Iconic London Complete Eye Set

August 30th 2019

These are the best eye brushes i have ever used. The brushes are so soft and gentle on your eyes. The hairs don't fall out which most brushes do and end up in your eyes. They easily grab the pigments from your eyeshadow and gently sweep on your eyes without falling out or dropping the product. The packaging looks so luxurious and expensive. The bag is versatile and can be used for many other things. The colours are simple yet gorgeous and classy. If your a beginner in eyeshadow these brushes are must have as they include everything for all eye shapes and some can even be used other than eyes. I especially love the crease brush as i also use them for my highlighter and nose contour which proves how versatile they are. These are the first product i have tried from iconic London and i can't wait to purchase others.

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