July 16th 2019

Okay, I'll just start by talking about my skin. I'm 20, but my skin has been looking more tired and less youthful lately. I could blame it on college or work, but I'm a night owl even without those things. I also have EXTREMELY oily skin. It has never mattered what product I used; face wash, moisturizer, primer, setting spray, etc. nothing has helped. By the time 2pm comes around and I've been in makeup since 9am, my whole face is shiny and a lost cause. BUT- about two weeks ago I bought this foundation, and I'm very pale but I thought maybe the second one would be okay but it was just slightly too tan. So I combined a tiny bit of Bare Minerals Pro foundation that I got in a way too pale color, and made the perfect shade. I wore it the first day I got it and I was shocked. My own mother was impressed about how well it held up throughout the day. Y'ALL THIS STUFF HELD OUT TILL 5PM!!!! (I put it on at 8:30am!!!) ever since then it's the only thing I use! Just in case y'all want more details: I wash my face with Mary Kay acne wash and toner, then I moisturize with Clinique 72 hour moisture surge (you have to try that omg it's amazing!!) and then I put on Smashbox primer (the green one) and put the blended foundation on with my fingers (I recommend this over a beauty blender or brush as it helps blend into your skin better and last longer). Then I bake my T zone and jawline with powder and let it sit for 5 minutes. I brush all that off when I finish my eyes and eyebrows and put on blush, then spray my face with Mac prime+fix. I've found that doing all this every day helps prevent annoying blemishes and my skin has been GLOWINGGG. Okay, that's all! Lol

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