Benefit Brow Contour Pro

August 12th 2019

First thing's first: I do my eyebrows every single day without fail. This is due to coloring my naturally light brown hair red and to the fact that my eyebrows are more like second cousins, not sisters. Second thing's second: I did receive the Benefit Brow Contour Pro (in the shade Brown-Light) free for testing purposes, and I've now been using it daily for three weeks. I typically use ABH Brow Wiz, and I will be sticking to my ABH until something truly better comes along. Benefit made a great effort, but I feel I should have received this as a beta testing, not to get reviews right before launching in stores, because there are some kinks that need worked out. The biggest innovation of this product was it includes multiple shades not only for eyebrow color, but also to give your brow shape subtle definition and some oomph. Compared to ABH, I do feel my eyebrows are more shapely thanks to the subtle and light highlighter shade used under the arch and I can give my eyebrows some natural light-to-dark variance with the two brown shades. It lasts all day, even through humidity and taking a nap without taking off any makeup. That's about all the praise I can give Brow Contour Pro. The definer shade was very noticeable unless I worked to blend it with foundation because it's nowhere near my skin color, and so kind of defeats the purpose for someone like me who likes a minimal look (eyebrows, mascara, light coverage foundation or concealer just to even things out). I ended up using the definer as my step one to map out my eyebrows, rather than later to go over any mistakes because honestly I can get better results with concealer if I happen to make a mistake-which usually doesn't happen. While the two brown shades worked well for me personally (again, my hair is naturally light brown but I balance my red color with a darker shade of brown for my eyebrows), there are so few shade options that I'm sure there are people who will feel they can't find a match.

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