Urban Decay Born To Run Palette

August 12th 2019

I bought this when it came online so I have had it for a while. I've not taken it on the road yet, but I travel a lot and it will be handy on the road as it is very versatile. Very wearable colours, even if they look adventurous at a glance. They blend really well. The more saturated colours can be used lightly as a soft wash or built up for a strong pop of colour. There are not many pale shades, so if you have a tendency to use a skintone matte allover before building up a look and are a paler person you may find it limited as a solo palette, as the majority of pale colours are luminous, but I have no problem building a look with this palette as a solo item (I'm about nc20). However it is good to note that the palest matte is weekender, which works best on me as a transition/crease colour. The palest colour (breakaway) is a bit iridescent but it is working fine as a base despite this. The metallics are really nice with either a brush or fingers. Great variety of shades so there are tons of options with this. I don't usually wear greens and blues with my blue eyes but the shades in this palette are very wearable - radio in particular is a really cute colour. Formulas are pretty consistent through the palette. I've not had a single issue with the colours. I do note that because of the blendability and the deep colours, if you are exploring darker shades you may want to do your eyes before your face - there is a bit of fallout. But I find with powder down this is easy to knock off. Sturdy palette with a good magnetic closure. The colours stay put and do not crease, however I always use a base as I have hooded eyes, and always finish with setting spray. I do not experience 'fading' - the looks I come up with stay fresh through the day. If you are on the fence, go for it. If you are worried about the deep colours, you can wash them out. It's really a lovely palette. I'm glad I bought it, and I hope that it can become a permanent fixture in the UD line - I think it's LE. It is a fun palette that is incredibly wearable. I think this would suite a wide range of skin tones. I have a more mature skin and these sit beautifully on me - so if you are a little older and worry about metallics and glitters and how they can sit on the skin, this is really a good palette. The shiny shades in this one are really lovely.

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