June 3rd 2019

So a few months ago I was searching high and low for some neon pigments. As it’s summer, and I have been itching to play with some summer looks, I thought why not go all out with some neon but I could never find any pigments that were bright enough to feed my craving until I came across this small brand on Instagram. I myself ordered the full neon bundle that came to a very resonance price of £28. The bundle included 8 neon pigments and 8 loose glitters. Let me tell you: the pigment? LEGENDARY. The fact that this brand is so underrated is tragic. Everything from the feel of the pigments to the blendibility to the fact they last HOURS, I am beyond obsessed. For a small indie brand, the sheer quality of these products are incredible. Not to mention the neons GLOW in black/UV light... I mean my eyes literally we’re glowing in the middle of the club. Beyond iconic and I got compliments coming from every direction. I am here to put out into the universe that everyone needs some DumbBlondeGlitter in their life... ASAP.

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