Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara

July 21st 2019

Sadly, I have short, fair eyelashes that do not have any volume and am always on the lookout for new mascaras to maximize my lash potential. Fortunately, I discovered Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG 36-Hour Full-Blast Volumizing Mascara and this is my new favorite lash product. I was skeptical about the wand: while the handle itself is on the larger side, the wand is a slim, rubbery wand (I am used to and usually prefer a fuller, rounder wand). However, I did not let this deter me during my initial application. The wand proved itself to be flexible and does an excellent job to lift, separate, and darker lashes without clumping or causing too much of a mess on the upper and lower eyelids. The wand is slightly curved too, which really helps to lift the eyelashes and to keep them there. The handle fit comfortable in my hand and did not slip so even though it was larger than most, it really worked well.

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