Clinique matte oil free makeup

July 16th 2019

Okay, I'll just start by talking about my skin. I'm 20, but my skin has been looking more tired and less youthful lately. I could blame it on college or work, but I'm a night owl even without those things. I also have EXTREMELY oily skin. It has never mattered what product I used; face wash, moisturizer, primer, setting spray, etc. nothing has helped. By the time 2pm comes around and I've been in makeup since 9am, my whole face is shiny and a lost cause. BUT- about two weeks ago I bought this foundation, and I'm very pale but I thought maybe the second one would be okay but it was just slightly too tan. So I combined a tiny bit of Bare Minerals Pro foundation that I got in a way too pale color, and made the perfect shade. I wore it the first day I got it and I was shocked. My own mother was impressed about how well it held up throughout the day. Y'ALL THIS STUFF HELD OUT TILL 5PM!!!! (I put it on at 8:30am!!!) ever since then it's the only thing I use! Just in case y'all want more details: I wash my face with Mary Kay acne wash and toner, then I moisturize with Clinique 72 hour moisture surge (you have to try that omg it's amazing!!) and then I put on Smashbox primer (the green one) and put the blended foundation on with my fingers (I recommend this over a beauty blender or brush as it helps blend into your skin better and last longer). Then I bake my T zone and jawline with powder and let it sit for 5 minutes. I brush all that off when I finish my eyes and eyebrows and put on blush, then spray my face with Mac prime+fix. I've found that doing all this every day helps prevent annoying blemishes and my skin has been GLOWINGGG. Okay, that's all! Lol