Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Palette Golden Sands 30g

June 18th 2019

I brought this product from sephora and was the first time trying huda beauty. I love the highlighters! They are very pigmented but not too heavy and give a glow you want. The palette has 5 highlights - Fiji, which is prep. 2. Set which is Seychelles, 3. Sculpt which is Tahiti and then 4. Flush which is Zanzibar. My fave is the Tahiti and Zanzibar. The palette is suitable for everyday glow look or party wear and it's buifable coverage you can use. I recommend it definitely! Thumbs up from me :) I have used it for both everyday work look and events. This is my favourite powder highlighter although I have not tried her liquid highlighter yet and really want to hopefully soon. Huda beauty has a good range of shades and has a great collection. I love to use this regularly as I love a glow look however if you want a dewy look I would advice to go for a liquid highlighter too. Make sure you are applying the powder to areas that need it the most and not all over the face as it may make it look caky or too much and not that good unless a over highlight look is what you are going for. First apply the foundation and use the palette once you have the complete look and use the highlighter at the end to make the look more prominent. The shades vary from gold, mid bronze, red gold.. and they all are unique in there own way. Use the powder with a highlighter brush on the face and then apply. The highlighter lasts all day and takes good pictures, if you want to make it pop more then add vaseline first on cheek highlight and add the powder afterwards and it will make it much more glowy. I think huda beauty makes great makeup and I admire her range . Next I want to try her liquid body glow sets and see how that is as I love liquid highlighters too. I am looking forward to trying the ranges I have not tried yet. I have also not tried her lipsticks yet but I want to. Another good tip is to use an elixer oil and put on the powder highlight before you use with the brush and it will also make it more noticeable and good for dry skin it will help you. If you are just looking for a glow bronze look then use one color the tahiti shade would be perfect for that and useful. If you are just looking for a gold glow use both seychelles and Fiji on the jawline cheek and forehead and this will work for that . Overall my rating is I recommend this product and would buy again if I need be. I think it is beautiful and should be in your make-m up bag now. Make sure you try huda beauty eyeshadow pallettes too as they are good as well and I will review those soon too. Thanks!

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