July 11th 2019

If you're thinking about buying one of these liquid lipsticks; do it! Never before had I spent £18 on a lipstick but by gosh is it worth it.Application: This lipstick glides on the lips and is easily applied with the round tipped applicator. At first the product appears wet and shiny but it soon drys to a completely matte finish. This liquid lipstick is incredibly long lasting. At the end of the day I do notice slight wear on the inside of my lips but even after eating, drinking and talking throughout the day, it barely budges. At first it feels almost sticky but this sensation soon disappears and leaves the lips feeling soft and moisturised. Transfer is minimal once it has dried and I've never had a problem with it drying my lips out, in fact the formula is infused with anti-oxidants to help keep the lips hydrated while the product is in use. The pigmentation doesn't fade or seem to change to undertones in the lipstick after a few hours of wear. Once dry it will remain as vibrant as when you applied it. Even after drying, this lipstick is super lightweight. You can tell it's there but it compares to wearing a lip balm or a similar product. There is a scent to it, but unless you curl your lips up to your nose, you're barely going to notice it. As for taste, it doesn't seem to have one. After removing the lipstick, I have never experienced any staining. It can be tricky to remove if you have applied several layers but with a good makeup remover you should have no problem. I truly believe this to be a 5 star product which every lippy lover should have in their collection.

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