Morphe x James Charles Artistry Palette

August 14th 2019

I have seen this palette around for a little while now , lots of fancy Instagram posts but the price was just way over my budget. I was the happiest when I reached my slay bucks goal and was able to order this. It took less than 4 days to arrive and OMG! Yes start by saying the packaging is nice and sturdy. Of course some colourful shade names. The colour selection is beautiful. Very well organised colours so no problem when there’s a little fall out. They are rather powdery but it don’t bother me. Lots of different finishes however I wish there was a duo chrome or more glitter shades. This is just personal preference. They perform rather well too. Very pigmented of course but there is a little fall out so maybe do your eyes prior to your face makeup. They blend nicely and work together very well. I love this palette , I wouldn’t say this is a must have especially considering the price tag but if you are like me, makeup hoarder then this is great for your makeup collection.

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