MAC Mini Little Mac Traditional Lipstick 1.8g Various Shades

August 2nd 2019

This lipstick is amazing. You can get it in a range of different colours. It is so creamy and pigmented you can wear the natural colours as and everyday lip look and the more bold colours to a festival or to a party. Even though they are mini versions of the Mac lipstick they still last for a long time. You only need to put one layer on and rub your lips together and it looks amazing. Mac is such a good brand. Even though it might seem expensive you do definitely get your money’s worth. The products last a long time and that go a long way. The lipstick is one of my favourite products from Mac because it is very different to all the other lipstick brands. It is ten times more pigmented and the texture and the way it how on is also ten times better.

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