Milk Makeup Blur Stick

August 2nd 2019

I decided to give this a go as my usual powder is just supermarket stuff and I felt I needed something with better coverage/blurring. For starters, the packaging was tricky to get into, then I tried the sponge applicator it came with but it took my base foundation/tinted moisturiser off with it, so I went back to a brush. But using a brush is a whole other faff as the powder is covered by a soft mesh sieve, which is great for keeping it inside but I have to do a lot of fiddling to avoid spilling it. Luckily, after all this, the actual product is pretty lovely! It definitely blurs and sets, but the oil/shine control part isn’t strong enough for my oily skin so I have to reapply and go through that drama again or use blotting paper. I’ll probably buy a similar product elsewhere next time unless Milk bring out a less faffy pressed compact so I can easily use it and take it around to cover shine in the day.

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