April 25th 2019

MAKE-UP REVOLUTION LONDON - FULL COVERAGE CONCEALER Honestly I love this product - it is without any doubt my go-to and a must have in my make up bag! It offers a wide range of shades for girls or boys with different skin shades. I would say that this product is for all skin types, I personally have a combination of oily and dry skin, however this product applies on both skin types very evenly giving a flawless finish. I personally have very dark under eyes and use a colour corrector every time I apply make up and this concealer covers it up very well. This product is very reasonable and could be, for someone living in the UK, a very good alternative to tarte shape tape concealer! It has a very nice consistency and applies on the skin flawlessly, also the applicator is quite big and easy to use. The only flaw I have of this concealer would be after a long day of wearing, fine lines begin to appear on my skin. But, with a small bit of powder and a quick fix-up I’m ready to take on the world again. If you are someone who loves a almost full coverage concealer at a reasonable price - this is the concealer for you!

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