Sleek Highlighting Palette, Blinding glow for days

May 4th 2019

I got the Sleek highlighting palette after hearing the rave review of Jeffree Star! It was really affordable at Boots and it had 4 shades. One kind of pinkish, one bronze and one gold and silver. This was a nice selection and range of colours and it was obviously meant for a range of skin tones. I have a medium skin tone so I leaned more towards the gold and silver shade which was lighter. The use of the pink and bronze shade was too deep for me and I think it would be geared towards those who have very deep skin tones or are very tanned. I love the formula of this palette, it's very creamy and pigmented. I usually use a highlighting brush to apply this and it's absolutely blinding with 2 swipes. However, for extra pigment I usually spray my brush with fixer spray and then dip into the palette which just makes the highlight that much more powerful! Would really recommend this product!