Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder Mini

July 25th 2019

Benefit Hoola Bronzing powder is my go to product for contour, bronzing as well as just adding a little colour to my skin. As I have quite fair skin I struggle to find a bronzer that isn’t exceptionally orange or dark against my skin tone but using the Hoola brush in light motions I find it really compliments my make up. I usually use as a contour for a full glam look or just as a bronzer for a more natural look. The mini Hoola is amazing because it fits in even a small bag perfectly and is still just as amazing. It lasts for ages and I love the consistency of the product. I find it’s not chalky in texture like a lot of similar products and doesn’t look muddy on the skin. I have attached a photo of a heavy glam look using my Hoola powder as a contour and to add colour to my cheekbones.

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