April 25th 2019

It's very rare that I find an eye-shadow pallet that works for me: Someone who is not the keenest makeup artist, but an average girl who likes to give it a go from time to time. However, I was genuinely surprised with this pallet. It's colours are extremely buildable, which is great for people who don't want a dramatic look from the off-go, and aren't necessarily the most confident with shadow, but even better for those who want a smooth blend between multiple colours. I'm the first to admit that I don't have amazing talents when it comes to eye-shadow - I actually find it quite difficult because of my hooded eyes - but I was able to blend the shadow out with ease (so i can finally wear eye-shadow without looking like I've been punched in the eye). The selection of shades all mingle nicely. I found that I liked a multitude of combinations so, even with only nine shades, there are many looks to create from this one pallet. I'm in love with the colours in particular; the warm aesthetic goes with so many scenarios and always looks effortlessly sexy. Whether you want a subtle day look or a bright party look, this pallet works. I was shocked that my favourite of the bunch ended up being the striking orange shade as it just packs a punch to contrast the others wonderfully. The only issue I would have to say, would be the golden glitter shade. Since it's glitter, you wish for more pigmentation as the other colours can overpower it but unfortunately it falls short. This could mean that you run out of this shade quicker than the others; owing to the fact that you will have to use it twice as much. Regardless, this was a good buy and I'm happy that I spent money on it. HUDA is definitely one brand that I will have to look into more, especially in regards to eye-shadow pallets. - Willow Gordon

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