August 1st 2019

This lipstick doesn’t have a particular scent to it which I prefer personally, however I love the shine and the soft and moisturising lip balm consistency. This is especially lovely in summer for all day moisture and a hint of glossy colour. If I had to pick a downside, it would be that it is limited edition so I can’t buy it again as I would like to and the price tag as it isn’t easily affordable. I also wouldn’t recommend to anyone who prefers bold colour pay off or matte lipsticks.I LOVE THIS PRODUCT LIKE CRAZY! I find it to be so hydrating on the lips, leaving it with a smooth, satin finish. I love the shine it produces as it pops out my lips, making it bold and intense! I love the smell as well, it's wonderful. It's also easy to take it off however, I'm not a fan of the price- I believe there are lipsticks that work well just like this but for a cheaper price, but do splurge your money on this if you want to treat yourself or others 🙌🏼💖

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