette delivers, I mean it. What a dreamy collection this is. I was slightly dubious before receiving the palette as I hadn't really played around with many bright colours on my eyes and would usually tend to stick to neutrals or dark colours. I dove in to this very quickly after receiving it as a birthday gift. I can honestly say I love it. The colours are so incredibly pigmented and blend like soft butter on your eyelid. I used my finger for the shimmers and pressed it into the centre of my eye and I'm in love with how it shines. There are so many possibilities with the palette the looks are endless and I'm sure that I'll not recreate the same look once with this before I enevitably hit pan on it. I would 100% recommend this palette, regardless of skin tone etc as it's so vast in colours that it will suit everyone. Amazing!

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