June 25th 2019

At a first glance, it’s clear that this product tried to be like tarte’s shape tape. With its huge doe applicator, this product high key looks like a dupe for tarte. I haven’t personally tried tarte’s concealer so unfortunately I can’t really make any comparisons past the appearance. I got the shades medium peach and medium sand. For reference I’m usually a shade 23 in Korean foundations. Right away, there’s a lot of product on the doe applicator so if you’re only trying to cover a small pimple and not a large area, I’d suggest using the back of the applicator or the tip instead of the front of the doe. The product applies on very light in color and the texture is very creamy and not that watery— so it’s a little harder to blend, but it’s still fully blendable in my opinion. I drew on a heart with some black pen to imitate a blemish on your skin and to truly give a point of reference in terms of coverage. When you first apply it, it seems very full coverage, but unfortunately as it dries out, the coverage thins out. But to be extremely honest and fair, no one has jet black pimples so obviously black pen ink will show through a little. And the concealer has definitely masked/blurred the ink a little. Also, the concealer oxidized a lot from when I first applied it, so don’t freak out if you think you bought 3 shades too light when you first use it. I think the swatch pictures are pretty accurate in hindsight. I thought medium sand was definitely my shade at first and that medium peach was too light but as it oxidized, the medium peach was more my shade. This claims to be “crease resistant” and “high coverage.” I think it’s definitely crease resistant but not necessarily super high coverage; it definitely provides a lot of coverage though. I can testify that this is probably long-wear because nothing came off even after I tried to rub off the concealer. The color range of this concealer is very good for its price and predecessors. It comes in 18 shades which is much better than the other e.l.f. concealer line (which only comes in 3 shades with an unflattering grey undertone). This one has much better undertones that look more “human” and not as “dead/lifeless.” The medium peach one dried up with a slightly orangey-pink tone and the medium tan dried up with a slightly tan tone.

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