July 3rd 2019

Finally....I have tried so many different supposedly "Long lasting" lipsticks over the years. From the cheaper end of the market, right through to the more premium end. I have never found a long lasting lipstick that actually lives up to it's promise. From drying out my lips and making them go crumbly, to fading out around the middle and leaving a lip line....I have just had frustration after frustration along my journey, as well as throwing money down the drain. However, I feel with this lipstick, the formula really works for me. It doesn't dry out my lips (although I do suffer from dry, chapped lips so I do add on a dab of Vaseline here and there throughout the day) but the formula pretty much stays put for most of the day. I won't exaggerate and say it last ALL day and ALL night....but I think a lot of it's staying power also comes down to correct prepping of the lips (I use a lip scrub and then dab a bit of lip balm on and wipe it off to smooth the area first) along with applying a good couple of layers...this seems to give it more longevity. It also has a nice creamy formula so it doesn't feel like my lips are completely dried out, unlike a lot of the other so called "Long Lasting" lipsticks. I am now considering purchasing a few more of these in different colours and having them as my staple day and night lipsticks in my makeup bag. This colour comes out a lovely pinky/brown on my lips, without being too dark, which really suits my skin tone. To go a bit darker or more dramatic just line the lips first in a similar shade and layer up! Perfect! I would definitely recommend this product. Out of all of the long lasting lipsticks I have tried, this definitely has the best formula and staying power!

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