August 1st 2019

If you're looking to add some serious volume to eyelashes then this L'Oreal can produce stunning results, especially when you complement it with an eyeliner. It works very well to curl your eyelashes to great effect. The only thing to keep in mind is that it does tend to clump a bit more to give a thick spider lashes look LIKES: - Really brings out & highlights your eyelashes Stays all day long , even through sweat - Comes of easily as well with warm water and baby wipes. No special oil based remover necessary - Does not cause any eye irritation - It does not crumble or flake like other mascaras DISLIKES: - They weren't kidding when they ment volume, the included applicator is large and does not taper off towards the end making it difficult to reach the roots of your lashes, especially the lower ones without the risk of over applying/clumping too much - The best way to use the applicator is to firmly brush/press it against one end when pulling it out of the tube and use that side to apply. This works well in preventing excess mascara on the applicator - For this reason I take away one star, as the thick applicator may not work well for very thin eyelashes

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