July 25th 2019

I had gone to Sephora planning to purchase a different foundation to try out, and ended up not liking it when I tested it in store, and bought this one instead on a whim because the color seemed a good match and what I was looking for was a foundation that didn't completely come off of my nose and forehead with my oily skin. I've bought maybe different brands of higher end foundations, and had yet to find one that didn't completely wear off of my oily skin. I saw this one said "24 hour" so I thought surely that one would stay on my nose. The first few days, I was disappointed considering the high price tag. I was putting it on with a beauty blender, and one day I did it with a brush instead, and it oddly looked so much better (and stayed on better). It does a decent job staying on my nose, not great, but it hangs on better than any other brand I've ever purchased. It's not as full coverage as other "full coverage" foundations, but I think that's a good thing, as it doesn't look heavy. It doesn't break up at the smile lines like full coverage foundations often do (probably because it's not quite as full coverage.) I would call it medium-full coverage. "24 hour" is a big claim...it's not really going to last that long, but it is still in place at the end of a work day more than a lot of other brands I've used. It's a nice foundation, and I would buy again.

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