Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

June 28th 2019

This product has an absolutely amazing matte finish with total coverage! After applying one layer my skin is already good to go, however it is a buildabke product which can take several layers without becoming cakey! The shades come in a fairly varied range and the colour match to my face is spot on! I love it! As someone who suffers with oily skin this is the first foundation I have found which not only mattifies my oils but lasts all day long easily! The only real bug bear to this product is it dries extremely quickly on the skin and also dries out your face, meaning wearing it every day affects your skin, and also meaning that any products like concealer or cream contours have to be applied very rapidly after the application of this product, otherwise the foundation is too dry to blend. I use powder contour with this product to prevent this and rarely ever have any issues with the way it blends though! The product doesn’t come with a foundation pump included in the price, which is a little annoying! However, by using cotton buds (or something similar) to dab foundation from the bottle onto the back of your hand, it prevents any airbubbles created by pouring from the bottle, if you’re like me and don’t feel the need to splash out on a pump! Overall it’s a beautiful product which I use under most of my makeup looks. It lasts all day leaving my skin spreading oil and blemish free!

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