Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 118ml

June 20th 2019

As someone who uses a lot of face powders and brightly coloured eyeshadows- I was looking for something to stop my contour rubbing off in strange places and for my yellow eyeshadow to stay on my eye lids not run down my face or grow dull in pigment. A lot of setting sprays I’ve used have just left me feeling like I’ve wasted my money. THIS setting spray is MAGIC! My make up didn’t move an inch for HOURS. Considering I don’t always wear primers, I was SO impressed by how this performed. The formula is lightweight but heavy duty in effectivity, it’s odourless and just did EXACTLY as the bottle says- lasted all night! It’s slightly on the pricier side but thanks to ‘love to slay’ with just a few product reviews you can redeem it for free! SUCH a bargain! So grateful to have found this product! Here’s my make up 8 HOURS later!

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