Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Palette Bronze Sands 30g

June 16th 2019

Honesty this woman is a makeup genius. This product is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I use all the colours in this pallate depending on what makeup look im going for. I can not WAIT for this summer as when i tan even more these shades look stunning. Its skin friendly too. I have not broke out with this at all. I say if you have medium to dark skin tone this palate is the one for you. If you love highlight then get this! Its very buildable too, i found if i use it lightly i have better control of the product and how much i use. The fact that this product can go on your body and not just your face is a bonus point for me. Its so versatile! Love it- worth every penny. Ps- i also use this as eyeshadow! Got so many compliments

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