MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Water 30ML

March 26th 2019

Firstly I felt the registration process for Love to Slay was so simple and easy to do; it took no time at all and before I knew it I was being sent an email with the option of 1 of 3 products I would like to try. I choose Prep + Prime Fix+ as it was the product which appealed to me most. After simply signing up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and forwarded on my confirmation I quickly received an email letting me know my chosen item was being sent out to me - communication is so quickly and friendly! When the Mac Prep + Prime Fix arrived I couldn’t wait to try it out! The weather was warm so I thought it was the perfect conditions to try out this product. After moisturising I sprayed over my face and let the product settle into my skin (which takes no time at all) and then I went on with the rest of my makeup (skipping my primer to really put this to the test!) and once I have everything applied (eyeshadow, blush and highlighter) I sprayed a few more times over my finished face and set about my day. I was really pleased with how my makeup was looking at the end of the day - I had been touching my face but I felt my makeup still looked really fresh and nice on my skin. For how simple it is to use its amazing what a difference it can make! It’s something I really enjoyed using and am working it into my makeup routine now. I really loved getting to try out a new product so thanks Love to Slay for this opportunity!

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